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If the buy now button doesn't work please use this PayPal link to pay the £3.33 booking fee and please email me at and I will send you the PDF with the zoom link....

Dearest brothers and sisters it is my deepest honour to invite you all to take part in a  wealth mastermind taster session  which I will be hosting on zoom

As soon as I activated these codes within my own field I manifested a vast amount of wealth into my bank account

this is very much connected to Liam's passing and the teachings that he is sharing with me from the other side which is all about deeply bringing spirituality into the material plane and completely collapsing all timelines of poverty and lack. 

The session will take place on the 27th July 2021 at 7.17 pm UK time.

In this second free mastermind we will go deeper into understanding our wealth blueprint and how it affects our income I will share with you some of the incredible tools and codes that have been shared with me as I've been working with many mentors that are fully anchored in millionaire mindset I will also speak about how Wealth consciousness and spirituality merge.....

In the session I will go deeper in sharing the extremely powerful and life changing codes that have been activated within my own psychic field.

This will be an opportunity for you to experience a very powerful upgrade.

in the masterclass we will be looking at the foundational principles of wealth consciousness and how that relates to spirituality & we will experience an introduction into our wealth blueprint and gain understanding of how it controls our life

There will also an opportunity for you to be exclusively invited into my upcoming programs.

There are 1000 places available on this zoom meeting and I will be offering the first places to all of the people that are on my subscription list.

so if you are deeply feeling the call to be part of this, please align with the abundance now as all of the spots will be filled on that day.

So please look out for emails from me

I really look forward to gathering with you all on the 27th july

Please click the link to book your place on the zoom call

please be sure to save this zoom link as I will not be able to keep sending out the free link on the day of the event

there are no words that can adequately express how excited I am to be sharing these powerful codes that I’ve been experiencing with you all.

We all deserve to arrive home at this plateau of enlightenment and abundant consciousness, and it is my duty to activate as many of you as Is physically possible

in love and eternal light Jen

I'm being guided to host this masterclass on zoom with everyone's cameras off so that I can share this zoom meeting with other people in the community at a later date........ 

There is a minimal booking fee of £3.33 to cover the administrative costs of putting on this event


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