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Twin flame Ascension report: Solstice Gateway Divine Masculine Upgrade Codes Incoming

Dearest Beautiful brothers and sisters,

Greetings of the most high. We come forward now in this moment of your time with much news to share with you ever evolving humanity. 

We have just entered the powerful 6.6 portal and are rapidly making our way to the Solstice gateway. 

Every year when we reach the Solstice gateway, we experience a profound intensification of solar flare activity. 

This is connected to the earth's protective seal, which, in dualistic terms, becomes somewhat weaker at this time, enabling God source codes to pour unencumbered into the atmosphere. 

These solar flares can have a huge effect on our health and well-being, and this particular round of solar flares is specifically targeting the subconscious mind. 

Many of us in this gateway will be having extraordinary dreams of resolving past relationships with soulmates who we have fallen out with or have had altercations with. 

This gateway offers us all the opportunity to deeply resolve these soul contracts and achieve harmony and resolution. 

The energies are also massively affecting many of our appetites.

Many people have completely lost their appetite in the last few days, and there are many of us who are feeling a stronger need to eat more food. 

We are also being deeply affected from a groundedness perspective. Many of us are struggling to feel grounded in the face of these powerful life-shifting energies pouring through the omnisphere. 

I tuned in and asked my guides for the best remedy to help us ground at this time, and I was very clearly shown that the lavender plant is one of our greatest allies in supporting this particular part of the ascension process.

I have been rubbing lavender on my feet, chakras, and temples, and I have found that this has really, really helped me come back to myself and ground. 

The current gateway that we are in is specifically connected to the divine masculine's soul consciousness and his awakening to his divine contracts. As I have mentioned in many previous articles, encoded into each twin flow timeline trajectory is a fail-safe mechanism. 

What is a fail-safe mechanism? A fail safe mechanism is an event which will take place if one or two of the twins at a crucial point on their timeline choose to deny their twin flame connection. 

If this occurs - in our pre-birth state, we all decree that energies would come forth to help redirect us on the correct timeline.

This fail-safe mechanism is kicking in now, specifically for the divine masculines who are so deeply exhausted with the energies of the third dimension.

It's very important that we all understand that the Twin Flame Union template is encoded into our deepest spiritual core. This union offers us the opportunity to restore and deeply recover from the traumatic experience of being incarnated into the low-dimensional octaves. 

When we continually deny our feelings and cut them off from our hearts, this activates an extreme level of depression on an energetic level.

Therefore, this gateway is deeply dedicated to supporting many divine masculine twin flames to finally accept the truth of their feelings for their divine counterpart.

I have been guided to dedicate the solstice transmission to support the divine masculine, to let go of fear and control programs and programs of deep unworthiness so that they can accept the truth that their heart knows—and that is their eternal union with their divine counterpart. 

Please see below for their full details of the solstice transmission.

It is important to note that our ancient ancestors considered the solstice gateway the most important energetic gateway due to the shifts in the magnetic omnisphere that occurred during these times. 

In days gone by, our ancient ancestors would gather on the land in their tribes to offer a ceremony of gratitude to the Sun Ra. 

We will also be including a powerful ceremonial dedication to our Sun God Ra, in the solstice transmission 

Dearest brothers and sisters. If you are reading these words, please know that your spirit is eternal.

The hermetic teachings show us that as above, so below. This shows us that the physical bodies that we have now are a mirror image of our etheric bodies that reside in the higher-dimensional realms. 

Therefore, rest deeply tonight knowing that you are not in a rush.

Your spirit lives forever, and your soul consciousness is eternal. When you are ready to leave the lower-dimensional realms, you will simply release this form and step into your higher-vibrational light body, which is a mirror image of your physical body. 

I find this truth profoundly comforting and reassuring because so much of third-dimensional programming revolves around rushing and being tested for patience. 

My deepest prayer is that you take these words into your deepest heart core and allow your memory of your eternal spiritual nature to soothe you and restore your weary heart in this gateway 

in love and eternal. Like Jen and the white wolf tribe,

solstice transmission

The solstice transmission will take place at 8:08 PM uk time on the 20th of June, 2024, the day of the solstice in the northern hemisphere. 

In this powerful ceremony, we will be connecting with the higher self monad group of the divine masculine's who are still 

Struggling to gift themselves the bliss of their divine union with their divine counterpart.

We will be sending and transmitting a vibrational wave of profound support to the divine masculine soul consciousness enabling the prison cell that he has built around him to simply melt out of this vibrational frequency. 

\We are also going to be dedicating our time to send our deep blessings to our Sun, God Ra, and we will be doing a very, very exciting solstice protocol with the Sun God Ra which will make our ancient ancestors very proud.

I cannot wait to share this experience with the ground crew.

This sacred work is open to everyone, and if you are unable to send an energetic exchange, please contact me. There is a bursary fund available and it is okay for you to make a donation.

This promises to be an extremely powerful and life changing transmission for the 144000 twin flame ground crew and although is that come forward to participate in the ceremony will receive a specific blessing on their twin flame timeline. Please remember that these blessings verbal into the higher dimensional and infinite in nature...

in love, and eternal light

Jen and the White Wolf tribe.

New Moon Zoom Twin Flame Manifesting Group

Dearest beautiful brothers and sisters. It gives me great pleasure to announce that I have been guided by my spiritual team to set up a monthly twin flamee/ ascension manifestation new moon zoom group.

We will start on the next new moon, which is on saturday the 6 th of July 2024 at 7.07 pm uk time

In this zoom meeting we will work together to deeply claim our deepest manifestational powers.

This will be a faith master class and all those that come forward will receive a powerful transformation and upgrade in their spiritual vibratory frequency.

In this masterclass we will cover all elements of desire - the holiness of our desires - our sacred destiny with our desires - what desires truly are from a spiritual perspective - and how we can magnetise our desires from the higher dimensional realms through the vibratory mirroring of that frequency.

There is so much to discuss and I absolutely cannot wait to be with everyone.

If you would like to book your place on the new moon zoom meeting here is the link to book.

If you are reading this on a mobile device, here is the link to book onto the solstice transmission

Lingam worship

It also gives me great pleasure to announce that my book Lingham worship is now available to purchase in paperback form in e-book form and in, as an audio here is some feedback from a couple of souls who read the book already

Dear Jen,

Your books are always like beautiful pieces of music. This one in particular feels like we are taken up to the highest realms to the frequency of the angels. It truely was angelic music for the soul.

Your truthful description of the Lingam brought back so much remembrance of a time when we were fully conscious and living in peace and harmony. It resonated so deeply with my soul that this is the way it should be.

May we all release the programming that has been imposed on us about how we see the lingam and may we come back into the essence and power of who we truely are. Your words bought this all back into my consciousness of how it should be and what I have known deep down all along.

Another masterpiece by the amazing Jen!

I cannot wait to read the book!

it is my greatest offering so far and I'm so proud to have shared this message

Lingham worship paper back and kindle

Lingham worship audio


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