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Twin flame ascension report: new cycle is upon us time to get our financial house in order

Dearest, beautiful brothers and sisters,

Greetings of the most high.

We've come forward in this moment of your time with much news to share with you ever, evolving humanity.

We have just come through the amazing secular New Year's Eve portal and have now entered the year 2023.

We are saying goodbye to all of the amazing energies and growth, and transformation that many of us in the ascending community experienced in the life-changing year of 2022.

For many of us, the year 2022 represented a deepening of our boundaries and a deepening commitment to truly step forward in terms of loving ourselves and deeply understanding what that means on a true and eternal and abiding level.

This has set a very solid foundation for many brothers and sisters in the community who are now ready to build on that.

2022 also represented the year that saw the completion and closure of many, many toxic karmic relationships. The energies were getting so exponentially compounded for many souls in these low-level relationships that all of the astrology and transits, particularly towards the end of the year, have resulted in many people ending their old karmic toxic relationships.

This is so wonderful and so precious and holds great promise for this coming cycle.

As previously mentioned, many of these karmic relationships had become very stale. They had even become mouldy, and many divine masculines were warned that if they did not take heed at this stage of being alerted to the collapse of the relationship, then the universe would have to get even louder to express to them the fact that this soul contract is 100% complete.

There are still some masculines who are holding on for dear life and are terrified of what other people will think about them if they end this karmic relationship. These bands of masculines have not been doing the spiritual work to love themselves and awaken on a deep spiritual level. They are much more calibrated to people pleasing and seeking approval through martyrdom and sacrificing their bliss and their spiritual needs for others.

If you are a twin flame and this description fits you, please know that 2023 is going to whip you much, much harder. These soul contracts are complete, and if you look at your wife or girlfriend and do not feel like the luckiest man alive and cry with gratitude every day that God has united you, she is not your person.

She is not your partner. She is not your woman. She is not your beloved, and by you holding onto her, you are blocking her from her bliss. You are blocking her true spiritual partner from being with her, and this is something that the universe shows no mercy with.

I am deeply praying that those of you reading these sacred words will take heed of this message.

When you end these toxic relationships, you will place yourself on a timeline of exponential miracles, bliss, and atonement. You will immediately align with your highest spiritual partner, who has been preparing herself to be with you for aeons.

The energies are now building up towards the 11:1 portal, and every year, I am guided to host a transmission for the 11:1 portal.

It is very important that everyone in the community now focuses on getting their abundance codes in order because we will be experiencing huge financial shifts this year collectively.

in the 1600s, The old powers that were connected to the Roman Empire and the Copernicus Jesuit takeover enforced many theories about our world that are simply lies.

These lies were designed to disorientate God's children from their true positioning within the universal system.

This agenda has been completed on many levels, and most of the minions have been removed and will be fully removed in this year of 2023.

In the 111 transmissions, we will focus on completely clearing the old fiat slave monetary system and we will be focused on implementing the new financial system of abundance.

This is connected to our birth certificates and the bonds held in the Vatican pertaining to our individualised wealth.

Remember that every time a soul is born, we are sold to the bankers, and the bankers then have traded us on the stock market our whole life.

This is a horrendous and heinous system, which will be completed in this wonderful year of 2023.

In the transmission, we will be focusing on empowering the timeline of the collapse of the old slave debt system.

Please see below for the full details on how to book onto this powerful ceremony.

The work that we completed in 2022 in the transmissions was so miraculous and life-changing for so many of us, and I'm so grateful for all the messages that you have sent me sharing how the transmissions have enabled you to come home spiritually to yourself and stabilise in enlightened consciousness.

My deepest prayer is that more brothers and sisters in the community understand the power and potency activated when they participate in transmissions.

The transmissions can be likened to going into the spiritual gym, whereby you train yourself to become a spiritual heavyweight. Bearing in mind many of us have promised our community that we would be the spiritual heavyweights, we would be the spiritual lighthouses incarnated to guide the way for humanity.

I look forward to spending the rest of this year with you all, my beautiful soul family. I'm so grateful for all your love and all your messages letting me know that so many of you have united with your twin flames and have thanked me for my books and the transmissions, which many of you have said have deeply helped you align with the timeline of manifestation and physical union.

I look forward to connecting with you all for the transmission of love and eternal light,

Jenji and the White Wolf tribe.

11:1 transmission

The 11:1 transmissions will take place at 7:11 PM UK on the 11th of January.

In this transmission, we will come together to eradicate the old fiat debt system completely, and we will empower the timeline of financial freedom and dignity for all of God's children. We are also going to be working with the energy of the Vatican and opening up the timeline of disclosure and the revealing of the documents that have been held within the Vatican. This is very, very important that the ground crew gather on their grid points for this powerful and important opening ceremony of 2023.

This work is available on an energetic exchange basis, but please know no one has ever turned away through not being able to pay. There is a pay-it-forward anniversary fund, which you just have to apply to. Other aspects of the 11:1 transmissions will be revealed in due course.

the benefits for those who participate in the transmissions are

  • happiness

  • bliss

  • alignment with your highest self

  • inner peace

  • the fulfilment that comes from knowing you are for following your highest spiritual path

  • increased spiritual vibration

  • deep and profound and magnetism

  • and so much more

here is the link to book if you are on your phone

Nervous system calibration challenge

I'm so delighted to announce that I have launched my 21 day nervous system re-calibration challenge this is comprised of 21 exercises that you do for 21 days that will help you to completely reset your nervous system back to the good source code within am also offering a zoom meeting for everyone who has signed up for the challenge to learn how to raise their Christic oil from the Saint complexus to the claustrum here is the link to join the ascending souls that are starting of this year in the most extraordinary auspicious way by completely resetting the nervous system

here is the link to book


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