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Twin flame ascension report: rise of the divine masculine.. huge shifts occuring for all

Dearest brothers and sisters,

Greetings of the most high. We come forward now, in this moment of your time, with much news to share with you, ever-evolving humanity. As an empire is about to entirely collapse, this is when it implements the most outrageous rules and laws, and this is exactly what is occurring in real-time on planet earth at the moment.

As has been repeated, as Infinitum since the beginning of the scamdemic, absolutely nothing is as it seems, mockingbird media is in full throttle at the moment.

If the Mockingbird media says up, they really mean down. If Mockingbird media says someone is a baddie, they really are a goodie. If Mockingbird media shows someone getting punched on a national stage, know that is a 100% orchestration designed to cause a huge distraction and to attack the hieros gamos and the divine christ/sophia soul consciousness.

Pay no attention to any man-made distractions.

This is a way that the old controllers have sought to harvest loosh from humanity.

Turn off your TV stations, turn off your magazines, turn off your radios, pay no attention to the lies that are being perpetrated in the mainstream media.

There are so many shifts taking place within the 144,000 Starseed community at the moment, and so many of you who have been deeply committed to this path of spiritual mastery are having exceptional and profound breakthroughs within your own personal spiritual vibration at the moment.

There are many, many souls who are currently on the verge of profoundly stabilising in 5th-dimensional consciousness, due to the fact that they have done the spiritual work that is necessary and which enables them to stabilise.

Many souls have glimpses of aligning in 5th-dimensional consciousness, but as soon as something challenging happens, IE, someone says something negative to them or life presents a very challenging situation, this will then make that person come out of 5th-dimensional consciousness. This is the very definition of not being stabilised.

When someone is truly stabilized in 5th-dimensional consciousness, the perfect analogy to express this is a master surfer. Regardless of the size of the wave, the master surfer is able to stay on their board and surf the waves skillfully and successfully.

This is exactly what it means to be stabilised in 5th-dimensional consciousness. Whatever life throws at us we are able to ride the waves and always remain neutral and in observer mode, and this is what is occurring for many in the Starseed community currently.

Many souls in the community are also awakening to the fact that although their twin flame relationship may not be aligning at this time, the universe has other relationships lined up for many souls in this community.

It is very important that we understand the term “Preparatory twins”. When we signed up to return back to this earth plane, we all made a contract that we would come into eternal union with our highest spiritual partner in the universe, the one that God has chosen and God has ordained for us to be with been this lifetime.

However, until the timeline aligns, whereby we come into recognition and relationship with this person, it is always appropriate to enter into relationships with other soulmates as a form of preparation for the highest spiritual partner.

We must understand that we can remain open to preparatory twin flames, and we can enter into relationships with full transparency expressing that this is indeed a preparatory relationship that is preparing us for our eternal bond.

Those who are spiritually mature understand that we must always align with the mate that God has chosen for us, and that is very often not the mate that our ego has chosen for us. And so if the true mate that God has chosen for your partner steps into the scene whilst you are in union with a soul mate, , it is absolutely 100% appropriate for you to let go of your current partner so that they can unite and step into their perpetual bliss with the spiritual partner God has ordained for them to be in eternal sacred Union with.

The energies are now building up towards the 4.4 transmission.

In the 4-4 transmission, we will be activating a profound blessing for the divine masculine. The divine masculines are requiring extra spiritual support at this time that will enable them to upgrade their consciousness and escape the 4D Duality Matrix.

We will be sending a personal blessing to your father, your brother, your husband, your uncle, your cousins, and your partners. This will be such an auspicious ceremony for all those that participate.

In the ceremony, we will also be collapsing the timeline of the digital identity. This is an attack on humanity.

As the ground crew, we have a responsibility to collapse all nefarious timelines to protect our world for all the future generations to come.

There will be more revealed in due course with regards to the 4-4 transmission, and I give deep gratitude to all the souls that sign up for the work.

Please know that everyone that participates in the transmissions experiences an auspicious opportunity to radically enhance their spiritual evolution process.

The transmissions are indeed a fast track to spiritual mastery.

Everyone that participates in the transmissions experiences a profound alignment with their 5th-dimensional oversoul aspect. And participating regularly in the transmissions is a 100% surefire way to stabilise swiftly in 5th dimensional consciousness.

Each transmission is like going to the spiritual gym. You are building up your spiritual muscles in order to become a spiritual heavy-weight so that we can become the true leaders and wayshowers that we promised the collective that we would be.

Please see below for full details on how to book onto the 4.4 transmission.

In love and eternal light, Jenji and the White Wolf tribe.

4.4 divine masculine upgrade transmission

Dearest Brothers and Sisters the 4:4 transmission will take place on the 4th of April at 8:08 p.m. UK time.

In this transmission we will be extending a profoundly auspicious blessing to the Divine masculine collective

the Divine masculine has been struggling recently and it has been requested from the galactics that we send forth a powerful blessing of divine love and power to the Divine masculine collective on this portal date.

This is a wonderful opportunity for everyone in the community to activate an extraordinary blessing for their beloveds's.

We will also be activating an extremely powerful twin flame blessing in the 4.4 transmission as well as collapsing the nefarious agenda that wishes to implement the digital identity system

This is an attack on humanity and must be dispelled at the root level

Participating in the transmission is an extremely powerful way to stabilise in higher-dimensional consciousness. it is an opportunity to work closely and intimately with the ground crew and to fulfil your spiritual mission to be part of the anchors of the new earth…

please know that I will also be hosting an after party which will be an opportunity for us all to go deeper into the codes and to have intimate time with me after the transmission.

The transmission after parties are very powerful and deep and I highly recommend participating in them…..


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