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Twin flame, ascension report: very important information re the 10.10 master portal

Dearest Beautiful Brothers and Sisters, We are now entering into the pre-energies of the extremely powerful and potent 10-10 master portal.

Those of you in the ascension community will be very well aware that this is a very powerful gateway, energetically, that we are moving through.

On one particular timeline, there is still very much the last residues of the battle between old controllers and the new earth ambassadors playing out.

For the most part, the nefarious energies have exited the organic earth timeline. However, there are some low-dimensional entities and bugs which have been playing havoc with many in the ascension community in the recent days and months. It has come to my attention that we have to fully activate the Excalibur source code in order to implement the source codons back into the crystalline organic earth mainframe.

This is a spiritual procedure that we will be fulfilling in the 10-10 transmission. Please know that this is also a very powerful twin flame, red pill, blue pill transmission, and we will be activating an extraordinary purge of all elements of blue pill consumption that have been unconsciously consumed by the organic ascending community, and we will reinstate the red pill codons back into our auric field and collective energetic grid.

This work is coupled with extremely important work with Archangel Michael with regards to Excalibur's sword.

Excalibur's sword is the highest source code in creation, which energetically and vibrationally neutralises all lower vibrational spells, curses, hexes, and entity attacks. There are many in the community that have been solid in their stabilised fifth-dimensional frequency, making them unthreatenable by lower-dimensional forces. However, at this particular stage in the final throes of the takeover, there has been some energetic compromises that have taken place, particularly with the divine feminines.

Largely, this has been to do with this particular group of divine feminines lowering their frequency and stepping back into the matrix to help awaken their divine masculine, who, for the most part, has been absolutely utterly entrenched in matrix consciousness.

Because of the divine feminines unconditional love for her divine masculine, she has put herself at risk and therefore it is now necessary for us to fully activate the Excalibur source code in order to eradicate and neutralise all lower vibrational targeted attacks on the divine feminine. This work is deeply connected to the London Stone, and it has come to my attention that the London Stone is connected to Excalibur's stone and therefore we will be implementing Excalibur's sword again, working with the grid point of the City of London.

It is of utmost importance for the ground crew to come forward and participate in this ceremony, especially if you have sensed a recent drop in your fifth-dimensional vibrational alignment. Now is the ideal time to receive this profound source code activation, which will offer you profound spiritual protection and enable your twin flame to access the Excalibur source code protection codons.

The transmission is scheduled for tomorrow at 8:08 PM UK Time.

Please refer to the link below to register for this exceptionally powerful and auspicious ceremony.

in love and eternal light

Jen and the white wolf tribe

The 10-10 Master portal transmission

The 10-10 Master portal transmission will take place at 8:08 PM UK time on the 10th of October 2023. In this transmission, we are going to be working with the Crystal Lions, who are the guardians of our crystalline DNA patterning. We are going to be experiencing a protocol whereby we purge ourselves of all of the toxic poison that the blue pill has inflicted on many of our consciousness, and we are going to give ourselves the incredible gifts of taking the red pill.

For all those that show up to participate in this powerful ceremony, you are going to be experiencing an extraordinary blessing, not only for you and your twin flame, but this is also going to activate an extraordinary transformation within your own matrix reality. I truly, absolutely cannot wait to be with you all for the 10-10 Master Portal Ceremony.

This powerful work is offered on a energetic exchange basis. When you book onto the transition you will receive a PDF file with instructions to book onto the call for the 10.10.

See you on your grid points for the 10.10 beautiful brothers and sisters.

If you are viewing this on a mobile device, here are the links to book onto the transmission

pay it forward

Bali retreat

Dearest brothers and sisters it gives me great pleasure to announce that registration for my Bali retreat is open.

The retreat will take place on the 11th, 12th, 13th and and finish on the 14th of December.

Myself and Somesh have spent a lot of time creating this beautiful page for you all which explains in great detail a lot of information about the retreat

as soon as you book, your name will go into a list and you will be contacted in due course with important information regarding the upcoming retreat.

There are currently 2 spots available.

You are being offered the earlybird price because you are part of the pre-book list

as soon as the retreat goes live to my wider community the full price will be activated.

All of this is explained in th email/landing page

I love you all. I can't wait to share my love of Bali with you

every day when I'm not in Bali I miss it. I grieve it and I long for it. I am so delighted to share with you all - the utter exquisite glory of mother Bali. Love Jen

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I have Just bought through a very powerful book breaking down the dense Teachings of the amazing mystic Neville Goddard the book is on special offer at the moment to everyone in my community here is the link..

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