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Twin flame, Ascension report: it is time now to step fully into the I am presence for the Lionsgate

Dearest beautiful brothers and sisters, greetings of the most high.

We come forward now in this moment of your time with much news to share with you, ever-evolving humanity. We have just come through the powerful Day out of Time gateway. This is an extremely potent and auspicious time within the galactic year, which the Mayans refer to as the Day out of Time. This is connected to the 13 moon calendar, which, when multiplied by 28, equals 364. The Day out of Time represents the 365th day and has been considered a highly potent and auspicious day to reset one's spiritual vibration back to the zero-point field. On this day, we enacted a protocol to entirely dismantle the nefarious agenda to confuse God's children with gender identification. This was extremely powerful work, and not a dry eye was left in the house.

We are now rapidly moving towards the powerful and potent 8:8 spiritual gateway. The 8:8 gateway is deeply connected to the star system of Lyra and the planet's alignment with the star system of Sirius. As we move into the 8:8 Lionsgate, the star system of Orion makes a perfect conjunction with the pyramids of Giza. This points to the fact that our ancient ancestors understood the potency of this time when the sun is in Leo in the Northern Hemisphere.

The sun in Leo offers all of us an opportunity to step deeply into the self, the Christed self, the true self, the Lyran self, the feline self, the eternal self - the self that exists beyond the egoic identity, beyond this temporary realm.

It is known in mystical circles that life is death and death is life, and it is our job, while we are in these bodies, to tap into the essence of our immortal souls that reside within our heart core consciousness.

As we move into this powerful energetic gateway, our sun is being bombarded by photonic light particles from our galactic central sun, Alcyone, and these light particles are spewed forth into the collective consciousness of humanity. The energy is sent forth, much like microwave waves, which serve to transform the hard kernel of our two-strand DNA into the fluffy potential of our 12-strand multidimensional DNA patterning.

This is precisely what the energies of Leo are assisting us, as a collective consciousness, to achieve at this powerful and potent time.

This is a deeply potent time for you to let go of the shackles of egoic identification and understand that your imagination is the true reality. In Biblical scriptures, when we hear references to the Father, the Father represents the perfect paradisical imaginal faculties that reside within us, and the Son represents the separate egoic identity. The Bible tells us that "I and my Father are one," which simply points us to the fact that we must understand the potent power we have all been granted via our imaginal faculties.

I am being strongly guided to host a powerful transmission for the 8:8 Lionsgate. At 8:08 PM UK time on the 8th of August, we are going to be activating an I Am Presence transmission, which will enable you to let go of all remnants of egoic identification and deeply understand who you truly are on an eternal spiritual level.

In the Bible, the name of God is referred to as I Am. In the transmission, we are going to decode, understand, and assimilate this knowledge at the deepest level of our being. All those who participate in the 8:8 Lionsgate transmission will have the opportunity to fully embody their I Am presence. Once we have embodied our I Am presence, manifestation becomes actualization, which indeed becomes instant.

This powerful and sacred work is known as DNA upgrade work

Everyone that participates will receive pertinent information that will potentially completely and radically change their lives, in terms of bringing forth information to deeply embody and anchor the understanding of the I Am Presence.

The I Am Presence is the absolute goal of the human soul consciousness to arrive at, and in this transmission, it isn't guaranteed that many members of our community will arrive fully, once and for all, at stabilised, enlightened consciousness.

Please see below for all details on how to book onto this powerful transmission. I currently am receiving many messages from many people in the community who participate in the transmissions, and many people are now receiving contact from their divine counterpart. This is definitely a powerful byproduct of doing this great work; as we let go of our own shackles of illusion, we also do this great work for our divine counterpart who unconsciously picks up on these codes and is thus inspired to contact us.

There are many, many people in our community that will be contacted by their divine counterpart in this 8:8 Lions gateway. I really deeply cannot wait to look together with you all for the 88 Lionsgate transmission. In love and eternal light,

Jenji and the White Wolf tribe.

8.8 lions gate online ceremony

Dearest beautiful brothers and sisters, I will be hosting a powerful online ceremony on the 8th of August 2023 at 8:08 pm UK time, during the Lionsgate.

Join us for a potent DNA upgrade, working with highly powerful and auspicious energies pouring into our local sun through our Galactic Sun Alcione.

This ceremony offers an extraordinary opportunity to bathe in transformative DNA upgrade codons.

We will work to establish the "I am" presence as the overriding vibration in our conscious and subconscious fields.

This deep spiritual work aims to bring fundamental breakthroughs, empowering participants to instantly manifest their heart's desires in this powerful 8:8 Lionsgate ceremony.

We will also decode and embody the energies of the lion of Judah, connected to our own DNA mastery, revealing information that will forever transform your consciousness.

The energetic exchange for this transformative work is offered on an energetic basis, with a pay it forward option to ensure no one is turned away from this opportunity.

I can't wait to be with all of you, the sacred ground crew, on the 88 lines Gateway at 8:08 pm UK time. 🙏

Here are the links to book

This is the pay it forward option

Self concept brand new meditation

On another note, I'm excited to share a very powerful meditation that will radically transform your self-concept. Your self-concept is the root of your ability to instantly manifest, and it's largely influenced by the programs imposed upon us by unconscious authority figures.

Through this meditation, you can create a brand-new self-concept based on the frequencies of your heart's desires. For the next 48 hours, the meditation is on sale, so take advantage of this opportunity.

Journey to union is on audio

I'd also like to share my brand-new book "Journey to Union," the sequel to my first twin flames book "Twin Flames and the Event," which is now available as an audiobook in my digital online shop. Your amazing testimonies and feedback are deeply appreciated. If you've read it, please head over to Amazon and leave a review; it's crucial in reaching people beyond our community.

Bali retreat 12.12.23

Exciting news! I'm posting my first-ever retreat in Bali for the 1212 portal. Join us to deeply connect with the island of the gods, harness the powerful Avalon Magdalene energies, and focus on cleansing our psychic energetic field. The retreat will be filled with music, Kirtan, dance, ceremonies, and gatherings with a beautiful tribe on the magical island of Bali. There are currently four spots available for our core group of 12 souls participating in this wonderful ceremony. Check the link to book your spot on the Bali retreat, and there's a payment plan available.

For all my offerings and books, follow the link in my bio. Looking forward to sharing these transformative journeys with each one of you. 🌈🌟



I currently have two offers available at the moment for 8 people in the community there are three versions of my yoni Nidra meditation availablethis is a powerful sexuality healing and atonement meditation that has the potential to deeply recalibrate your sexuality and increase pleasure on a deep exponential level


I'm also offering my nervous system container at a 90% discounted price currently I have a few of these left we are going to be focusing a lot on completely healing and stabilising our nervous system as we move into early 2023 it is very important as this is the route and the foundation of our being if you are one of these people please click the links below

4 week spiritual enlightenment course

I am also offering my spiritual enlightenment course at 80% discount the price for two people in the community everyone that has done this course has had a profound breakthrough with the spiritual vibration and has been able to stabilise in higher dimensional consciousness



🔶TWIN FLAMES AND THE EVENT AUDIO:💕twin flame work book\


❤️Divine actor I am universal link ❤️The untended alter


❤️MANIFESTATION MASTERY audio enlightenment course at 80% discount


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