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Twin flame, Ascension report: Powerful solar activity:Day out of time and Magdalene feast day

Dearest beautiful brothers and sisters, greetings of the most high. We come forward now in this moment of your time with much news to share with you, ever evolving humanity.

We have recently passed through the immensely powerful and potent 777 energetic gateway, bearing witness to an unprecedented number of divine feminines undergoing a profound transformational reset within their base chakra.

Many divine feminines have had to embrace their masculine polarity energy due to the presence of unawakened and unenlightened fathers, grandfathers, uncles, brothers, and others in their lives. As a result, the divine feminine has not been infused with the divine masculine polarity safety and protection codes, leading her to seek those qualities within her own consciousness.

This imbalance has affected her divine femininity.

During the 777 gateway portal, we activated a profound transformational reset for the base chakra of the divine feminines. This reset will have a monumental effect on all divine feminines within the collective consciousness. As the ground crew, we are the vanguards of the spiritual revolution, energetically and vibrationally leading humanity into the new earth.

The energies are now intensifying greatly as we approach the Magdalene Feast Day portal and the Day Out of Time portal.

I am excited to announce that on the Magdalene Feast Day, I will be releasing the first track of my album, "Love Songs to God," titled "Roses." I eagerly look forward to sharing this deep, exquisite, and shamanic track with you.

It has been produced by the phenomenally talented Charlie Roscoe, with contributions from Adrian Freedman, Ravi Freeman, and a virtuoso violinist.

The music is truly sublime, and I humbly request the support of everyone in my community as I venture out into the world to share this phenomenal sacred music with the divine collective.

on the Magdalene Feast Day, I will be hosting an event for my song launch, and I will also share the video for the track "Roses," created by the incredibly gifted Pandora.

In this energetic gateway, it is crucial that we understand the power of our divine consciousness in shaping our planetary story.

We must delve deeply into our understanding of biblical and sacred texts, which reveal that the divine father represents our perfect imaginal consciousness, where everything we desire to experience is available to us through our imaginal faculties.

We must transcend our addiction to the limited human mind, which solely focuses on describing what already exists and thus perpetuates more of the same.

Our purpose is to anchor and ground heavenly consciousness fully through the faculty of our imagination.

More and more brothers and sisters in our community are awakening to the true spiritual power bestowed upon them. However, in order to become master manifestors, we must clear the subconscious blocks that keep us emotionally trapped in dissatisfying patterns and timelines, perpetuating experiences we do not desire.

Participating in the transmissions is a powerful way to alchemise your consciousness and unite with your I Am presence.

The next transmission I will be hosting is on the 26th of July, the "Day Out of Time". In this transmission, we will activate a consciousness reset for the war on children currently unfolding in the lower dimensional realms of consciousness.

We will facilitate the complete dismantling of this horrific and insidious agenda, restoring our consciousness to the awareness that all children are finally safe in our beautiful world.

We activate these shifts by envisioning them in the desired format, understanding that consciousness is the foundation of all experience. To manifest something in physical reality, we must first activate and nurture the seed within our own imaginal state. We will activate the most extraordinary feeling of love and protection for all divine children on Earth. It is absolutely imperative that if you identify as one of the 144,000 ground crew, you show up on this powerful portal date.

Please see the details below for comprehensive information on how to book your place in this transformative transmission.

Attending the transmission can be likened to entering a spiritual gym, where you receive training to become a spiritual heavyweight.

you will find the full details on how to book the Day Out of Time transmission below.In love and eternal life, Jen and the white wolf tribe

Date out of time transmission

The day out of time transmission will take place at 8:08 pm UK time on the 26th of July 2023.

It is very important that we harnessed the sacred energies that are pouring forth from Galactic central on this highly auspicious day which our ancestors, the Mayans deeply revered.

This day is known as the day out of time and marks the date between the ending, and the beginning of the Mayan New Year.

This day was considered to be highly auspicious to come together in ceremony and anchor collective dream spells for the collective on this powerful portal date.

We are going to be applying our intention to absolutely end this war on children that is being played out through gender confusion.

This is a blatant attack on gods divine blueprint and it must end!!!

many young innocent children are getting dragged into this horrific agenda, and some are even mutilating their bodies and taking puberty blockers which are deeply affecting their health in the long term.

We must end this through the implementation of higher streams of consciousness, particularly to the parents and guardians of these children who are allowing this to happen.

We will be working together to dismantle this agenda at the highest level, particularly within the social service communities in England, America and Australia, whereby the social services are heavily pushing this agenda and threatening parants that do not adhere to this mental insanity.

It is absolutely essential that the ground crew show up on their grid points for this powerful ceremonial work.

It is also important to note that everyone that comes forward to participate in the ceremony will get the opportunity to experience a profound soul retrieval for their own inner child.

When we connect with and heal our own inner child, we open ourselves up to receive joy, happiness, bliss and ecstasy.

We all deserve this, and we are going to be harnessing the powerful energies of the day out of time to bring forth these frequencies, individually and collectively,

see you all their ground crew on your grid points.

Here is the link to book onto the Day out of time transmission/ceremony if you are viewing this on a mobile device

Hi everyone, if you click this link you will be able to pre-save my Rose's track. I am learning all this new technology as I venture in to the world as a sacred musician, but I am told that this is one of the best ways that I can build up my Spotify profile, so really hoping that as many of you as possible, can click this link and pre-save my track roses which will be released on the 22nd of July 2023, the Magdalene feast day

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