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Twin flame Ascension report: profound Divine feminine restoration gateway

Dearest beautiful brothers and sisters,

Greetings of the most high. We come forward now at this moment of your time with much news to share with you ever-evolving humanity.

We would like to speak to you today about the significance of the upcoming six six portal.

The 6.6 portal is overruled by the planet Venus, as Venus is the planet that is associated with the number six.

A few days ago, I received an extremely powerful and potent vision that our galactics were using the energy of the six six portal to activate a correction in the divine feminine blueprint. I was quite surprised when my guides presented this transmission to me, as I honestly did not think that the divine feminine blueprint could be so deeply distorted.

But what I was shown was that due to patriarchy and the role that women have taken on in these patriarchal times, this has created a profoundly dense distortion within the divine feminine blueprint, predominantly pertaining to the issue of sacrifice, martyrdom and putting one's own needs last.

This has been such a heavy-duty ancestral pattern that has been passed on for many generations, and it truly is rare for any feminine ancestral lineage to have got away with this programming.

Therefore, the galactics, with the support and spirit of mother Venus have ordained that we show up for this divine feminine 6/6template re-correction ceremony.

Everyone that participates in this ceremony will have the opportunity to deeply clear patterning that has served to diminish, belittle and deny the divine feminine.

As we clear this blueprint, we clear it in all the generations in front of us and all the generations behind us, because we are working in the quantum field where all timelines converge and operate concurrently in the zero point field, the present moment of now.

We will be activating a profound transformation for all the future feminines born into your ancestral lineage, who will not have the burden of this distorted blueprint to process throughout their relationships and entire lifetime.

This is so huge, the work that we are being guided to do as the ground crew. I really cannot express this deeply enough.

I trust implicitly that those who are meant to show up for this ceremony- who have made a promise on a deep spiritual level to participate in a ceremony of this potency and calibre will hear the call and we'll see the message to show up.

We are the ground crew and we are the ones that we have all been waiting for and praying for.

And we are the ones that are correcting so many of the distortions that the “old powers that were” have inflicted upon humanity in the last few thousand years.

The energies are also deeply connected to the solstice. And this solstice is proving to be an exceptionally powerful and potent gateway.

I received a very strong vision that the solstice gateway will Herald a vast number of twin flames to come into alignment and recognition with each other.

It is very important that those of you on the twin flame path, hold the faith and remember to view reality from your heart, from your third eye and not from your mind, from your ego and what you can see in front of you.

Your heart knows who your divine creator has ordained for you to be within this lifetime. And it is absolutely imperative that you trust and have faith in this message that your higher self has given you.

The more that you can hold onto faith, the more you will hold steady with this manifestation alignment and activate contact by your twin flame.

Many divine masculines are struggling with the Ascension energies at the moment, which are deeply highlighting all the distortions in their karmic relationships. And for many divine masculines, the karmic relationships are truly coming to a head now and their higher self is showing them that it's just unmanageable and unworkable to make this relationship successful.

I am currently receiving many emails from the community sharing that they are coming into divine union at the moment. And this definitely appears to be a heightened gateway in terms of twin flame alignment and manifestation.

I have many exciting offers to share with my community at the moment. Please see below for everything that I am offering.

I very much look forward to hosting my “hack the book writing process course”. And I'm so delighted by the amount of you that have heard the call and signed up for this course. And I am delighted to inform my community that I am currently working on a series of masterclasses that will enable you to create a successful online digital business.

I have opened up my schedule to do two psychic business consultation sessions with 2 people in the community.

Please see below for all the information on how to contact me with regards to all of these offers.

Thank you all so much for sharing this energy report and sending it to your friends and family you love.

And thank you so much for your continuous support on this wonderful and exciting path, in love and eternal light jenji and the white Wolf tribe.

The 6/6 transmission will take place at 6:56 PM on the 6th of June.

In this transmission, we will be working with extremely high level ascended beings and galactics to completely re-correct the divine feminine blueprint that has been heavily distorted by the energies of sacrifice, martyrdom and putting oneself last.

This will have a huge effect on all the future generations to come, and we will activate an essential ripple in the quantum field, which will affect all timelines past, present, and concurrent. This is an extremely important ceremony that I've been ordained to host.

And this, please know it is an extremely auspicious blessing to be invited to participate in a ceremony of this spiritual calibre. There are so many blessings and gifts that will come for all of the beautiful souls that sign up to do this transmission.

Please know I have been guided to set two price points for this transmission therefore if you are on a low income and not working please choose the price point of £11.11 if you are in employment and working please pay in full

I am also creating a pay It Forward option for those of you that are seeking ways to tythe your community and make this work accessible for people on zero income…

Love jen

If the buy now button is not working please use this PayPal link to make the payment and email me at to request the PDF and I will send it to you


I have woken up to many many emails from people in the community putting himself forward for a one-to-one session with me and I'm sending you all this email at the same time

I will decide on who to work with based on a first-come first-served basis

I have responded to all those I feel a spiritual resonance with

please read the full email. It explains everything..

A business psychic consultation with Jen McCarty will include:

  • A deep dive into your business from an Akashic perspective.

  • We will explore the Akashic records and pull through information about your specific dharma and The optimum moves you can make in your business from a higher spiritual perspective

  • We will pull through information about the next moves that the soul of your business wishes to take.

  • Having a session with me will bring extraordinary clarity, miracles, and blessings to your business.

  • We will focus on clearing energetic blocks and working on mindset, and I will assist you on an exponentially deep level to master the law of attraction/ the law of actualization, in order to achieve all of your business goals.

  • A Psychic business consultation with me will bring you deep and abiding clarity, which you will be able to apply for, either one year or five years of your business, depending on the information that is brought through.

  • A session with me will give you a tremendous boost for your business and will give you the energy and impetus to drive your business to the next income level.

  • This type of consultation is calibrated towards start-up businesses, mid-level businesses, and very well-established businesses.

  • I am able to access all aspects of the spiritual side of a business and bring through pertinent life-changing information that will assist you to take your business to a much higher level. As well as bring through extremely pertinent 3D strategy information that will assist you to achieve your income goals with ease and Grace.

  • After you have a session with me you will feel a profound sense of empowerment and clarity and you will have Direct actions to take that will move you forward towards your phenomenal success

  • Working with me will assist you on a spiritual level to come home to yourself and to feel deep and abiding peace that will assist you to make business decisions from a place of abundance and alignment as opposed to fear and lack

  • People who work with me experience an upgrade on a spiritual level and Report feelings of aligning with their higher self and becoming one with their higher self…

Astrologically, I am extremely gifted when it comes to the business strategy side of business as my astrological chart is very heavy with Capricorn energy, which means that I have a deep and innate business sense and ability to be able to see the quickest, fastest route towards financial and spiritual success.

I have had many profound breakthroughs in my own business, from creating a six-figure business in the first year to creating multiple six-figure businesses in the ensuing years.

I have had extraordinary income breakthroughs and have manifested £45,000 in one day.

As well as creating a phenomenal online community selling out all my retreats in 24-hours and all my containers as soon as they're launched….

I have deeply transformed my wealth blueprint and am now able to coach people into a stabilised millionaire mindset.

You will get so much from a business consultation with me, but the most extraordinary gift that you will receive is divine energy and clarity to move forward and achieve all your goals with great ease and joy.

Working with me will give you a sense of expansion, enhanced spiritual abilities, and will enable you to fully master your manifestation mindset.

The value of these consultations is around the £3333 Mark but as an introductory offer, I will make these sessions available for £999 to the first two people that book…..

The session is a one-hour consultation on zoom…….

There is also an option for a 24-hour voxer day (like whats app) with me the day after the call

It is truly rare to find a business coach who is able to tap into the spiritual realms with as much ease as being able to tap into the physical and material realms.

it is unknown how long I will be hosting these sessions for - most likely it won't be for very long…

There really is no one in the coaching industry that is delivering psychic readings at this level of spiritual self-realization and calibre..

Please know I deeply look forward to hearing back from you

in the coaching industry there is a term called calibration and proximity and this refers to having close proximity to a mentor

When we gift ourselves with close proximity to a very successful mentor the proximity activates an osmosis on a vibrational level and unconsciously we start upgrading to their vibrational frequency.

As many of you know I have been stabilised in enlightened consciousness since October 2013 and I have an extremely grounded and successful business that I am running through 100% following my bliss.

This is an invitation for you to come and calibrate to my successful and enlightened frequency which is actually the fast track towards stabilisation in enlightened consciousness and manifesting your financial and business goals….

I look forward to hearing back from you

with abiding love



Have you ever wanted to write a


Do you feel deeply in your soul that you are here to write a book?

I really want everyone to ask that question.

I AM about to be hosting for one time only, a CONTAINER that will activate and initiate you into creating your first or your second book or your third book.

and the reason for this beloveds is: I have basically hacked the writing book process.

Soooo the question is, are you here to write a book?,

and is it time for you to write your book?

if the answer is yes, I want to share with you what it feels like to have written two books and am currently publishing another two books right now,

it is absolutely amazing and deeply empowering ...

I just want to share with everyone what it feels like to write a book.

It is a feeling of the most extraordinary accomplishment and completion, especially if it's in your spiritual dharma to write a book.

It is absolutely next level.

It establishes you as an authority, a very, high authority in your subject matter.

It has precipitated me being contacted by a diverse number of publication houses.

I've been publishing a number of articles because of my book.

I have now wrote for Om Magazine, Vogue India, Spirit & Destiny and so much more, it's all to do with the book.

Writing a book establishes you as an authority on your subject matter.

It's a very, very, very powerful thing to create.

I know loads of people in my community are meant to do this container.

I'm going to do one live container, and then I'm going to turn it into an evergreen course.

I have hacked the book creation process.

There is a way that I was able to create a 25,000 word book in two days, in 48 hours- it probably took me about six hours.

There is a way that I was able to do that and it is called “hacking the book writing process”.

If you've got a series of books, you can apply this to any books.

You can apply it to fiction books. You can apply it to spiritual books. You can apply it to how to-do books.

You can apply this process to absolutely any form of book creation and book creation is such a lucrative market.

Once you start getting into print on-demand and stuff it's a no brainer. it's a really, really, really powerful way for you to attract people to your work.

So if you want to come and receive a profound activation to create your first book or to create your second or third book and a permenant legacy, then come and do this container.

It starts on the 14th of June.

It's a three week process.

Creating a book is really such an amazing accomplishment and it is so inspiring for every single person in your life.

let's do this journey.

I'm going to show you,

I'm going to teach you, and most importantly,

I'm going to activate you so that that flame of that gift can be shared with the world


paypal link






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