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Twin flame Ascension report: Mercury retrograde and the lessons for all of us

Dearest beautiful brothers and sisters, greetings of the most high. We come forward now in this moment of your time with much to share with you ever, evolving humanity. I am sending you all so many blessings from the beautiful sacred motherland of India and feel all of my community so deeply in my heart as I journey to my most empowered spiritual grid point on the earth. I have much to share with you, brothers and sisters, so let's get into it.

We have just come out of Mercury retrograde, one of the most powerful, life-changing, and game-changing Mercury retrogrades we have ever experienced.

This was an opportunity for us to profoundly deepen into our spiritual mastery practice, and many of us were tested in unfathomable ways.

Now that many of the challenges have passed, we have the eagle's perspective and can see that everything that has happened in Mercury retrograde has made us much stronger and made our focus much more laser sharp.

We have been able to rest in the eagle's perspective and understand the divine leela] and unfolding at play. Remember, we all signed up for the sine wave. This means we signed up to experience duality.

The yin and yang is comprised of black and white, and the black is the compression point and represents dielectricity, the zero point field, and the point of singularity, the place from which all creations spring forth.

Very often, when we are in the negative polarity of the sine wave, we can feel very challenged to our core, but we must remember that within this planetary matrix system, this is exactly what we have signed up for, literally. We must experience duality in order to experience the great blessings that our creator has in store for all of us.

If our creator were just simply to endow us with these blessings, maybe we wouldn't appreciate them, and it is so important that we appreciate all of our blessings as and when they come to us.

It is very important to note that we have just come out of the Aquarius new moon and the Sun is now stationed in Aquarius, we are officially in the age of Aquarius now and this holds momentous excitement and opportunities for many of us .

This new moon is connected to mercury stationing direct and is really enabling us to move forward on our path of soul destiny.

Many of us will be experiencing contact from our beloved in this coming lunar cycle and many blocks that were seeming to be in the way will be eradicated.

This is such an exciting time to be alive

We are now working towards the Imbolc portal. Imbolc is always an extremely exquisite and auspicious time in our ecliptic cycle and is governed by the amazingly beautiful goddess Brigid.

Brigid is the goddess of the British Isles, and she is deeply connected to the energy of Mary Magdalene. At the time of Imbolc, the snowdrops start appearing on the icy land, and this shows us that Mother Earth is beginning to stir from her deep winter slumber.

This is a sign of great hope, as we know that the spring flowers are on their way, particularly the daffodils, which represent a great boosting and blasting of God's light particularly in the northern hemisphere.

I have been guided to host a transmission on the 2nd of February, and I will be transmitting from India. In this transmission, we are going to be working with the summer gate to open up access to the realms beyond Antarctica, and we will also be working with the energy of the North Pole.

It is very important now that humanity has access to the North Pole as that is our true living temple on earth, and we all must have a connection with this magnetic centre, as it is the most intense spiritual centre on our earth.

In the transmission, we will be focusing on opening up the North Pole to humanity and gaining access to the subterranean realms that are accessed through the North Pole.

The Imbolc transmission will also include empowering the timeline of disclosure. We are getting so very, very close to this now, brothers and sisters, and it's so important that we hold the vibration of disclosure.

We will also be doing a protocol to activate our crystalline light body, which is part of our ascension into the higher dimensional realms.

Please know that all those participating in this ceremony will receive an extraordinary protocol with their DNA, which will inform their DNA to begin the transformation into their crystalline energetic frequency in earnest.

This will bring great health, well-being, and will activate the age regeneration codons within you, thus contributing to your accessing the fountain of eternal youth.

This is not a 3D issue of vanity. This is our divine birthright, and the ageing paradigm is an abomination against humanity, and we are the ones to make this stop.

It is absolutely imperative that we do this for all future generations to come.

Humanity has been controlled and manipulated, and it ends with our generation.

I trust that the ground crew will all be there on their gridd points to activate this profoundly momentous spiritual work.

I can't wait to be with you all from Mother India. Please see all the links below to book onto the transmission.

Dearest ones, please know that you are everything that you have ever searched for.

Within you, you have access to the kingdom of heaven. It is not outside of you. It is inside of you. That is why when Buddha awakened, he laughed. He laughed because he was searching for that which was inside of him all along. And when we realise that, we laugh and laugh and laugh.

You don't need to go on the path that Buddha went on.

You can accept it now, and you can access these codes through gratitude.

You are more powerful than you will ever know, and we are all doing so well.

I love you all from the bottom of my heart.


2:2 Imbolc ceremony

The 2:2 Imbolc ceremony will take place at 5 pm uk time on the 2nd of February 2023,

This is so exciting as this will be the first time that I host a transmission in India

I really hope as many of you as possible join me for this momentous occasion in this transmission we will be working together to open up the North Pole and the Summergate that exists in Antarctica this is absolutely essential that we focus on this now because this is how we get our world back….there is nothing that is more important at this time.

We will also be focusing on ending the conflict in the Ukraine this has now got completely out of hand and it needs to stop

We need to pull the plug on the spiritual and etheric level for this Heinious crime against humanity..

it is also very important that we fully anchor the age regeneration timeline again this is a unfathomable attack against humanity that must stop now

please know that all those that are vibrationally aligned with this sacred work will have the opportunity to understand the codes to fully reverse their ageing trajectory and I will be sharing mystical secrets that will enable you to anchor this in your here and now reality..

Please know that I will be hosting the ceremony live on zoom however if there are problems with our connection I will attempt to go live on my YouTube page if that doesn't work I will attempt to go live on my Facebook page and if that doesn't work I will pre-record the transmission and send it to everyone that books….

all my links

Here is the link to purchase the Christ Oil transmission

💕 here is the link to the miracle Amazon Oil..


💕twin flame work book


❤️Divine actor I am universal link


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