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Twin flame, Ascension, report, Easter portal and important information for Twin Flames

Dearest, beautiful brothers and sisters,

Greetings of the most high. We come forward in this moment of your time with much news to share with you, ever-evolving humanity. We are at an extraordinarily auspicious time in our astrological cycle as the sun has positioned itself in the fiery new beginnings sign of Aries.

Pre-Roman times the month of April was called Primus, which means first. Aries is the cardinal opening sign, which sees the sun begin its sojourn around the ecliptic wheel.

This is an extremely powerful time for us to honour the cycles that have completed in our lives and understand that all of the energies are supporting us to begin a brand new cycle, be that in relationships, financially or with our work.

This is such a powerful time as we are bearing witness to Pluto moving into Aquarius for a three-month sojourn. It will go back into Capricorn in june where it has been for many, many years. And in the beginning of 2024, we will see Pluto staying firmly in Aquarius.

This time period is giving us a glimpse into a new vibration, particularly on a collective level.

This transit will affect institutions and culture and humanity in a pronounced way, and time will tell exactly how this transit plays out.

This is being shared to introduce the notion to you that the astrological positionings of the stars and planets are deeply supporting brand-new ventures at the moment, and all of you brave enough to take the leap will be rewarded.

There are huge shifts taking place within the Twin Flame community. The last cycle that we have been in, where the sun was in Pisces, was a doozy for many of us on the Twin Flame path.

This transit saw many divine masculine's slipping back into old patterns of survival and settling. However, this was a bit like a retrograde season as these masculines were already guided to complete these contracts. But there was an element of going backwards just to do a final review and for the universe to underline it explicitly that many of these karmic relationships are 100% complete.

In this brand new cycle, there will be a huge amount of movement with a particular wave of Twin Flames who are destined to come into union on this powerful year of 2023. And from now on we are now going to be witnessing many miraculous forms of contact coming forth from the divine masculines.

It's very important that the divine feminine stay in her radiance. She does not have to chase anything. Her job is to focus on becoming the most magnetic version of herself. She does that through deepening her self love, parenting her wounded inner child, and being in service to all her brothers and sisters.

As she stays in her radiance and remains guardian of her spiritual vibration, this will send pulses of information to her divine masculine, which will make her completely irresistible to him on a spiritual level.

The ways that we maintain our spiritual vibration are as follows. Bathing in seawater and springwater is very, very deeply cleansing for our auric field.

Doing random acts of kindness is also very beneficial for our spiritual vibration.

Going on rampages of gratitude is an extraordinarily powerful habit to get into.

But most of all, parenting our wounded inner inner child through quantum time travel, therapy work, or indeed any timeline therapy work.

This technique, called QTTT has enabled me to heal all of my trauma. And every time I remember a traumatic incident from when I was younger, I immediately apply this technique.

We are our own saviours.

There are no external saviours. We must save ourselves and pull ourselves out of the holes we fall into.

Whilst always remembering that the lotus flower is created from the mud. Without the mud, there is no lotus flower and the mud is symbolic of all the thought forms, pain, restrictions, and programming of the low dimensional realms which births the exquisite purity of the lotus flower. All of us are living out this.

It is my deepest honour to share with everyone in the community that I will be hosting a beautiful and exquisite Easter Sunday transmission. In this transmission, we will enact a profound marriage ceremony of Yeshua and Magdalene. And we will also decode the mysteries of the resurrection and what exactly the resurrection means for us with regards to our personal spiritual evolutionary path.

It is important that we understand that we are the wayshowers and we are guiding humanity into the new Earth. And therefore, everyone that is vibrationally drawn to this work is a vanguard and leader of the highest order.

We all came back with the promise that we would guide humanity out of the darkness of Maya into the higher dimensional realms of consciousness.

Please see below for the full details on the Easter transmission.

This is a wonderful and exciting time to be alive. We are being bombarded with a vast amount of solar storms at the moment, and it is very important that everyone stay up to date with their hydration and grounding.

Walking barefoot on the earth every day is an extremely powerful way to regulate all of the bodily systems and staying hydrated with sea salts and coconut water is a very powerful way to keep your body in homeostasis.

I am honoured to serve you all, beautiful brothers and sisters.

I look forward to being with the ground crew on the Easter Sunday, transmission

in love and eternal light, Jenji and the White Wolf Tribe.

The Easter Sunday transmission

The Easter Sunday transmission will take place at 8:08 pm UK time on Sunday, the 9th of April. In this transmission. We will enact the divine sacred marriage of Yeshua and Magdalene and understand that this is an internal and external marriage on the inner and higher dimensional realms of consciousness.

We will also decode the resurrection and understand the spiritual implications of the resurrection and how that applies to our own spiritual evolutionary path

we will come together to send a pulse of divine higher dimensional love into the collective consciousness of humanity, raise the bar for all our brothers and sisters, and bring forth the frequencies of the devotional template of Yeshua and Magdalene into the collective consciousness of humanity.

All those that participate in this transmission will have an opportunity to profoundly transform their spiritual vibration and raise it to an unprecedented level.

We will discuss ways to maintain this high frequency; we will also work on a very deep subconscious level with the construction of the crystalline light body which is connected to the resurrection of the christ within.

This will build up your spiritual muscles like no other force on Earth.

This transmission promises to restore your faith, transform your spiritual vibration and make you deeply magnetic to your divine counterpart.

it is my deepest honour to share this work with my community, and I cannot wait to be with the ground crew for this sacred meeting.

If you are viewing this on a mobile device, here is the link to book onto the Easter Sunday transmission..

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