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Twin soul Ascension report: 11:11 gateway all 144000 twin souls must unite now.

Dearest brothers and sisters,

Greetings of the most high. We come forward now in this moment of your time with very important news to share with you -ever evolving humanity. As many of you are well aware, the energies are now rapidly moving towards the Ascension horizon event of the 21st of the 12th 2020. Please know brothers and sisters there is a great deal of preparatory work that needs to take place within the Ascension community, within the twin soul collective in order to ensure that The highest timeline possible manifests for everybody personally and for the entire collective.

These are truly the most exciting times that any of us could ever be living in and for all of us star seed twin flame way showers -it is so important that we dig deep into our spiritual tool kit at the moment and utilise all of our most potent spiritual tools.

The tools that are the most highly recommended for us all to work with currently are - resting as awareness for short moments -bringing your awareness to the present moment when ever you naturally remember to do so, committing to a spiritual practice by going on endless rampages of gratitude and counting your blessings tirelessly, working with the phenomenal tool of hooponopono, and also remembering that everybody who has incarnated on the Earth today is experiencing PTSD to some degree or another, and so it is our absolute duty to go forward in kindness and service to all of our brothers and sisters, offering a high vibration and our unconditional presence to whoever we are blessed to be in contact with- whether that be the man at the garage- the lady in the post office or our Childs school teacher. It is our duty to hold the higher ground and send fourth high and loving vibrations to all of our brothers and sisters.

When we make these choices we quickly align with the vibration of creation which is ultimately ecstatic and expansive. We are each individual transmitters and if we do not take control of our consciousness our egoic consciousness has full reign, and this is like the blind leading the blind.

Without a spiritual practice there is no possibility of evolving and becoming one with our higher self, but as soon as we commit to a spiritual practice and start orientating our thoughts towards being empty and present and training ourselves to go on rampages of gratitude - then we quickly align with the vibration of creation and we experience miracle after miracle, synchronicity after synchronicity, divine ordained meetings meetings of destiny, abundance, and all of the great things that spirit has to offer.

If you are lazy you will not get anywhere on the spiritual path as enlightenment is an active process, it is not a static plateau that you reach, it is a constant choice -despite the rhetoric of the egoic consciousness which is perpetually addicted to the Victim narrative and to the idea of separation.

We pray deeply that you take on this guidance and commit diligently to your spiritual practice. Your twin flame needs you to stabilise in the zero point field - 5th dimensional consciousness. your twin flame needs you to come home to your Divinity to come home to your divine self -to know that you or a daughter or son of the most high mother father God, and you and your sacred union represents the highest actualisation of Divinity within the universe.

It is so important brothers and sisters that you let go of the programs of doubt that the false dark matrix has imposed upon gods children. You must recognise these programs and choose not to believe them and buy into them and indeed you must override them with thoughts of gratitude and service to your brothers and sisters.

The message that we would most like to convey in this written transmission is that all of you who are reading these words have an extremely important role in the upcoming ascension of mother Gaia, you have signed up to be the for- runners - the way showers of this ascension that all gods children are going through, and when we use the word Ascension we are referring to the transformation of the third dimensional caterpillar consciousness to the fifth dimensional butterfly consciousness - from enslavement to freedom and sovereignty.

We would like to now take a moment to speak to you about the significance of the upcoming 11:11 portal. On the 11 11 transmission we are being guided to facilitate the coming together of every single one of the 144000 preordained twin soul unions that were seeded at the time of Lemuria. We will be working very deeply and diligently to clear any blocks between these pre-ordained sacred unions in order to add an unprecedented amount of momentum to the physicalisation of these extremely important unions in relation to the Ascension of mother gaia.

Every time a genuine twin soul union actualises on the physical plane the codes and the frequencies that are omitted are aligned with the vibrations akin to ecstasy, bliss and rapture as each twin soul pair emits these codes in to the collective, please know that it is these frequencies that will literally lift the planet from the third dimension to the fifth dimension.

This is why it is absolutely imperative that the focus is placed again on the importance of the physicalisation of these twins soul unions.

Therefore in the 11:11 transmission we will be clearing all blocks to enable the swift manifestation of these sacred union’s, and we will be working with the fifth dimensional codes of these unions with our galactic brothers and sisters from the Pleiadis and Arcturus to literally lift planet Earth from this 3-D lockdown vibration into the fifth dimensional golden age vibration.

Please know that everybody who takes part in the ceremony has made a pre birth soul contract to hold space for this Powerful work, and to add their sacred energy to this powerful work.

please see below for the full details on how to book onto the 11:11 transmission.

As many of you are aware Facebook have deplatformed me as have Instagram, and so I am truly relying on you all of my followers to share these sacred writings and to inform your tribe and communities about the 11:11 transmission.

It is absolutely imperative that the forces of darkness are obliterated and everybody steps forward to support this important Ascension work for the collective.

I trust that all of you reading these words will share this report and I will offer an extremely sacred so gift to a lucky person who shares this energy report.

We cannot stress enough the importance of those of you who identify as way showers/ star seeds to hold your centre now. Breathe deeply, and choose to trust in your divine creator. You are a divine being of the highest order. You are loved, guarded over, and protected every second of every minute of every moment of your existence.

This is an invitation for you to reach energetically towards that knowing - towards that remembrance of your Divinity, that you are so precious that you are so beloved and you are a child of God.

You have not been abandoned, and all of your deepest prayers are being worked on right now by our creator and if you feel emotional Reading these words this is confirmation from your high self that this is absolute truth.

Please know that it is my deepest honour to serve you all my brothers and sisters and I embrace all the shifts and changes that are happening to me in my online reality.

I feel like the universe is clearing old energy to make way for “brand” new energy to enter my energy field. This is an opportunity for me to surrender deeply and trust in the divine and trust all of you, and know that you will all support me in ensuring this work reach as many people as possible.

Social media is transforming right before our very eyes. nefarious energies have taken over many of the social media platforms and therefore it is so important that we all gravitate towards more cleaner higher vibrational social media platforms.

I have now moved to mighty network and I will be sharing all of my content from there from now on.

it is an incredibly high vibrational clean platform that was created due to the all of the censorship that was taking place on all the popular social media platforms. it is a safe place for all of us star seed light workers and I very much look forward to welcoming you all into my Mighty Network community.

Everybody who joins us is in with a chance of winning a one-to-one session with me and I’m really excited about announcing the two winners in a few days.

Have faith brothers and sisters, see with your heart, remember with your heart, we are are so loved and the light has already won

in love and eternal like jenji and the white wolf tribe.

From now on I will be sharing all of my spiritual content on mighty network please come and join my mighty network.

every new member who joins is in with a chance of winning a private one-to-one session with me

winner will be announced in the next few days here is the link.

11:11 transmission.

The 11:11 transmission will take place on the 11th of November at 11:11 pm UK time. In this transmission we will be supporting in the successful and triumphant reunion of the 144,000 preordained Star seed twin soul unions that were seeded at the time of Lemuria.

In this transmission we will be actively clearing significant blocks ensuring that these unions manifest very swiftly on the earthly plane. We will be working with the triumphant Fifth dimensional sacred union of all of these twin souls to literally lift planet Earth from the third dimension to the fifth dimension from Caterpillar consciousness to butterfly consciousness.

Please know that all of you who come forward to be part of this transmission will receive an extremely auspicious personal blessing for your own individual twin soul journey, and please expect contact - synchronicityies, and many many signs from the universe that your union Is truly coming into physicalisation.

I very much look forward to welcoming you into the transmission which will not be taking place on Facebook as soon as you sign up you will see the PDF with a direct link to join the transmission on a brand-new platform.

This powerful sacred work is offered on an energetic exchange basis and I really would deeply appreciate everyone sharing this Ascension twin soul report

If you are unable to pay the full price to join the ceremony please email me at and I will send you the link to make a donation


"A true healer does not heal you; she simply reflects back to you your innate capacity to heal. She is a reflector, or a loving transparency.

A true teacher does not teach you; she does not see you as inherently separate from her, or less than her. She simply reflects back your own inner knowing, and reminds you of the vastness of your being. She is a mirror, a signpost.

And love is the space in which all of this is possible; love heals, and we learn best in a loving field, no threat of failure, no punishment."

~ Jeff Foster

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I now offer soul Dharma sessions, I have been granted access to the akashic fields, and thus am able to bring forth extremely powerful guidance from your higher self pertaining to the highest work you have returned to the earth plane to share, and which will align you most swiftly with your greatest Abundance, These are very powerful sessions, and so far it has been my honour to serve many brothers and sisters in shining a light on this very important area.. The cost is £88 for 30 mins...

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What can I expect from an Intuitive reading?

Each session is totally unique, as I tune into your Higher Self in order to open you up to high frequencies of universal love and support. Sacred guardians such as angels and archangels, ascended masters and goddesses frequently make contact in order to deliver Divine messages and energy healing – everything is tailored to your precise needs for personal transformation at the time of healing.

My intuitive Twin flame and ascension consultations are rooted in supporting your personal empowerment, personal & spiritual growth and fostering conscious awareness of how you are the creative force in your life.

Very often I am guided to work with the extremely potent tools of Matrix energetics and optimal EFT as well as my own uniquely channelled 5d healing and alignment


Thanks to the many brothers and sisters who have requested I have now set up my own patreon page with very exciting offerings.

Here is the link if you feel guided to support me on the patreon platform.

Dearest brothers and sisters, I have received a very strong message from Great spirit to set up a Patreon page. As many of you are aware who have been following my work for some time - as a light warrior I have now officially gone into stealth mode and I’m spending all my time researching and delivering extremely important high-level Intel with regards to the current collapse of the old elite system that has ruled our world.

Every day I receive hundreds of messages and emails from all over the world thanking me for my profound service to humanity and many people asking if I have a Patreon account as they are deeply called to support me and my work.

I will be offering a three-tier system:

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Mp3 Activations

Dear Ones I have bought through a series of extremely powerful Mp3 activations that are encoded with vibrations that align you very very swiftly with 5th-dimensional consciousness. Many of the beloveds in the twin flame group I facilitate Are working regularly with the mp3s and are experiencing profound miracles in their twin flame unions... These mp3s are such a sacred gift that are available to all on the twin flame path, I am truly humbled to be the conduit of these activations.. please see below for feedback. the cost for the mp3s is £11.11 each

The activations I have Available are. the 5d aspect of your twin flame.

2. Meet and merge in the zero point field with your twin flame.

3. Anchoring the yeshua and magdalene template onto the earth and yr grid point.

4. Healing and restoring the Atlantis timeline.

5. Very deep inner child healing.

6. Violet waterfall purification

7. Abundance meditation

8. Self worth activation

9. Heal shame and guilt template

10. Heal your relationship with your physical body

11. Light language activation

12. Rebalancing receiving with giving.

13. high angelic immune system white blood cell activation

please cut and paste this link to immediately purchase and download the mp3s

Some feedback from beloveds who have done the mp3s...

Today was super awesome. I meditated for 2 hours or more. I have done the violet waterfall meditation first, then the abundance meditation, following by the atlantis meditation and the transformation we did on the 12.12

It was the best feeling in the world. When I did the atlantis meditation I wasn't sad anymore, but happy for what is going to happen next. I saw us as a couple before the first separation. We were living in LeMUria and were both healers, dressed in white and so divine ️

I am looking forward for what is coming next

Thx Jen ️️️

OK so update I purchased the Abundance activation earlier today. And in the short amount of time after listening to it, I went into a bowling alley to bowl and to the quick stop, each cashier discounted my purchases without me asking!

Needless to say, I am excited to see what abundance I shall receive next!

It works peeps it works lol. Thank you bad Mama Jama Jen!

Beloveds I am receiving the most awe inspiring feedback from all those who have done the abundance meditation... if u are having any issues with your abundance flow on any level I cannot highly recommend this transmission enough... spirit has informed me that the symbols in the meditation literally decode the limited thought patterns that have created the circumstances of lack consciousness... (I'm getting goosebumps as i write this) I have been working with this mediation for 6 weeks now and my abundance levels are 5x higher than they have ever been... it works beloveds... it truly works.. I love u all... I see you... I love you... there is support available for you, please open your hearts and hands to receive it.... om shanti star family....

So the past few days have had a lot of taking in and integrating inside.

I had a session with Jen and her energy is so powerful! She gave me all

The guidance I needed to hear Most importantly helped me determine my twin is my twin, phew hahaha no more confusion thank god.

She is so divinely guided and powerful, it is beautiful to meet her and a blessing to have her help us. I also wanted to tell I have been guided yesterday to give out free reiki sessions in my neighborhood so people could experience reiki since most people here don't know much about it. I did one on my mom's friends yesterday.

When we started she was coughing really badly but I followed Jen s advice to have faith above everything. And almost instantaneously as I went through her neck and chest her lungs cleared and by the end she was feeling really good after feeling crushed for the past few days and her voice was back to normal and her coughing was completely gone. She was so happy she wanted to have me again next week and pay for both sessions. Told her friends because she was so excited by the rapid healing that took place. I feel the abundance blocks are slowly fading away.

Thank you Jen for everything you are doing and all the help. I am so deeply grateful for you guiding us to fast forward our ascension and evolution.

Love you dear sister.

Faith is what we all need to move mountains.

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