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Twin flame ascension report: activation of the Christ seal - Easter gateway

Dearest brothers and sisters,

Greetings of the most high. We come forward now in this moment of your time with much news to share with you, ever-evolving humanity. We have just moved through the 4/4 portal. And as everyone who participated in the transmission will bear witness to - the transformation was absolutely profound.

The work that we did on the 4/4 transmission has been so pivotal in assisting a huge group of divine masculines to truly let go of many lifetimes' worth of trauma, and step into their divine blueprint.

So I would like to extend a prayer of deep gratitude to all the souls that are calibrated on a spiritual level to participate in the transmissions. Please know that you are truly standing at the front line of the spiritual ascension of humanity, and you are fulfilling a deep and profound promise to be a part of the ground crew.

The energies are very intense on planet earth at the moment. There are so many souls exiting. And as you know, heaven is a busy place at the moment.

Many of these souls are departing because they have chosen to stay in the third dimension. And as the planet is evolving into the higher dimensional realms, some of these souls' evolutionary journey is not complete in the third dimension. And so they are wishing to stay tethered to the third-dimensional paradigm, be it in this planetary realm or another planetary system.

Please understand that everyone makes a soul choice prior to their birth, and there are never ever any victims.

The energies are building up now towards the Easter transmission, and In the Easter transmission we will be working with the activation of the Christ seal. The Christ seal is in the claustrum part of the brain, and is connected to the releasing of the Christic oil.

When we incarnate, we all have the Christic blueprint as our predominant template. But when we are incarnated with parents who are not in an enlightened state of consciousness, this activates a blocking and distortion of the Christic seal or the Christic template within us.

This can be likened to a flame that burns so brightly as a child. This is the Christic flame, the flame becomes diminished due to the fact that the child spends time with heavily programmed adults who have forgotten about their unlimited spiritual nature and have imposed all manner of lies and limitations onto the consciousness of the innocent child.

This activates a diminishing of the Christic flame.

In the transmission, we will be working to empower and deeply stabilize the Christic flame, so that it may burn bright.

The reason why we are doing this is that, as we move into our collective ascension, we are the leaders, we are the trailblazers, we are the ground crew who are leading the way. And we must all be anchored in Christ consciousness.

In the transmission I will be sharing with you many aspects of Christ consciousness, and I will be reminding you on a very deep level of what it truly means to hold and embody Christ consciousness.

Please see below for the full details on how to book yeahthe Easter transmission. And please know that I will be hosting an after-party as well.

There will be a very special surprise for everyone that participates in the Easter transmission. And only those that participate will bear witness to this incredible blessing that we are all going to experience in this transmission.

As ever, the guidance is to stay present and stay grounded at these times. Commit to a spiritual practice that will enable you to become the observer of your monkey mind. And remember that the true spiritual master never believes everything that she thinks.

Most of the thoughts that stream through your consciousness do not even belong to you. They are just data streams from the collective. You identify with them at your own demise and peril.

The master is able to observe all thoughts without believing them. And this is my deepest prayer, that everyone reading these words attain this level of spiritual liberation.

The path to enlightenment is so simple, yet so challenging for the egoic mind, which seeks all manner of sophistication and complexity in order to satisfy its urges.

I hope deeply that these words have soothed your soul and brought you much comfort and excitement.

I deeply look forward to being with you all for the Easter transmission.

In love and eternal light, Jenji and the White Wolf Tribe.

Easter transmission

The Easter transmission will take place on Sunday the 17th of April at 8 p.m. UK time in this transmission we will be activating and empowering the Chrstic seal and the Christic flame that resides within our spiritual core.

This flame has been compromised due to the distortions of the third dimension and it is absolutely imperative that as many souls as possible align and stabilise in Christ consciousness

This transmission will be an extremely auspicious opportunity for a number of souls to fully stabilise in Christ consciousness

in the transmission I will be sharing a very powerful activation that will assist you on an eternal level to be your fully in bodied Christed self

in the transmission I will be sharing some very important information about Christ consciousness and what it truly means to be in Christ consciousness

there are other aspects to the transmission which will be revealed in due course

please know this powerful and sacred work is offered on an energetic exchange basis……

if you are viewing this report on a mobile device please click the link below to book onto the transmission

No more crumbs review

Whenever I listen to Jen McCarty I am transformed into a higher state of consciousness whereby I am able to hold onto the now what she calls the zero point field- the now. In the past I have only ever been able to enter this space this after weeks of intensive spiritual practise and it was fleeting. Let’s just say, after the first time I heard her speak I was hooked.

No more crumbs review: The content of the audio book was very empowering as its full of wisdom and poetic words that resonate deeply. However, for me, it is the codes Embedded are life changing and transformational. My sense of self worth, my connection with god and an understanding of my own personal mission has been strengthened profoundly from this book. This remains with me at all times now. I will never be the same.

During the 2 days that I listened to the audio book I was more in tuned- I was able to not only pick up on the whispers sent in my body in the form of shivers, gut feelings and physical pain but for the first time those external to me which included me picking up directly on the energy from the natural environment around me. And it was deeply humbling, calming to feel energy from nature I have never felt more at home than when listening to this audio book. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


The whole text shows that you have a deep knowledge and connection to the core of all wisdom. I do not remember having seen this deep knowledge about twin flames in any other book before.

It is my honest opinion that your book will be used as a guidance for people, either searching for their twin flame or realizing which kind of relationship they are in/have been in. Some might even be encouraged to consider whether they should stay in their relationship or not.

Also your chapter about your own ascension journey gives the reader a lot of useful and beautiful insight. Others will be likely to follow the same way into enlightenment - reaching the Zero-point consciousness

I look forward to reading the rest of the book and highly recommend others to read these wise words by Jen McCarty, which are so full of life, love, and light.

Thank you and namaste from Esther

Love and Light from Esther

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