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Twin flame Ascension report: Love is all and Love is all there is.......

Dearest, beautiful beloveds

I have just returned home from the jaw droppingly, sacred land of Egypt. I have so much to share with my community. I do not know where to start. There are so many shifts and breakdowns occurring in the collective consciousness at the moment. Have you seen what happened in London recently with regards to Big Bens clock stopping?This happened at the exact moment we stepped inside the Kings chamber in Cairo.......

 There were also other places in Europe where the town clocks stopped. This is clearly pointing to us that the time matrix is collapsing and more and more people are awakening into the zero point field of consciousness, the place in consciousness where all timelines converge, be they past, present, parallel, or concurrent.

When a soul ascends and awakens to their multidimensionality, they transcend the time matrix and orientate themselves back in the zero point field.

When a soul is calibrated to the zero point field of consciousness, they are able to effectively master timeline management. 

Timeline management refers to the clearing of wounds, trauma bonds, and trauma shadows from timelines be they past, present, parallel or concurrent. 

This is one of the biggest responsibilities of the ascended soul and that is to operate masterfully with regards to timeline management.

We are at a time where we are correcting many inversions, distortions and down and out attacks on humanity's sacred and divine consciousness. 

The more of us that awaken to our multidimensionality and anchor home in the zero point field, the quicker the time matrix will collapse and we will enter into the space of no time which is conducive to paradise on earth.

I have received extremely important information with regards to how the pyramids came into being, and I was excited to share this information with my community. But having returned back from Egypt, my guides have very clearly told me that I do not have permission to reveal this information publicly.

This information is so precious and so powerful that it must be shared as an initiation. It must be shared to a group of souls who specifically come forward to receive the activation and initiation of wisdom that this awareness brings. 

Therefore, I am being guided to use the power and potency of the 5.5 Gateway to share with the transmission group the downloads I received about how the pyramids came into being. 

We are going to be working on a very, very deep level to activate the paradise codes, which are connected to our own consciousness grid.

The more we awaken and stimulate our pineal gland to remember the true creation story, the more we heal our ancestral bloodline and the collective consciousness of humanity. 

The 5.5 Gateway is also deeply connected to Beltane and the rising of the May king and May Queen. This is deeply connected to the energies of Bridget, who is the guardian goddess of Beltane, and she is deeply connected to the energies of the British Isle. 

The work that we have been doing in Egypt is deeply connected to Avalon, and I am going to be bringing together the Avalon and Egypt energies in the 5.5 transmission.

We are being guided to receive the wisdom downloaded around the pyramids and how they came into being, and we are being guided to work also with the energies of ISIS and Osiris, who also are connected to the energies of Yeshua and Magdalene.

Please see below for the full instructions with regards to the 5.5 transmission. 

Please know dearest twin flame community that we are entering into a period of profound acceleration regarding twin flames, awakening to their true destiny as divine pairs.

There are so many souls that are soul contracted to come into union in this extremely heightened gateway from now till the summer solstice.

This gateway is deeply supporting the collapse of many karmic contracts and for many masculine who are choosing to stay in karmic relationships. The universe is now stepping in to activate the fail safe mechanism that is coded into the Twin Flame timeline. 

This means that if the masculine is unwilling to take heed of the messages from his higher self, something dramatic will occur in order to wake him and shake him out of the nightmare of settling for a low vibrational karmic connection.

The divine masculine soul consciousness has been really heavily targeted in this age of darkness, and many divine masculine's have absolutely lost their way. However, the energies now are deeply supporting the transformation and rebirth of the divine masculine collectively and individually, and this trajectory is going to support in the powerful coming together of the next wave of twin flames. 

It is my deepest recommendation that you show up for your spiritual work, that you continue your meditation practice. You continue to sweeten your nectar through self-love and realizing that the present moment is the ultimate destination for you to arrive at on the spiritual path. 

The more you can let go of wanting something outside of yourself and deeply focus on gratitude for the present moment and all that it brings you, the more instantly magnetic you become to your heart's deepest prayers and desires. 

Many people are going to be experiencing a profound shift in consciousness in this powerful energetic gateway, and I deeply look forward to gathering with the ground crew for the 55 ceremony.

I have so much to share with my community I actually feel quite overwhelmed at the moment.

in love and eternal light, Jen and the White Wolf Tribe, 

55 transmission

The 55 transmission will take place at 8:08 PM UK time on the 5th of May, 2024. In this transmission, I will be sharing the decode I received with regards to how the pyramids came into manifestation. We are going to be working with the King's Chamber and we are going to be connecting with the Avalon grid and connecting with the Beltane energies which are deeply aligned with the may king and the May queen unifying around the May pole.

The Sacred Union energies are exactly what have been targeted in this fallen density and as we awaken to our multidimensionality, we are the code bringers of the divine Union template. Therefore, we will be activating, implementing, instilling, and sealing the Unity template back into the fourth dimensional grid, which has been the most hijacked energetically from the lower dimensional races.

I will be sharing also about the root race Lyon connection with all those that show up for the 55 transmission.

Everything will become clear and everyone who participates in this ceremony will go to the next level spiritually. 

I understand that this is such an extremely high level initiation work and it will not be aligned with everyone in our community.

Only those who are doing the work and have done the work and are absolutely ready to go to the next level will show up for this ceremony.

See you all there ground crew. 

Please know that when you sign up for the ceremony, you'll receive a PDF file with the instructions to join the Zoom meeting.

Please check your spam or your all mail folder.

If you cannot locate the PDF, please email me at and I will send you the 


Here is the link to sign up for the 55 transmission if you are viewing this on a mobile device

Book soon to be published

I'm absolutely delighted to announce that my book, the Little Book of Neville Godard quotes is going to be published in May with Muse Oracle Press.

Here is the link to get a 10% discount on the book. 

Neville's Wisdom has affected me so deeply and in my humble opinion he is the greatest mystic that has ever lived.

I was guided to create this book to make Neville's wisdom accessible to the masses, and I'm so grateful to everyone that is supporting me on this journey of being a published author.

visibility container 

I am also going to be hosting a visibility container in the next few weeks whereby I'll be inviting a small group of souls to come on an intimate journey with me to completely transform their relationship to sharing their offers. With the collective, no Stone will be left unturned and everyone who participates in this container will be held accountable for showing up and sharing their offerings and manifesting far, far greater levels of abundance in their life. 

If you would like to go on the Prebook list whereby you will be offered the early bird price, please email me





❤️Divine actor I am universal link


the untended alter 

The journey to union audio 


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