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Twin flame, Ascension report: Things are hotting up for the 144K blue ray Twin Flame collective

Dearest, beautiful brothers and sisters

blessings from Shiva's Sacred Holy Mountain of Arunachala.

We come forth now in this moment of your time to bring forth a profoundly important message for the ascending 144,000 twin Flame Collective.

There have been so many profound monumental shifts taking place within the collective consciousness of the first wave Blu-ray ascension pioneers. This has all been activated through the great work that took place in Bali and the great healing that took place in the clitoris point on the earth that is known as Hawaii. 

There was a huge Atlantean timeline, which was under attack by the Draconian overlords, which was cleared in the 12.12 /winter Solstice gateway, and this has led to a freeing up of the dragon lines on these two powerful portal points. 

How this has actualized and manifested for the first wave twin flames is a removal of a layer of karmic density that has been keeping a significant number of these aforementioned twin flames in physical separation.

As we move forward into the secular year of 2024, there will be an extremely heightened acceleration of the Twin Flame Collective timeline. Translated this means that many, many twin flames are in the process of coming into physical contact and union with each other as we speak. 

2023 offered a profound breakthrough for a particular wave of twin flames, and this can be viewed as a domino effect adding an energetic momentum into the collective grid, which is now affecting the full 144,000 Blu-ray twin flame soul collective.

If you have been vibrationally drawn to these words and are in physical separation with your twin flame, please know that your higher self and your twin flames higher self is orchestrating the most phenomenal timeline reunion that is absolutely unfathomable to your conscious mind.

All of the ecstatic forces in creation are working with you and the higher self of your twin flame to rapidly bring you together in this powerful dragon year of 2024, 

The energies are massively building up towards the 2.2 master portal.

As we know imbolc is associated with the Goddess Bridget, who is the guardian goddess of the sacred British Isles. Bridget is deeply connected to the energies of Mary Magdalene and is indeed where the word Britain derives from. 

This is a very, very powerful energetic gateway that we are aligning with, and it's important that everyone understand the potency of working with these numerological portal dates. 

Our beloved channel will be hosting an online ceremony/ a world transmission on this powerful portal date from the sacred point of Arunachala Southern India, which is known as Lord Shiva's Holy Mountain. 

We will actually be working with the Devis who reside in Shiva's holy Mountain, and it has been decreed that the Rishi's will be dispensing an extraordinary auspicious blessing for all those who come forward for the 2.2 energetic gateway.

Legend, has it that even glimpsing the mountain in your lifetime, bestows, infinite blessings upon your karmic destiny, and indeed, the blessing is so auspicious that it is enough to clear seven generations behind and seven generations in front, so, to actually be invited to participate in a Darshan, from the mountain is utterly and profoundly unfathomable to the conscious mind with regards to the blessings that are available.

This darshan is connected to the actualisation of a physical union between you and your twin flame. 

The intricacies and workings of this holy ceremony will remain hidden until the day that the ceremony is released. 

There will be a limited number of places available for this powerful work. 

Please see below if you feel energetically aligned to receive the darshan and transmission from Shiva's Holy Mountain Arunachala.

If you are reading these words and you are in physical separation with your twin flame Please know that your twin flame is thinking about you. Your twin flame is having many, many dreams about you at the moment, and there is a great deal of work happening in the dream time. 

Many of the divine masculine's are still suffering from shame and guilt from the occurrences that happened at the time of Atlantis when the divine masculine separated from the divine feminine twin flame in order to serve the dark overlords war agenda. 

This has created filters within the consciousness of many of the divine masculine's and has activated the fear of God in them when it comes to putting themselves on the line to be vulnerable towards their twin inflame. 

Please note that this timeline is being specifically addressed by the oversoul of the 144,000 at this time, and this is actualizing and manifesting particularly in the dream time. 

Your divine masculine is having many, many dreams about you at the moment. He's waking up in the middle of the night remembering explicitly these dreams and in the morning his consciousness is being flooded with remembrance of these dreams. You must trust in divine timing. You must trust that all of the gods and the goddesses in creation are supporting you to come into physical union with your twin flame. 

This is a sacred reminder to you that you house the I am presence within you.

The I am presence is the father consciousness that is spoken of in the Bible.

Within your sacred imagination, you hold the unadulterated codes of paradise and everything that you know, believe and intend deeply actualises on the physical plane in accordance with your faith. If you are reading these words, this is an invitation for you to turn up your faith now to10 out of 10.

The more faith that you have, the quicker your twin flame union will manifest on the physical plane. 

It's time now for you to celebrate. It is time now for you to act as if it's already here. It is time now for you to prepare in earnest for your divine union because if you are reading these words please know you are soul contracted to come into physical union with your twin flame in this lifetime. 

For those of you who are already in union with your twin flame, please know that you are holding space for the remainder of the 144K collective to actualise their unions on the physical plane. 

We understand that you are well aware of the responsibility that you hold, and please keep loving each other to the deepest depths of magnificence that is possibly available to you. 

We look forward to coming through with more messages for the ascending 144k collective.

In love and eternal light Jenji and the white Wolf tribe. 

 2.2 transmission

The 2.2 transmission will take place at 4:44 PM UK time on the 2nd of February, 2024. In this transmission, we will be working with the Rishi’s who reside in the Holy Shiva mountain of Arunacharla. 

We will be going into the deepest depths of the mountain and we will be activating a profound Darshan, a dispensation of holy spiritual light, which will empower you at the deepest level of your being.and accelerate the time line of physical union with you and your twin flame.

This is an extraordinarily auspicious invitation to receive, and if you know that you were meant to be part of this ceremony, please ensure that you act swiftly as there are a limited number of places in the zoom room… if there are any issues if we encounter any technical issues with the ceremony, please know that I Jen will record the ceremony live at the time and upload it as an unlisted video in YouTube. This is very unlikely to happen, but I have to have a system set up just in case…. As soon as you energetically, connect and commit to being part of the ceremony, you will connect with the energies of shivas holy Mountain and your Higher Self will start Preparing you to meet the Rishi's and receive the Darshan.

Om Namah Shivaya

Here is the link to book onto the transmission if you are reading this on a mobile device

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