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Twin flame Ascension report: restoration of the Hawaiian grid and deep, sexuality, purge

Dearest, beautiful brothers and sisters, greetings of the most high. We come forward now in this moment of your time with much news to share with you, ever evolving humanity. We have just come out of the extraordinarily life-changing and paradigm shifting 1212 master portal gateway. 

In this gateway, we experienced a profound shutdown of the fallen Angel Nephilim timeline, which sought to keep the twin flames in perpetual emotional prisons and physical separation through the nefarious codon of worthlessness.

 In the 1212 ceremony, we literally removed the seed/ program of worthlessness from the original twin flame pair Adam and Eve, and we replaced this nefarious program with the seed of worthiness. 

This work is absolutely without doubt, the most powerful work I have ever been called to do, and the level of interference that we experienced in the 1212 gateway is absolutely unlike anything I've ever experienced in my life. 

In the dream time last night, I was shown that we also had infiltration energy coming in to the 12.12 transmission, which in no way surprises me as this was a direct head-on takedown of the most hardcore insidious controllers that have ran free reign on humanity for eons.

The impact of the 1212 transmission has been extremely overwhelming and intense for me personally to process. However, the truth of the matter is we are rapidly moving into the Solstice gateway. The solstice gateway is always intricately connected to the energies of the 1212, and in many ways, the 1212 portal opens the cosmic gateway for the solstice energies to flow unencumbered. 

The time of the solstice is one of the most powerful times we get to experience within the ecliptic wheel as the sun stations direct in the lowest point of the ecliptic arc. At the nodal point of Capricorn, the sun standstills for three days on the solstice and on the 25th of December, the sun begins its forward motion up the ecliptic wheel towards the quarter point which is marked by the sign of Aries. 

Therefore, our ancient ancestors knew that this time is extremely powerful and potent and our ancestors would have gathered together in their tribes and communities in order to deeply honour the return of the sun God.

As the frontline warriors of light, we are being guided to go deeper into the restoration of the Adam & Eve template in the Solstice transmission. The guidance that is coming through is that we are being guided to recorrect all sexuality distortions that have been born of the nefarious programming that was inflicted upon humanity at the fall of Atlantis. 

This has led to humanity having very unhealthy loose boundaries collectively towards their sexuality, leading to the sharing of saliva and sexual fluids with literally any Tom, Dick, or Harry. 

This program has to be addressed immediately in to correct and bring coherence to the chaotic sexuality template. 

We are also being guided to work with the portal of Hawaii. Hawaii is considered by many mystics to be the sexual center of the earth plane and is an important grid point with regards to the anchoring of the new earth and the energies of Lemuria. 

The old controllers have known this and have sought to shut down and imprison the energetic flow of Hawaii through the overt and horrific colonization which has taken place there. 

We are being guided to work specifically with the Hawaiian grid to activate the rainbow serpents and bring back the sensual ecstatic codons that the island holds for the collective.

 There is more to the solstice gateway, which will be revealed in due course.

Since the 1212 gateway, I have received many, many messages from many people in our community who have received miraculous contact from their twin flame.

This invariably happens in the transmissions, and I am receiving guidance that the solstice and Christmas portal is going to offer a huge number of twin flames The blessing of contact. 

Many divine masculines now are awakening to the horrendous prisons that they have created for themselves through shutting themselves off from true love and settling for crumbs in karmic relationships. There is a whole wave of masculines who are opening up to divine love now, and there are many in our community who are going to receive contact recognition and physical union with their twin flame in this solstice and Christmas gateway.

 I look forward to being with you all for the solstice transmission. Please see below for the full details on the transmission. 

 in love and eternal, light, Jen, and the white wolf tribe

The solstice transmission 

The solstice transmission will take place on the 22nd of December at 8:08 PM UK time. In this transmission, we will be working to completely restore the Hawaii grid and ensure that the sensual center of the earth is replenished and thriving again. We are also being guided to do a collective sexuality atonement protocol to clean ourselves of all remnants of past sexual partners and set forth within our collective and individual fields the pristine sexuality template, which comes from our Christic blueprint. 

This is extraordinarily deep work and it is absolutely imperative that we do this particularly for our ancestral lineage in order to pass on this new program of self-love

And deep respect in terms of our sexuality. 

I cannot wait to be with you all, beautiful ground crew. I'm just about to leave Bali to return back to my beautiful family in England, and I can't wait to be with you all for the solstice transmission in love and eternal light. Jen.

Here is the link to book onto the transmission if you are reading this on a mobile device

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