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Twin flame, Ascension report: eclipse season, Beltane gateway, a shift in energy for all of us

Dearest, beautiful brothers and sisters,

Greetings of the most high.

We come forward now in this moment of your time with much news to share with you over evolving humanity.

We are now very much in the eclipse season, which is also accompanied by Mercury, which is about to go retrograde.

The patterns of the stars are showing us very clearly that we are on the threshold of an extraordinary individual and collective transformation.

The energies have been extremely challenging and intense for many of us on the ascending path, particularly since the March equinox.

The reason for this is connected to the upgrade of photonic light particles that are being infused into our Solar Logos from the central sun of our galactic system called Alcyone.

Alcyone is the parent of our Solar Logos and just as we grow and evolve, so does our sun grow and evolve.

Our sun has gone through an almighty growth period in the last period of earthly time, and has been receiving a bombardment of brand-new geometrical light code patterning from our central sun.

This has an automatic effect on humanity, particularly those who hold a high vibration, as the photonic light particle bombardment can be likened to birthing a new aspect of consciousness.

As we know in all birthing experiences, we experience a contraction and expansion that is the primary motion and how all birth actualizes in the lower dimensional realms.

Thus, we have been experiencing, since the equinox, a profound contraction of spiritual energies.

This has taken many of us back into our shadow to look at the final residues of unresolved shadow aspects.

One of the main issues that have been highlighted in this period of exponential spiritual growth is the divine feminine's relationship with her vulnerability.

As we all know, we have incarnated into a realm whereby the patriarchal forces have been fully at play and this has led to the suppression of the divine feminine internally and externally.

This has created core wounds for the divine feminine and has resulted in oftentimes her experiencing deep shame around expressing her vulnerability.

It is very important that we realize that the divine feminine is the leader in the lower dimensional realms on a spiritual level. Therefore if she shuts down and feels shame and is unable to express her vulnerability, this has a profound detrimental effect on the divine masculine who is looking to the divine feminine to find his way out of the maya, the illusion.

In the past few weeks, the divine feminine collective has experienced a profound growth. The contraction aspect of this growth timeline is taking the divine feminines into the core of their original trauma.

For many of us, this trauma is from past lives and is deeply related to the collective karmic trauma we are all here to transmit and atone.

It is very important now that the divine feminine digs deeply into her spiritual practices and focuses on ways to maintain a high vibration.

She must hold faith for the birthing of the new Earth and for her sacred and eternal divine union with her divine mate the divine masculine.

Faith is the key for this period, and all those who are able to hold and maintain faith whilst being challenged at this core level will be rewarded.

A great analogy to explain how faith works is that faith is like a boat that is sailing along the river towards our heart's desires. However, when we experience doubt, this is like a hole being punched into the boat, causing the boat to sink.

The energy of doubt can be likened to a cloud, and as soon as one cloud accumulates, this then attracts other clouds, and this is the same with doubt. One thought of doubt leads to another thought of doubt, leads to another thought of doubt, which then results in us experiencing overwhelm and the feeling of drowning and the feeling of not being able to actualize our heart's deepest desires.

I implore you to hold this in the centre of your consciousness at this challenging time and find whatever spiritual tool you have available, to bring you back to faith.

Scripting is very powerful. Visualization is very powerful, but what is the most powerful is programming yourself into a state of deep trust in the Universe, God, and trust that your deepest desires will actualize on the material plane.

We are on the verge of a mass number of twin flame divine sacred unions manifesting and actualizing on the material plane. We are going to see a huge amount of shifts in the divine masculine consciousness around the Beltane Gateway.

Beltane is a Celtic traditional festival/ time, which occurs from the 1st of May to the 1st new moon cycle of May.

In this time period, we are working with the energies of the Green Man and the Goddess as they both arise from their slumber - their deep, dark winter sleep and emerge back ready for divine sacred union.

Please know that I am being guided to host a powerful 5:5 Beltane transmission that is going to deeply honor the energies of the Green Man and the Goddess, who are also known as Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, who play out the archetypes of the Green Man and the Goddess.

We are going to be supporting the twin flame collective to actualize a vast number of twin flame unions through working deeply with sacred dolphin medicine.

In the transmission, I will be sharing some mystical information about our higher selves' relationship with the dolphins and how the dolphin realm is deeply connected to those of us on the ascension path.

In the transmission, we will be activating and opening a dolphin portal to the higher dimensional realms through the sacred union of the Green Man and the Goddess, AKA Yeshua and Magdalene.

This dimensional portal will open up holes in the firmament, also known as the higher dimensional seal, which will enable God's great love and light to pour in on a much deeper and much more intense level into the collective consciousness of humanity.

We must do this work to support the vibration on the Earth - this will enable the twin flames to come together with as much support as is physically and angelically possible.

Please see below for the full details on booking onto this transmission.

If you are a twin flame, it is very important that you show up for this ceremony.

All those who show up personally will receive a direct blessing in this 5:5 Beltane Gateway, giving them a great boost of spiritual light, enlightenment and bliss for their ongoing twin flame journey.

2023 is going to be the year we experience the most amount of twin flames unions.

We have all been experiencing many challenges recently, which have felt like a huge spiritual contraction.

But please know that the expansion that is going to be offered to us as we move through the Beltane Gateway is going to be absolutely unfathomable and unimaginable.

Many of us in this community specifically, will be receiving direct contact confessions and reunions with their true divine counterparts.

All of this suffering and all of these challenges will make complete sense and none of us will want to have changed one single moment of our journey, knowing that every single step of our journey has led us to this point of divine sacred union.

Please know it is my deepest honour and privilege to be a spiritual guide in this powerful, sacred community. And being with you all on Zoom for the transmissions is truly the highlight of my month.

It is so deep and so intimate, and so palpable and powerful when we gather.

I trust I will see all the ground crew there on their grid points as we come together to anchor this great, golden light into the Earth.

We are moving into the summer months in the Northern Hemisphere, and as the sun returns, so does the promise of the manifestation of our deepest heart's desires.

Hold the faith now, brothers and sisters. You have everything that you need to be able to navigate this wonderful and exalted spiritual path.

I look forward to hearing from you all.

Please do not hesitate to contact me to let me know how you are going on your beautiful sacred journey, and I'll see you on the 5:5 Beltane Gateway.

The 55 transmission

The 55 transmission will take place at 8:08 p.m. UK time on the 5th of May.

In this transmission, we will be working with the dolphin energies to open up a higher dimensional portal to burst through the firmament so that God's great enlightened light can pour into the collective consciousness of humanity, offering us deep and profound energetic support.

For those of us on the twin flame journey, the year 2023 promises to be the great year of a vast number of twin flame divine sacred unions coming into this physicalisation on the material realm.

If you wish to come and experience a personal and direct blessing with your own sacred union, please make sure that you show up on your grid point with your activated altar for the 5:5 Beltane transmission.

We will be working deeply with the archetype of the Green Man and the Goddess. And in the transmission, I will be sharing very mystical information about our relationship with the dolphin realm and how they are supporting us in the physicalization of our divine unions.

See you all on the 5:5.

Love, Jen.



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