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Twin flame energy report...............Faith is the Key
Dearest beloveds,

Greetings of the most high in this auspicious moment of now where spirit has decreed we come forth to deliver a message for all those who have ears to hear and for those who have eyes to see.

Our presence is an expansion of the glorious calibrated frequencies of the higher dimensions, as such we stand in this moment of now available to serve you all. Our presence can be located in the residing silence and stillness of your eternal nature, beyond mind, beyond thoughts, beyond emotion, we exist, for ever, holding a sacred space for you to enter and receive this holy darshan, that it may sooth and iron out any creases in any of your energetic bodies. Receive this transmission with an open crown, allow these words to be as raindrops sent forth from your higher self, ever reminding you of the mighty and cherished being who you truly are.

Fine, fine work you are demonstrating now precious lightworkers, twin flames, Starseed ones. As you continue to focus on the residing peace within your own nature, please know that this frequency intelligently attunes all those within your vicinity to vibrate from that identical tone. We applaud you all now for holding the higher ground and turning off all 3D news channels and not reading any 3D newspapers.

We Honour you, as you remember to send love and light to all of your political leaders who are exercising their power around certain decisions at the moment. Send love to those whom you find it the most hard to do.

Shower Them with Gods light, that sanity and resolution may prevail within the geopolitical arena. The political forces in the western world can be likened to a starving entity which feeds off of humanities anger and fear. Gather together in peace and in higher vibrational ways, and be the change you wish to see in the world.

The forces of light are in place now to deliver some game changing moves on the political chess boards and please know that the force of light has already won.

Remember you are many and they are few, and in truth of course there is no they.

Use your time wisely to visualise the soldiers of the world putting down their weapons and refusing to fight these profiteering and genocidal wars.

Visualise the police forces becoming transparent where before they have been trained to be secretive.

See your school children being taught a new paradigm education focusing on self-love,self-worth, how to sustain healthy relationships, financial management, and of course very much following one's own personal individual dreams.

You are all so powerful when you come together and visualise and take action. There is no thing that is more powerful in this known universe.

For a lot of Twin flames December is very much the month of reunion. Since the eclipse in September this has activated for many, the final clearing and cleaning of the house to make way for a triumphant twin flame reunion. Planet Earth needs, and is calling Twin flames back together now in unprecedented ways. Much transformation and with that some chaos is abound, therefore it is imperative for Twin flames to come back together and unite during these times.

From our perspective we see much to be grateful for and much to celebrate…. keep your faith strong now, as this is the most essential key that you need to actualise this Union on all planes of consciousness. We have said this before and we will say it again, many of you are too far down the rabbit hole now, to possibly be able to turn back, therefore surrender and faith is the only option. your guides and your higher Godself have not forsaken you at this most important hour, on the contrary all are working diligently behind-the-scenes to bring this divine union into actuality in the most sublime and spectacularly unfathomable ways.Therefore faith truly is the key.

dearest Ones we have been experiencing the most profound transformation in the timelines of the people who are coming forward to receive a one on one session with our beloveds channel if you are feeling like you need some extra guidance and a miracle in your timeline please contact us…... it is our honour to serve you all in this potent way…….. please see some feedback from some recent clients,


Jen, thank you from the bottom of my heart for our meeting yesterday. The work you did on my deeply rooted issues were nothing short of breathtaking. As I was sitting in relaxation (and doubting a little I could let myself go deep enough), I suddenly felt in my physical body popping and pulling sensations, in my throat, my solar plexus, and sacral chakras. The feeling of being lovingly worked on was obvious, and glorious, as the clearing and template was brought in. I am at this moment, in peace and know I need to go within for a time to enjoy the great gift you bestowed on me. I'm in awe and in such gratitude for your beautiful light and support. Then last night I had an interesting dream and when I researched the meaning, I received this message: "Getting rid of the old. New Beginnings. This indicates that you are releasing your pent-up tension and worry. It signals an end to the difficult times and the beginning of relaxation. Some creative energy is being released or recognized." WOW- perfect validation! I am sure more messages and sensations are to be revealed in the coming days- I am excited to continue down this new road. Thank you again! All my love and gratitude, Christine

Email21. Oct, 2015

Ella del Rosario

Here's is my testimonial, sissie: "I just had my second session with Jen today and may I say that I thoroughly was in anticipation and awe during the session. Jen is not only an empathic listener with amazingly deep gifts of insight and offers her clients clear spiritual guidance from her guides, angels and ascended masters. She guided me through several in-depth healing meditations with her warm, honest, nurturing spirit; she infuses wonderfully positive energy into your soul with calm reassurance and shares her amazing mixture of divinely-unique shamanic tools of matrix and EFT. She also empowered me with new, fresh, clear, bright frequencies and higher energy vibrations. I always leave Jen's vibrant sessions feeling much more calm, clear and balanced about the journey of my soul's awakening. Jen is the real deal! Authentic, transparent a true gem of a loving, giving, nurturing angelic Lightworker whose only goal is to help, lead, guide, inspire and love. I look forward to regular sessions with dear, exuberant, caring Jen!

Twin flame energy report.......All is well..............

Dearest beloveds.

We come forward now in this moment of your time to speak to you about a subject that has been of paramount importance to many people on the twin flame ascension path and that is many of you have been working fervently with the law of attraction to manifest the physical reality of your divine union with your twin flame however divine timing has still decreed the full actualisation of that on all levels.

Beloveds you must understand that when you have fully awakened and committed to the twin flame path, it will very shortly seem apparent that your interest in other connections begins to dramatically Wane, this is all very much in alignment with the twin flame divine union trajectory, as in order for this union to manifest, there has to be periods whereby both Twin flames experience celibacy around any other connections.

Therefore the timeline of abstinence from sexual encounters with anyone other than your twin, has been deemed necessary by your higher selves, in order to reset and recalibrate your whole nervous and energetic system, which has taken on, in vast measures many many false ancestral distorted templates.

Therefore to ensure that these templates are not brought forward into the twin flame union these periods of abstinence from any sexual connections are deemed extremely necessary from the point of view of one's higher self.

If twin flames come together having not cleared their core ancestral wounding they will both Mirror this for each other exponentially, and the energy that will be sent out into the universe into the eathers will hold a discordant tone, which will affect all matter around it. Therefore these periods of absence from sexual activity are necessary to clean out and purify your physical and emotional and sexual and nervous system, in order to be an empty vessel, that when you meet and unite with your twin flame, they will reflect back to you the clarity of your own divine template that you have stabilised in.

Please remember that those on the first wave of Ascension are very much doing the great bulk of the work for the whole of the collective consciousness, You have chosen, and taken on the responsibility of clearing much of humanities false Programming.

Please remember that you are all supported in unfathomable ways with this mission as you remember to fervently call upon the Violet Flame and your I am presence to assist you in the full and complete transmutation of all the false negative beliefs that you have inherited and chosen to transmute in this lifetime.

Please understand that all the work that you do with the law of attraction is working in an extremely holistic way and is bringing forward your twin flame in an extremely thorough way.

No stone is being left unturned, as all you light workers, whom we speak to tonight, on this auspicious new cycle of the moon,keep your faith strong now and your presence firmly anchored in the present moment.

All is well…

You are loved, and supported and guided every step of the way……. you will be currently noticing the speeding up of synchronicity in your 3D matrix reality, and this is a reflection of the high frequencies that gaia has now stabilised in…

Dearest Ones, remember to focus on your highest dreams and your highest intentions at these times and remember when you have sent out this request, and released it to the universe all that is left for you to do is have full trust/faith and full belief ,that that which you know has manifest on the higher planes of consciousness, is on its way now, being delivered to you, much like when you place an order online to buy something. The order has been placed, now all you must do is trust that your package is being prepared and will be delivered to you in perfect timing…

Dearest light bearers star seeded ones, your mission on earth is of the paramount importance, your full awakening and stabilizing in higher 5d consciousness is the exact vibratory frequency that will magnetize your beloved twin flame back unto your eternal keeping, for that which has always been, shall always be, and this has been decreed by the holiest of holies, the lord and lady of the most high…..

Awakening from the 3d nightmare is always a choice…. focusing on gratitude and the blessings that pervade your life is an extremely fast track method to align with this wave band…., When you remember that happiness is never dependent on external factors, but is entirely dependant on choosing it regardless of your circumstances you will have activated the dormant ascension codes that have been lying in slumber in your thymus gland also known as your higher heart consciousness,

It is all so much easier, and so much simpler than the mind can accept….. therefore to enter the kingdom, one truly must become as a child again in many respects, however this time the almighty consciousness of the divine child is also married and merged with the higher self parental aspect, and thus the whole and complete self realised being is reborn, again…..

We hope this words have bought great comfort and solace to those of you who are reading this, from our perspective we see your victory as guaranteed…….

Rest in the silence of your eternal presence, the soothing chamber of your unified twin flame heart…

Remember who you were, before you donned this temporary earth suit…

Remember the vastness and emptiness of your authentic nature..

Take nothing personally at theses times…..

Twin flame energy report.... The solstice Gateway..............

Dearest beloveds,

We come forward now at this moment of your time with great tidings to share……. what a wondrous energetic cloak that now surrounds Gaia, and if you listen closely on this new Dawn, this new cycle, the bird song is sweeter than ever before and the colours of nature have taken on an even greater effervescent hue….

All of this is due to the vast dispensation of Solar christed Light that is pervading Gaia as she aligns ever more succinctly with the heart of galactic central…….Summer solstice of 2015 saw the complete stabilising of the Lunah Christed diamond frequencies into the core of Gaia's energetic body, and this winter solstice energy sees the influx of the solar Christed diamond frequencies………. These are activating the divine union codes stored in the Emerald tablets and the deepest vortises of the great chambers in the pyramids of Giza…... this dispensation has been ordained for eons and set to occur during this monumental time in the earth's evolutionary trajectory. This sacred inpouring of the perfect equilibrium of solar and lunar Christed energies is bringing profound transformation to all inhabitants upon Gaia’s greenest veils…

There is much joy and celebration abound in the higher realms of consciousness in this moment of now as we are bearing witness to the full victory of Mother /Father God's plan with regards to the restoration of the Yeshua and Magdalene divine union template back unto humanities awakened heart…

These are wondrous moments to behold, as we see before you in the year of 2016 truly a year of reaping the fruits of the arduous spiritual practices that have got you to where you are now at this point... 2015 was very much a year of deep and profound purging on a personal and planetary level, however the energies of 2016 are set to be more light filled, with a noticing of time speeding up, and manifestations coming into being in the click of a finger and the repetition of those holy words abracadabra which in Arabic translates to “i create as I speak “

We hope that this message is succinct to you, and that it helps you put into perspective the journey of the last few months and confirms your inner knowing which has a definite sense that 2016 is going to be different. We will witness an unprecedented number of first wave illumined twin flames reuniting and marrying on the physical earthly level in the year of 2016, and we will witness profound transformation in the illumined twin flame timeline trajectory as a whole, due to the huge paradigms shifts that have been activated in the timeline of Atlantis, where the twin flame experienced their first ever separation from each other.

This Soul tear that was activated at this time has been moderated and psychically repaired, and now thoroughly restored due to the Stellar work of a great number of illumined twin flames who have been called to bring healing and restoration to this timeline... all of this work has prepared the higher dimensional fields to bring through twin flame unions with even greater exquisite magic, intimacy, and fortuitous phenomena.

We are overjoyed with the evolutionary progress of the first wave illumined twin flames and please know this has delivered far more than was ever hoped for or expected in terms of being perfectly on target and in alignment with the Ascension timeline of you and your beloved twin flame.

Indeed this is the work all souls sign up for…. the actualisation and activation of the inner alchemical marriage of the solar and lunar Christos within. We applaud you and bow to you most luminescent ones, you're light is so bright, many in darkness are finding you now, and are being silently and alchemically transformed by your presence.

We know how deeply resonant for many of you, these words are, that we speak, and that is because you are truly seen and you are truly heard. The veil between the more subtle dimensions is thinner than it has ever been in living blisstory, and we, your guides are a heart call away, and will rush by your side whenever you call us.

Allows these words to remind you of who you were before you wore your face, before you had these physical hands….. the eternal being that resides in your consciousness……………….. it is he/she whom we speak to tonight…..

In loving service

Twin flame energy report:huge shifts occurring union incoming....

Dearest beloveds,

Greetings of the most high in this moment of now. We come forth to bring a great message for those of you who have been blessed with the sacred eyes to see and the sacred ears to hear.

To you whom we speak to tonight, please know that soon you will be noticing very powerful shifts occurring in your life….. these transformations are set to permeate every aspect of your reality…...if you look closely you will notice the hues in the sunset will be unlike any colours that have ever graced this earth before…………… This is all due to the alignment and activation of the solar and lunar Christos codes, within the living heart of humanity. In this sacred alignment which has been predestined to occur during these times for millennia, the great prophecy that has been spoken about in all of your ancient texts is very very quickly becoming a reality, and this is, the full anchoring of paradise consciousness upon the earthly plane.

Each and every one of you lightworkers, Twin flames, Starseeds, and empaths, have co created a vibrational holograph within your own energy fields which is identically matching up with Gaia's Ascension holographic template. And it is this which is bringing forth this profound miraculous phenomena that you are all on the cusp of experiencing in vastly unprecedented ways.

We come forward now to congratulate you most beloved children of the light, many of you are fulfilling the divine promises you made, when you stood before mother father God prior to incarnation, that you would be a forerunner and trailblazer in the actualisation of Christ consciousness upon the earthly plane.

We wish for one moment you could see what we see in your timelines and energy fields at this moment of now. All of the hard work, spiritual practices, and commitment to realising that the core foundation of love is freedom, have cleared you of the deepest and darkest false ancestral programming that you came forth to transmute. Before us, we see a band of lightworkers who have emptied themselves out sufficiently, and who have released all resistance to their beloved twin flame and who stand, truly ready, to receive this divine love as an actuality in their third dimensional reality.

We have bought forward the necessity of trust in every article that we have shared and yet again we reiterate the essentialness of this divine truth. As wayshowers you have been encoded to have fully activated and awakened pineal centres, this translates to you being impeccably masterful around your conviction about what is so on the higher dimensional planes of reality.

This conviction and knowing of that which is but which cannot as yet to be seen by the physical eyes is the mark of true living mastery as it activates the dormant Christ codes within you which see true healing and well-being in all despite physical appearances, and it enables God's plan to effortlessly come into fruition with regards to union with your beloved twin flame. It is most imperative for you all to remember that the imagination is directly and intrinsically linked with the mind of God, and ye all who stand before us in this moment of NOW are facets of this consciousness, which in fact make you the living breathing and awakened God consciousness on the earthly plane.

We hope these words bring deep comfort and solace to your weary hearts, who have been in the deepest and densest part of the forest with your tools and swords trailblazing new paths, that others may traverse more effortlessly and easily in days to come.

Dearest ones, We wish so deeply to imbue you with the deepest knowing of how treasured you are to us, how precious you are, and how intrinsically supported you are in the most mystical and unfathomable ways.

Dearest hearts allow yourselves this moment simply to be..... to receive these words, that they may stir your heart centres ever reminding you, of the glorious divinity that lies at the core, at the very centre of your being.

We love you and you are so blessed.

Your twin flame story is real, it is true, and if you allow it, it will manifest with perfect ease and grace into the earthly plane, however if you fall into the ego trap of believing that you need this Union to be whole, to be complete, or to be happy you will wholeheartedly prolong the timeline between you and your twin flames Union.

The key to successful union with your twin flame is knowing that in true love there are no hooks, no needs, no attachments and no addictions, all there is is an exquisite spaciousness that allows exactly what is to be……. The initiate is fully awakened to the eternal truth that within her own consciousness in this moment of now lies her connection to source, to her beloved, to everyone and to everything.

Beloveds you are so loved.

Receive these words with an open crown, allowing your higher self to pour forth her golden nectar filling you up, reminding you…………….

That you are safe…………….

You are safer than you would ever dare let yourself believe.

There is nought to fear c’ept fear itself.

rest in the silence of the chamber of your holy presence.

The journey is never from A to B or C or Z………………..

The journey is only ever From A To A…………...

From here to now………………….

welcome home dearest ones

All of your power lies here

In loving service

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