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Ascension report: White hats controlling narrative in order to awaken sleepers

Dearest beloveds,

Greetings of the most high. we come forward now in this moment of your time with a very important message for those of you who are vibrationally drawn to these sacred words.

It is important at this conjecture to remind everybody that what is being played out on the global stage must be perceived multidimensionally. Within human society which is now nearing 8 billion people, there are many differences in people's level of consciousness….There are many on this planet that could be termed spiritually asleep and thus vulnerable to the 3-D media’s narrative on what is going on globally on the planet right now.

The 3-D narrative is heavily pushing a mandated vaccine agenda and those of us whose consciousness is calibrated to the higher dimensional realms are able to clearly ascertain that this narrative is being pushed in order To shine a very important light on how willing so many people are to surrender their sovereignty to the false governmental powers. The same can be stated for the current stay at home quarantine orders. All of the evidence is pointing to the fact that the masks are causing more damage than good, that we have hit the peak of the virus and that the virus itself was non-airborne which completely nullifies the logic of ordering and continuing the quarantine.

I feel it is important at this point to share that it is my understanding that the quarantine was necessary for the first 40 days of the pandemic as the white hat military alliance were mobilised all around the world and were sent to take out all of the deep underground military bases (DUMBS) where the black Hats had built cities of darkness, and where all the stolen and trafficked children were horrifically kept.

The first 40 days of the quarantine, in my opinion, were essential to give the global military alliance the freedom to move effortlessly around the Globe without causing too much confusion and harm, and also it has been imperative for the military operation up to this point. However, going along with what the President of the United States has said we are now in a good place to end lockdown and open up the planet again.

All eyes are on America at the moment as what happens in America happens to the rest of the world, and what we are being shown currently is that the president is giving the governors the choice on the timescale of opening up the states, as a way to clearly show the American people who and who does not have the American people‘s best interest at heart, and indeed who are the ones who wish to keep humanity under unnecessary control.

Many lightworkers are becoming frustrated at the multidimensional chess game that is being played out, and it is natural for us to want and need very clear instructions and guidelines with regards to what is actually occurring on the global stage. What we can tell you is that what is occurring is a silent war between the deep state and the white hat military alliance. the deep state has had their tentacles tied into every single aspect of our society and they are now being systematically taken out by the white hats…..The deep state has held the vast majority of the planet's resources which has given them an unprecedented level of impunity in all areas of society however this is all changing now as the white hats are in full control, and are taking back the planet from the deep clutches of evil right now as we speak.

We are currently in the Beltane gateway leading up to the powerful 5:5 portal date. Traditionally the deep state has very much used the energies of Beltane for their most horrific and prolific sacrifices, therefore it is absolutely imperative that as many lightworkers as possible come forward to be part of one of the many global ceremonies that will be taking place on this highly auspicious day, in order to counteract the nefarious agenda of the black hats.

I myself Jen will be facilitating a powerful transmission on the 5th of May in order to support the Whitehat military alliance and their agenda to awaken the vast majority of the masses. In this transmission, we are being called to come together as the ground crew to lift the timeline of lockdown, which is intricately connected to the next wave of humanity awakening from their blue pill ignorance.

In this transmission, we will be very much working with the sacred energies of Avalon and Beltane. We will be working with the green man and the goddess who are the guardians of Glastonbury tor. They will be assisting us to send codes of pure light God-consciousness into the hearts of many of our sleeping brothers and sisters in order to assist them to awaken from the illusion of the third dimension.

There has never been a time in the history of this earth that it is so important for us all to gather in our global meditation/ Ascension groups -to unify our sacred intentions for the benefit of all

This is our greatest power. This is what the deep state is most afraid of - Humanity coming together and unifying our intentions via our powerful consciousness to affect change on an etheric and cellular level. Please see below for full details on how to book into the 5:5 transmission.

Dearest beloveds, red-pilled lightworkers, you have all done the most profound and Stella job in awakening many many members of your family, close circles, and online communities. You will never ever understand or comprehend the power of planting these seeds, as we know fruit does not appear immediately as soon as we plant the seed, it takes a little bit of time, and this is exactly what has been taking place for many of you who are reading these words- you are making a profoundly huge difference. so please carry on shining the light on the darkness with grace and light.

Please know it is always our deepest honour to come forward in this way and we deeply look forward to welcoming you into the core group for the 5:5 transmission in love in eternal light

Jenji and the white wolf tribe

5.5 transmission

The 5.5 planetary liberation transmission Will take place on the 5th Of May at 20:20 UK time.

In this transmission we are being called to work with Pleiadian and Arcturian elders who will deeply assist us to anchor the timeline of full planetary liberation from the Un-elites.

In this transmission we are being called to send a final push to the great forces of light to assist in the absolute liberation of planet Earth from the old nefarious powers that “were”.

We are being called to anchor the timeline of the “end of lockdown” and we are being called to deeply empower the timeline of disclosure- whereby all off planet technologies are right fully restored Back to every member of the human family .

These technologies will heal all ailments, all dis-ease, all imbalances, all pain and suffering, all traumatic memories, all PTSD, and all horrific memories of child abuse. These technologies will regrow amputated limbs, correct any ligament mis-alignments and completely restore all teeth back to perfection.

We will also receive the releasing of all free energy technology, antigravity technology as well as replicators and access to interdimensional portals.

These technologies have been available to humanity for many many years but unfortunately have been stolen and hidden from us by the old powers that “were” who quickly realised they could never make any profit from a humanity which is free of all Dis-ease.. Fortunately this timeline is now complete and the deep state has been completely looted, and all the wealth that was stolen from humanity has now returned.

There really is no word that can adequately describe how powerful and important the work that we do in these global ceremonies is on a galactic and universal level. We are the well established ground crew team working with the white hat Alliance on The Subtle energetic planes to clear all all distortion and false timeline agendas. there will be many auspicious personal blessings for all of the Soul family who hear the call to come forward to be part of this paradigm shifting ceremony, and please know that we very much look forward to welcoming you into the core group.

here is the link to book if you are viewing this on a mobile devise


Thanks to the many brothers and sisters who have requested I have now set up my own patreon page with very exciting offerings.

Here is the link if you feel guided to support me on the patreon platform.

Dearest brothers and sisters, I have received a very strong message from Great spirit to set up a Patreon page. As many of you are aware who have been following my work for some time - as a light warrior I have now officially gone into stealth mode and I’m spending all my time researching and delivering extremely important high-level Intel with regards to the current collapse of the old elite system that has ruled our world.

I have now stopped doing all one-to-one sessions which was the main source of my income as it has been presented very clearly to me that my time must be used 100% now to serve the collective as opposed to using up all my energy serving in my one-to-one sessions. This has had a huge effect on my income and is the reason why I am now creating this Patreon account.

Every day I receive hundreds of messages and emails from all over the world thanking me for my profound service to humanity and many people asking if I have a Patreon account as they are deeply called to support me and my work.

I will be offering a three-tier system:

The first tier is £33 a month which will give you access to once a month zoom meeting with me whereby I will be sharing on the most pertinent topics pertaining to our personal and collective evolution of that month...the topics will range from The fall of the Cabal, the white hats, the alliance ,the up-to-date planetary shift, Ascension, fifth dimensional consciousness, divine partnership, sacred union and deep explorations into the mysteries of the twin soul phenomenon. You will also receive some exclusive Memes!

The second tier which will be £22 will give you access to the Zoom group recording.

The third tier will be a donation of your own choosing simply because you wish to support me in doing this great work for mother father God.

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