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Twin flame energy report : tide has turned for divine masculine

Dear Ones,

Greetings of the Most High. We come forth in this moment, on wings of a sublime light, a geometric pattern that has intensified in magnetic potency, the knowing that the highest time-lines are in activation for the original 144,000 Bird Tribe way showers.

Many, many forces of the highest angelic assistance are pouring into 3D reality matrix of the collective consciousness, and are most pertinantly effecting the divine Masculine en-masse. An SOS of some nature was put out by the Collective, which has activated and empowered a time-line of Divine Intervention, and much of this is being played out in the karmic partnerships the Divine Masculines are experiencing currently.

We are speaking specifically to the original source matrix soul group, the 144,000 here, when we say this. Divine Intervention is abound in the form of previously contracted Twin Flame unions coming into alignment, with the karmic partners who are sharing their life with the Divine Masculine Twin Flames. The Divine Intervention is occurring in this manner as it is necessary for the next part of the Divine Plan. It is imperative that the original source mates who promised the whole of existence that they would return to this earthly plane return now to the knowing that only Love is real and I AM eternal love.

Divine Feminine: you have been tested in ways that have demonstrated your true eternal warriorship. You are seen by the highest angelic forces in existence. All of this has been necessary to ensure your stability for when the Divine Masculine inevitably returns. So Divine Feminine, awaken in the morning with a Heart filled with gratitude and remember to always set intentions for your day ahead as soon as you wake up, this is an extremely high level master practice, also beloveds remember to exude your radiance to all you come into contact with, unequivicoally and unconditionally through out your day, remeber that that is the promise that you made to mother Father God/ your higher self, and your beloved twin flame. Divine Masculine, it is time now to once and for all take that leap, and trust the promises of your Heart, it knows the way, and it knows the fastest route to get you to your deepest heartfelt prayers and desires… remember the heart is the most highly proficient GPS system that will deliver you in the swiftest manner to your destiny.

Trust in the self Brothers and Sisters, this is Mata-Hari Ji, Jen’s Higher Self coming out in the open now, bowing deeply to the Christed Self in All.

Divine Feminine: breathe deeply and remember thy self. You are your Beloved, know this at your core, literally on a physiological level you are your Beloved, there is no separation, all there is, is self eternally in union with self and thus with other, the One

All is one-self, the other is the self, for the self and the other are One, for all is One, that is the only way it can be, so Divine Feminine know this to be true in your core. Remember that you are She and He, Mother and Father to thy self. You are the return of the embodiment of the Holy Trinity. You are seen and remembered Beloved child of the One, all is well. God’s Love created All, and the codes of perfection are all that exists in the unfathomable reaches of Light beyond Light, emptiness rests in bliss, I AM that bliss. Bliss is the ocean of remembrance of knowing that self is Sovereign throughout all dimensional realities. Thy self is whole and complete.”

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