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Twin flame, Ascension report: Such intense energies to navigate in this Ascension corridor

Dearest, beautiful brothers and sisters, greetings of the Most high. We come forward now in this moment of your time with much news to share with you ever-evolving humanity. 

We have just come through the extremely powerful and potent Valentine's Day portal, which saw many members of the ascending community come together to activate a fifth dimensional protocol meeting and merge with their divine counterpart in the highest spiritual realms. 

This work has had huge ramifications for the entire 144,000 twin Flame Collective, and I'm receiving a lot of information and contact from many people in our community saying that this transmission has activated a profound breakthrough with regards to contact and communication with their twin soul. 

Please note that was the exact intention and purpose behind the transmission, and that was to initiate a contact timeline for Many in the ascending community. 

I am so delighted and deeply privileged and honored to be the master of ceremonies of these powerful portal convergences. 

There is so much to share... In this extremely beautiful gateway that we are in in the northern hemisphere, we are deep into the imbolc energies and all around the daffodils are starting to blossom as well as the crocuses and the snowdrops. 

This is a clear sign from Mother Earth that she's awakening after her long, deep winter slumber, and She's coming back to life.

As Mother Earth comes to life. So do all our dreams as we step out of the winter hibernation timeline and really start building up the energetic momentum towards the fulfillment of our dreams. 

When I was in India, I was spending a lot of time in temples and in homes where they make puja, and it got me contemplating deeply about Puja and what Puja is. and it is my deepest understanding that when we make puja, IE light a candle and incense and invoke the holy names whilst 

Looking at And working with our altar. This actually activates a fire in the spiritual realms, which sends pulses of information to deities Devis and spirits to come forward and merge in this God energy that has been rustled up. 

It is so important that those of you reading these words understand that it's very important that we activate our spirituality through working with an activated altar. This is so important and so powerful for us, particularly with regards to manifesting our deepest hearts desires and helping us experience the fulfillment of our prayers being answered. 

I have just completed my book Lingham Worship, and in the book I talk extensively about Puja and about the power of Puja and how working with an altar is really, really a game changer for us on the spiritual path. 

I do hope that you get to read the book when it's published this coming year with Muse Oracle. 

The energies are intensifying, and there has been a huge amount of solar flare activity. Please know that when these bombardments of solar flare activity ground into the earth's consciousness, this exponentially raises the individual and collective consciousness of humanity. 

Solar flares and such like target specifically low vibrational toxic relationships. 

I read a quote today and it said it was never meant to bring you peace if it's not meant to last forever. 

That quote held such a deep resonance for me and is clearly referencing so many karmic relationships that are in the spotlight at the moment. 

If you are in a karmic bond, mostly the reason why your soul has chosen to experience this type of relationship is in order to give you a very clear and concise contrast to your divine union. 

Remember beloveds It is always detrimental to the soul consciousness if you stay in these karmic entanglements after their expiry date. When this happens, you will experience all manner of challenges and bolts from your higher self, awakening you out of the nightmare that you are entangled in. So therefore, if your house has flooded recently, if you are in trouble with the law, please know that all of these things happen when we are not mated with the right person. 

In his book the perfect Matrimony, Samuel Aun wer says that being mated to the wrong person and living in an unperfect, matrimony is the cause of all detriment, strife, bloodshed and war in our society, and I am inclined to agree with him. 

Please know that these energies are deeply supporting you to disentangle from relationships that are no longer serving your highest spiritual path. 

Dearest soul family, I am going on a vipassana course tomorrow, the 21st of February, and it is a 10 day silent meditation course. I will be offline for those 10 days. 

The course finishes on the 3rd of March, and so I will not be able to host a 3.3 transmission this year, although I may possibly offer a collective meditation on the night of the 3.3.

 Please check your emails and my social media posts. However, I am absolutely ecstatic and overjoyed to share that I have been guided by Shiva and Parvati to host a Shivartri transmission. 

Shivartri is one of the most important, powerful, and potent dates within the Hindu calendar, and on this night, Shiva enacts an extraordinary wedding ceremony between him and his divine beloved Parvati. 

We are going to be coming together to exonerate the divine masculine soul through Shiva, and we're going to be doing an Abhisheka ritual which is a honey and milk offering to the Shiva Lingham. 

It is such an extraordinarily auspicious ceremony to be invited to, and I highly recommend that if you have vibrationally aligned with these words you commit to showing up for this unusually high caliber ceremony; please see below for the full details; please know that all of you who participate in this ceremony will receive a direct blessing and Dashan from Lord Shiva. I have no words that can adequately express how powerful this is. 

I cannot wait to be with you all for the powerful Shivartri ceremony 

in love and eternal light Jenji and the white Wolf tribe. 

Shivartri ceremony

The Shivartri ceremony will take place at 4:44 PM UK time on the 8th of March, 2024. 

In this ceremony, we will come together and experience a profound Shivartri Puja. For all of us who participate in this ceremony, we will align ourselves with a most extraordinary dashan and blessing from Lord Shiva himself. 

We will be going into the holy mountain of Arunachala and we will be working with all the rishies, the Devas and the all guardians of the Holy Mountain, and we will be experiencing the holy sacred marriage of Shiva and Partvati. 

This is such an exceptionally beautiful ceremony to be invited to, and I cannot wait to be with all of you. My beautiful brothers and sisters 

love Jen.

As soon as you sign up for the ceremony, you will automatically be sent a PDF file with the zoom link. Please check your spam folder under Jen mccarty. If there has been a glitch in the system and for some reason you do not have the PDF please email me at

Here is the link to book onto the transmission if you are reading this on a mobile device

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