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Twin Flame ascension report 144k: Human potential when spiritual powers are activated

Dearest, beautiful brothers and sisters, greetings of the most high. 

We come forward in this moment of your time with much news to share with you ever-evolving humanity. 

We have just come through the exceptionally powerful and paradigm-shifting to 2.2 numerological portal gateway, and there is much talk in the spiritual ascension community that this time period is marking the end of Kali Yuga.

The swastika originally a powerful hindu symbol was taken over by nefarious German agents and was deeply downgradedgraded and abused. However, the swastika symbol is actually a symbol of the various different yugas or ages in Hinduism. 

It is known that as we move out of the age of kali Yuga, we come into the Satya Yuga, which is known as the golden Age. 

This aligns with all the Mayan prophecies, particularly the fact that the Mayan calendar was prophesized to end around this particular time in humanities evolution. 

The work that we did in the 2.2 transmission through the sacred portal of Arunachala was the most powerful transmission I have ever been privileged to share, and many, many people have been experiencing profound transformations in their spiritual vibrations since completing this great, great work. 

As I mentioned in the 2.2 transmission, as we move along the ascension timeline, each portal and pagan festival date becomes exponentially more powerful, and it is more and more necessary for the ground crew frontline spiritual warriors to converge on these powerful portal dates. 

In many ways, numbers, et cetera can be perceived as arbitrary. However, in our pre-birth state, we collectively made an agreement that certain number patterns and configurations would trigger the unfurling of our DNA pattern out of its two-strand chaotic formation back to its 12-strand multi-dimensional diamond structure. 

Indeed, this is the entire work of the ascension process to activate the 12-strand diamond patterning held within the DNA. 

Recently, I have been studying the teachings of great Sidhars in India. I have been working particularly with an avatar called Sadguru ShriBrahma. When you learn about Shri Brahma's life, you understand that he is a Sidhar, and a Sidhar is one who has attained the State of samadhi. 

In a state of Samadhi gurus and teachers are able to shut down their entire bodily functions through a system of yoga called Vasi yoga. They essentially become living corpses, and it could be likened to being a fish underwater in many ways. 

When these Sidhars go into samadhic states, this can be likened to igniting a very, very powerful spiritual fire, which then sets the tone in the place where the samadhi took place, enabling all initiates who come to that place -to receive the darshan or physical blessing of the Sidhars samhadic state. 

When you go deep into tantric and Raja yoga, you understand the capabilities available to humanity, when we open and expand our DNA patterning.

Much of Sidhars attainment comes through the portal of no mind and yogic practices of emptiness and meditation on no mind. 

These teachings have very, very deeply inspired me, and it is my prayer that those of you reading these words will also find great inspiration from these great sages and saints. 

When you read about the life of Shri Brahma, you understand that he was able to heal instantly. He was able to revive souls from the dead. He was able to perform miracles with food and water, and he was able to disappear and bilocate in different places. 

This just shows us what humanity is capable of on a spiritual level. 

As I have been expressing in my previous writings, my guides have informed me that the year 2024 is going to be the year of prolific twin soul reunification. 

There are many twin souls in our community who are experiencing profound upgrades and transformation with their divine masculine counterpart. 

Many of the divine masculine's were locked into trauma patterns that were born of avoidance and guilt, and for many of these masculines 

who did not get the message from their higher self to activate the healing protocols necessary to dissolve these trauma knots, this has resulted in the going to the next level with regards to the symptoms that are born of these vibrational patterns. 

For many, this includes problems with one's children or offspring who have naturally been born and have come forth to play out the patternings of these dis-ease knots and glitches inorder to assist the family lineage to clear these toxic patterns at a core root level. 

If these words resonate with you, I would suggest offering deep and profound spiritual support to the souls of these children who have taken on their parents' karmic burdens. 

I would speak to their soul consciousness from a sophisticated spiritual perspective and offer them infinite love and support from the higher spiritual realms. I would also invoke the presence of Mother Mary and Archangel Michael to support these children and enable them to clear the karma that is locked in their lineage. 

We are now fastly approaching the beautiful Valentine's Day portal. This is a very exquisite day whereby many people, particularly in the western world, come together in convergence of divine holy love. 

The amount of people that feel the love vibration and express generosity towards their beloved on this day is enough to activate an energetic shift in the collective consciousness of humanity, and this is why I have been guided to host a "Divine love" transmission on the 14th of February, 2024. 

In this transmission, we are being guided to work with the fifth dimensional over soul of the twin flames and activate a spiritual marriage and merge on the etheric level with regards to the fifth dimensional meet and merge of you and your twin flame. 

The spiritual realm is the realm of truth. The third dimension is referred to in Hinduism as the Maya, the illusion, so the fifth-dimensional union of the twin flame is deeply and profoundly anchored in eternal spiritual truth. 

As we connect with our twin flame from the fifth dimension, this is the blueprint for our third-dimensional reality and when working with all higher dimensional protocols, the frequency that is activated and released through this meeting is high enough to dispel all of the lower consciousness knots that have been born of the maya, the illusion, which we in the third dimension have signed up to interface with in our incarnational experience. 

Please see below for the full details on how to join the 2.2 ceremony. 

I'm so grateful for all the beautiful messages I receive from so many beloveds in our community, sharing with me how my books have helped so many of you heal from sexual abuse and come into physical union with your beloved. 

The books have exponentially raised so many of your spiritual vibrations and achieved so much more. 

It is my deepest bliss and dharma to bring forth these powerful teachings. I'm currently working on my 11th book at the moment, which is entitled "Uncovering the Ancient Tantric Practice of Lingham Worship".

This is the most powerful project I have ever been involved with, and I am going to be sharing information that is literally going to be deeply paradigm shifting for the collective. 

The codes in the book are deeply connected to the new earth sexuality codes, and it is my deepest prayer that as many brothers and sisters in our community read this book as possible. 

I cannot wait to be with the ground crew for the Valentine's Day transmission

In love and eternal like Jen and the White Wolf tribe. 

The Valentine's Day divine love ceremony

The Valentine's Day transmission will take place at 7.17pm - a twin flame master number on the 14th of February, 2024. In this transmission, we are going to be meeting and merging with our twin flame from the fifth dimensional frequency bandwidth. 

This is an extremely powerful and potent protocol, which I have never, ever shared in a group ceremonial setting. 

However, because of the energies of 2024 and the fact that so many twins are destined to come into recognition and reunion in this year, my spiritual team have advised me that now is the time to share publicly this extremely powerful protocol.

The benefits of participating in this ceremony are: 

  • Transformation of your spiritual vibration, 

  • Upgrade of your spiritual vibration, 

  • Increased telepathy with your twin flame,

  •  Increased healing current between you and your twin flame,

  •  And this will also deeply affect the dream time energies between you and your twin flame. 

  • There will be a group of people in our community who will actually experience contact and divine recognition of who they truly are by their twin flame. through participating in this very, very powerful spiritual protocol, 

I've been guided to offer a concession price for this transmission. However, if you are able to pay the full price, please do not take advantage of this discounted option that I'm being guided to make available for beloveds with a low income in my community. 

See you all on the 14th. Beloveds. Love Jen.

Here is the link to book onto the transmission if you are reading this on a mobile device

Pay it forward 

Pay in full

Low income 

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