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Twin flame Ascension report: information from the White hat alliance has come through

Dearest, beautiful brothers and sisters,

We have just come through the very, very powerful and exciting solstice gateway, and indeed, in many ways we are still very much entrenched in the powerful and transformative energies of this solstice gateway.

Many of us from the ground crew are noticing a gear shift since the solstice with many of our long held dreams coming into alignment with great proficiency at this powerful time in our collective evolutionary process.

I have recently received some very, very powerful intel from the White Hat Alliance with regards to the current political and ascension timeline that we are fully grounded on.

It is not safe for me to publish this information on a public forum such as Facebook, so therefore I will be posting the message in my signal group for everyone.

If you would like to receive the message, please see the link below to join my signal group.

It has been very, very paradigm shifting, receiving this information from the White Hat Planetary Alliance, and so much of what has been going on recently now makes perfect sense to me with regards to this - the playing out of this current planetary takeover by the White Hat Alliance.

The messages that I have received are specifically related to the quantum financial system and the transformation of the medical paradigm.

In other extremely important cosmic news we are in an extraordinarily powerful gateway now for the Twin Flame 144,000 twin flame collective, and we are currently bearing witness to a vast number of twin flame unions coming into recognition at this powerful time.

This is all connected to our sun and the intense solar activity that always happens around this time.

From now up until the 88 Lion's gate, our planet bears witness to an unprecedented amount of solar flare activity, which is specifically related to codes that are responsible for upgrading our DNA, assisting us to collectively move out of the two strand survival patterning to a 12 strand multidimensional master patterning.

The ground crew has achieved phenomenal success in terms of holding the light on their grid points. This has enabled the awakening of humanity to take place at an unprecedented rate.

Please note that all of you who are vibrationally drawn to these words have been playing a huge and fundamental role with regards to the

Full emancipation for the children of the earth, and please know that all of the forces in the higher spiritual realms are deeply impressed and grateful for the ground crew.

It gives me great pleasure to announce that I've been guided to change the flavor of the transmissions somewhat, and I will be hosting the next transmission as more of a mystery school offering whereby we will be going deep into decoding and bringing online our deepest understanding about the number seven and what the number seven represents on the spiritual level which is extremely pertinent for the ascending collective as we move rapidly towards the powerful seven seven energetic gateway.

In this mystery school transmission we will be decoding why we have seven days of the Week, seven notes in an Octove, and seven major planets and we will explore how the number seven is deeply connected to our spiritual identity.

There are other very, very important protocols which will be covered in the seven seven transmission, and more information will be released as I receive it.

As part of the 77 mystery school transmission we, the ground crew have been ordained with the huge responsibility to release all remnants of matrix control structures that have been keeping the twin flames in separation, we have been given the phenomenal responsibility to entirely sever all of these control timelines ensuring that the collective consciousness of twin flames are now free to come in to union 

Please know I've been guided to share the transmissions in a Facebook group like I used to in the early days when I started hosting the transmissions. And the reason for this is because after the transmission, so many of us experience such profound shifts, synchronicities confirmations and transformations from participating in this high level ground crew work.

I have received information that it is very, very important that we also have a place to converge after the transmission, to share our transformations and to support each other as we go through these monumental upgrades.

When you book the transmission, please make sure you read the PDF, which will give you instructions to join the Facebook group.

The transmission will still be taking place on Zoom, and therefore this does not affect you if you are not on Facebook.

I deeply look forward to gathering with the ground crew for the seven seven transmission. It's absolutely the highlight of my month being on Zoom with everyone.

We have so much to look forward to, brothers and sisters. One thing I will say, and please use your discernment whilst receiving this message. Part of the intel I received from the White Hat Alliance is to do with the value of gold and silver. I have received information that both gold and silver are about to return to their true value as they have been kept at an artificially low value. This is all to do with the Quantum Financial System Reset, which is the message I will be sharing in my signal group.

I hope that you all get to read this message. It's very, very important message for the Ascending Collective and is so deeply filled with profound levels of hope

in love and eternal. Light

Jen and the White Wolf Tribe,

77 transmission

the 77 transmission will take place at seven minutes past seven pm uk time on the 7th of July, 2024.

In this powerful and sacred ceremony that will take place on Zoom, we will go deep into penetrating the mysteries of the seven seven and what that means on a deep spiritual level.

As part of the 77 mystery school transmission we, the ground crew have been ordained with the huge responsibility to release all remnants of matrix control structures that have been keeping the twin flames in separation, we have been given the phenomenal responsibility to entirely sever all of these control timelines ensuring that the collective consciousness of twin flames are now free to come in to union 

It's very powerful for us to come together on our soul groups for these powerful portal dates and the seven seven is the big portal date before the eight eight Gateway, so I would expect to see a vast number of the ground crew to show up for planetary service for this particular portal.

Here is the link to book onto the 77 transmission if you are viewing this on a mobile device

here is the link to join my sinal group

Please know, brothers and sisters, I have also

Created my frequency coded oil. It has been a real process to get it to the stage of production as I had to wait a long time for all of the components of the ingredients to arrive.

The Mystics tell us that the medicine of the future is sound and frequency.

this powerful holy sacred oil that you hold in your hand is infused with deep prayers and intention. It is also infused with light rays of the plasma spectrum which are connected to instant rapid healing, please approach this oil as a sacrament to your holy body and apply this oil with great awareness tenderness and love towards yourself knowing that with each absorption of this light coded infused rose oil blend your DNA is upgrading and transmitting and more of your strands are stabilising as you fully awaken and ground in your multidimensional consciousness this can be used as an offering in ceremony and it can be used to annoy once third eye will be sure to stimulate the pineal gland on a homeopathic level which is precisely what the oil has been coded to deliver


They resonate at the same frequency as normal human cells, generating millions of vibrations per second, thus activating healthy and dormant cells, while eliminating diseased cells and free radicals.

Quantum Technology

Quantum technology offers advanced benefits to the human body, such as energy balance, improved blood circulation, stress reduction and pain relief in an effective and holistic manner.

Optical Quartz

The optical quartz amplifies the energy generated by the device, creating a more powerful result. Mimics 1/40th of the UV energy of sunlight. Strengthens the auric fields in the body.

I have also released Lingham Worship, which is now available to

Buy as a paperback ebook or as a audio.

Please see all the links below.

Lingam worship, a sacred sexuality guidebook for the new earth 

This book is a seed that many, many souls will receive. And each soul who reads this book will experience the flowering of their own recognition and remembrance of the divine masculine.


As a divine feminine the remembrance will come with a deep compulsion to honour and revere the divine masculines sacred phallus member, 

Everyone reading these words will collectively orchestrate a great turning of the wheel of human consciousness, moving us back towards the sacred and out of the secular. 

Quite simply we worship the lingham because the lingham is worthy of receiving devotion.

In this deep heart felt guide book Jen mccarty takes you into the heart of sacred, tantric wisdom and information that has been locked away in the tantric temples of India for millennia, and has been hidden away in stuffy academic books with no real connection with how to apply these powerful sacred sexuality teachings.

This book is an odyssey into and ancient remembrance of the role of the Holy Phallus member that has been granted to the divine masculine consciousness.

Lingam worship

New Moon Zoom Twin Flame Manifesting Group

Dearest, beautiful brothers and sisters, It gives me great pleasure to announce that my spiritual team has guided me to set up a monthly twin flame/ ascension manifestation new moon Zoom group.We will start on the next new moon, which is on Saturday the 6th of July 2024 at 7.07 pm UK timeIn this Zoom meeting we will work together to deeply claim our deepest manifestational powers.This will be a faith master class, and all who come forward will receive a powerful transformation and upgrade in their spiritual vibratory frequency.In this masterclass, we will cover all elements of desire - the holiness of our desires - our sacred destiny with our desires - what desires truly are from a spiritual perspective - and how we can magnetise our desires from the higher dimensional realms through the vibratory mirroring of that frequency.There is so much to discuss and I absolutely cannot wait to be with everyone.

Manhattan retreat with Jen McCarty

The earlybird cost is $555. Congratulations on booking onto the Manhattan retreat which will take place the 2nd to last weekend in September.

Now that you have booked, please watch out for an email which my team will send you giving you more information about the retreat

Sacred sweat with Jen McCarty and BA

Dearest beautiful brothers and sisters it gives me great pleasure to announce that I will be hosting and in person event with my soul sister BA at yoga in the lanes Brighton on the 5th of July 2024 

we will be gathering together for a sacred sweat and we will be sharing a powerful blue Lotus and sacrament as well as a blue Lotus anointmen will be sharing yoga and yoga. Nidra and I will be sharing teaching from my latest book. Lingham worship the spots are filling up very fast. This is a woman only event here is the link to book.


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