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Dearest, beautiful brothers and sisters,

The Equinox portal has been a very, very powerful energetic experience for the ascending collective consciousness.

We in the Northern Hemisphere are now moving into the spring energies, bringing forth the promise of more solar activity in our skies.

There is so much to speak about in this report.

The first thing that needs to be addressed is the work that is taking place At this time between Avalon and Egypt.

it has been bought to my attention that the old nefarious controllers have placed a curse on the mother ley line that runs between avalon and Egypt.

This curse has been energetically hidden behind humanity's unconscious asleep density. However, due to humanities enmass awakening timeline, we are now going into the deep underbelly of the Nefarious curses that have kept humanity locked into a two strand DNA operating system.

The work from now up until the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere is deeply connected to the absolute, complete and full removal of this energetic block that has been placed upon this very, very important mother line connecting the sacred site of Egypt to the heart portal of Avalon.

This is deeply connected to the next wave of twin flame unions that are aligning now in this Equinox eclipse Gateway of 2024.

We are on the precipice of witnessing the most significant number of twin flames coming into harmonious union and recognition on the physical plane that any of us have ever witnessed.

There is a prolific number of the original soul group known as The Way-Showers the 144,000 who have been praying avidly and holding space for the manifestation of their true tonal counterpart.

We can assure you that this gateway promises to bring with it a wave of these most extraordinarily beautiful and important unions upon the earthly plain.

This particular wave will culminate in the summer solstice of 2024.

The eclipse energies are deeply connected to a very, very deep dive into the underbelly of the unconscious programming between the divine counterparts and this particular Eclipse is deeply connected to the final consolidation and clearing out of karmic residue from particularly the divine masculine collective soul consciousness.

This has manifested as the divine masculine's settling for relationships that are not a vibratory match to the true love relationship that is programmed and locked into the core of their souls.

The eclipse energies are going to be deeply supporting many of these karmic tragedy bonds to collapse now, enabling these divine masculine to align very, very swiftly with their highest vibrational counterparts, allowing all of the children of these sacred unions to be liberated from the traumatic experience of living with parents who quite frankly do not even like each other.

These children are going to have the opportunity to bask in the vibratory frequency of true love.

Their hearts are going to be swimming in the ecstatic bliss of true love and seeing their parent in a true love relationship.

It's my deepest honour to inform you that i will be hosting a beautiful transmission for the 4.4 gateway, which is deeply connected to the opening up and healing of this mother line between Egypt and Avalon.

We are the Wayshowers - the ground crew who have come forward to stand firmly on our grid points to open up this next cosmic gateway that is offering a foundational support to all of the twin flame unions that are imminently aligning and manifesting on the physical plane at this extremely important time in our personal and collective evolution.

Please see below for the full details on the transmission.

This is such an extraordinary time that we are living in.

It would really serve so many of your brothers and sisters. If you could share this message far and wide, you can share paragraphs or you can share it in its entirety, send it to your email list, send it to your loved ones.

We are experiencing a time where the victory of light is absolutely winning the spiritual battle on all planes of consciousness.

We are at the time where the scales are tipping from being calibrated to dualistic darkness, to a time where the scales are tipping into the rapturous paradise of our true nature.

May you all find a spiritual practice to keep you anchored fully in the present moment, remembering at all times that the destination that our spirit seeks is the present moment of now.

To be fully immersed in this glorious moment just as we were as children.

This is the ultimate and absolute destination for all our souls.

May reading these words trigger this deep commitment to let go of the belief that external things will satisfy your heart. When the truth is your mastery, enlightenment, and bliss lies deeply within your own higher heart center.

It's there for you to get drunk on and become dizzy in the memory of God's eternal love.


I woke up this morning to this amazing message by Tamara about the equibnox ceremony

Hello dearest Jen I have just been able to create the time and space to do the ceremony  my whole being instantly felt at home and I sobbed just listening to you and the incredible blessing of this ceremony I am so grateful to you

I received so much clarity Thankyou so very much deeply from my heart  

Wow just blown away Jen

4.4 transmission

The 44 transmission will take place at 8:08 pm UK time on the 4th of April 2024. 

In this transmission. We are going to be opening up a very very significant inflame Gateway this gateway will Herold The coming together of many divine unions between now and summer solstice. 

The ground crew are being called to work with the clearing of a curse that was placed on the lay line between Egypt and Avalon, and this work will be completed on the summer solstice 2024. 

it is absolutely imperative that the ground crew come forward and take their positions on their grid points in order to Assist energetically with the next wave of twin flame unions that are destined to take place in this powerful year of 2024.

This powerful and sacred work is offered on an energetic exchange basis. There is a bursary fund available and a pay forward scheme available. No one will ever be turned away from participating in the ceremony if they feel a call to and they do not have the means to make the energetic exchange.

If you are reading this on a mobile device, please click the link here to book onto the Ceremony 

Pay in full 

Pay it forward 

one-to-one sessions

I am currently being guided to offer three one-to-one sessions to people in my community. If you would like to book a one-to-one session with me, please click the link below.

Glastonbury Retreat. 

I am absolutely delighted to share with my community that I will be hosting a retreat in gla, the Sacred Isle of Avalon, Glastonbury on the 25th and 26th of May, 2024.

This is going to be a non-residential retreat, and we will be focusing deeply on the sacred sites of Avalon, visiting Glastonbury, Abby Glastonbury tor, wearall Hill, and the Magdalene Chapel. 

We are also going to be working with the teachings of my new book, Lingham Worship, which deals with upgrading our sexuality codes and healing, cleansing, and purging our sexual energetic field. 

In this retreat, we are going to be focusing on an extremely powerful. I am presence transmission which is deeply connected to activating the codes of your full self realisation. 

We are going to be working on a very very deep level with the vortex of Glastonbury specifically with the kundalini dragon lines that lie underneath Glastonbury tor.

We are being asked to connect with deep work that is taking place in Egypt in the month of April, and we will be creating a rainbow bridge from Egypt to Glastonbury enabling the kundalini dragons to fully come online. This is very very powerful gridwork that you are being invited to participate in.   

Due to the venue, there are a limited number of spaces available on this retreat. If you would like to come, please email me at and I will send you the link

All jens links 





The journey to union audio 

❤️Divine actor I am audio: 





the untended alter 


Law of attraction little instruction book

 Divine actor I am universal link


Little book of neville Goddard quotes


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