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Twin flame Ascension report: 6.6 Gateway marks the full emancipation of the divine feminine in all timelines...

Dearest, beautiful brothers and sisters.

Greetings of the most high. We come through in this moment of now with great and jubilant messages to share with the ascending collective. 

The 22nd of April, 2024, witnessed the complete interlocking sealing and knotting of the fifth-dimensional timeline upon the third-dimensional frequency bandwidth. 

This was activated through very important and prophesied spiritual work that took place in the King's chamber in Giza on that auspicious date. 

The protocol that took place in the King's chamber activated a complete connection between the red and blue shifts - the 3D and 5D timelines, activating and empowering the earth's highest ascension crystalline Torus field, with the blue proton element representing the highest heavenly spiritual realms and the red electron representing the earthly physical planes. 

A timeline jump of the highest order has been activated and the fifth dimensional living template is now the dominant frequency in the third dimensional FM radio station that is earth.

Therefore, the light has truly won.

This is precipitating an untold number of twin flame unions that are now rapidly coming into physicalization within this material plane.

All of these energetic shifts have been reflected by the Aurora Boralis and these displays in the heavenly skies are proof that the merge has taken place and the higher celestial frequencies have freedom now to interface with the lower dimensional realms in an unprecedented way.

What is actually occurring is what scripture has always prophesized, and that is that heaven consciousness -5D consciousness and above is now completely overriding the 3D FM radio frequency bandwidth, bringing with it all manner of miracles, serendipity, synchronicities, great fortune, true friendships, happiness, bliss, new earth codes and healing to name but a few of the celestial gifts that are available now more than ever.

Congratulations, warriors of the light. 

It's very important that we all maintain our composure now, 

The solar flares have also exponentially added to the celestial ramifications with regards to the 5D - 3D timeline merge.

Its's very important that you stay hydrated in these energies, stay mineralized. stay up to date with all of the electrical living foods that will support your body in this living ascension process. 

Please understand dearest brothers and sisters, these are the bodies that we are ascending in. 

These are our eternal physical selves that we have come to transform into crystalline in this frequency bandwidth. 

We are the forerunners and the front runners of this ascension timeline. 

It gives me great pleasure to announce that I'll be hosting a powerful transmission to mark the 6.6 gateway.

To honour this celestial event, we are encouraged to harness the power of this timeline shift to transform all stagnant energies bound by the old matrix, especially those affecting the Middle East and the liberation of the feminine.

This is going to be a very powerful transmission that will take place energetically in the Great Giza Pyramid. This transmission will aim to create a complete shift by focusing on the removal of burkas and all forms of female oppression. Additionally, it will address the eradication of female circumcision, and indeed all circumcision, at its root blueprint level.

We have a direct link now through the timeline merge on the 22nd of April In the King's chamber, 

We have a direct link to the Golden Strand that is constantly beaming from 5D to the 3D through that Giza pyramid. 

This is a manifestation portal that we are being guided to use with great love honour and respect for the power that it holds.

Therefore, we will be working and initiating ourselves with this manifestation portal and activating this emancipation for the divine feminine liberation timeline.

For all those who participate in this ceremony, please know that this will deeply support many of the next wave of unions, which as we have spoken about that are destined to align in this wave up to the summer solstice 2024.

Please see below for full details on how to participate in this transmission. and know that no none has ever turned away. 

What exciting times that we are in dearest beautiful beloveds.

Please, may I ask that you share this message.

May you send this message to your loved ones.

Send it to your email list.

These are very, very monumental times that we are living in and we all deserve to have that eagle's perspective to understand the energies that we are working with.

We have all done so well. Our higher self is so ecstatic. We are all becoming one with our higher self with quicker and quicker intensity.

I will see the ground crew for the transmission. 

in love and eterenal light 


6.6 transmission

The 6.6 transmission will take place on the 6th of June, 2024 at 6:06 PM UK

In this transmission we will be receiving a powerful Hathor initiation into working with the energies of the King's chamber pyramid that have now been activated as a manifestation portal and upgraded as a manifestation portal.

Through the purity of the work that took place on the 22nd of April. We will be using this energy to activate the entire emancipation of the divine feminine, particularly in the underground chambers of the kings chamber in the great pyramid of Giza, whereby there still lies a giant goddess in chains.

We will free her in the transmission. 

Your presence is deeply required. 

Please never allow financial reasons to stop you from attending. 

There is a bursary refund and everyone is welcome.

When you sign up for the transmission you will be sent a PDF file. Most likely it will appear in your spam folder. If you do not receive it please email me and I will send it to you

if you are reading this on a mobile device. please click the link below to book onto the 66 transmission.

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Here are the links to Jen MCcartys books in order of publication

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