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Twin flame energy report... 7/7/7 portal...all systems upgrade....unification time for twin flames

Dearest beloveds

Greetings of the most high in this most dearest and most auspicious moment of post new moon and now the 7/7/7 portal….Spirit has decreed that we come through now in this way to offer you some insights. some Wisdom and some clarity on this ever perpetuating cycle of shedding and expanding…...

Earth and all her children are now very much in The Thick of an extremely powerful oversoul dispensation which has been instructed to infuse gaia with an unprecedented level of gamma rays and Photon light…. These upgrades are affecting all of us and are building in intensity up to and beyond the lion's gate portal of 8/8/8……..many are reporting the need to sleep deeply and for longer periods during these times and this is due to the intensity of the current gamma ray infusion and the somewhat dense physical system’s Ability to integrate these light particles.

The recent crop circles have been informing us of the huge galactic work and transformation that is subsuming Gaia currently and many of the recent circles are very much connected to the Unicorn gateway… the unicorn gateway is an extremely potent timeline that serves to transform and liberate the unicorn from her man made chains that have been inflicted on her since the time of the birth of the church… she is now being set free to roam this corner of the universe in safety and with a high level of protection… These days herstory is being made, and these days will be remembered in the same way as the harmonic convergence in the late 1980’s…… Mother father God has decreed this dispensation to overwrite all old programmes with regards to humanities perceptions of their limitations, and we are being urged to work with the glyphs, and utilise them as the powerful ascension tools that they are……...

Many are being assisted during these monumental times to feel and be in alignment with the incredible joy and connection that is synonymous with fifth dimensional living, and are gliding through these times in a far more stabilized and calm way than ever before. This is due in part to your own Souls personal evolution and the miraculous dispensation that the unicorn gateway is heralding….

The fifth dimensional Union with your beloved twin flame is always and eternally on whether you can see it with your physical Eyes or not, one of the last tests on the twin flame Awakening and reunion pathway is this test and that is whether you are 100% aware of the abiding higher-dimensional presence of your beloved twin flame. When you can know that he is there whilst not being able to see him physically, this is the fast track to full reunion, and is the most assured and guaranteed way that your beloved twin flame will be magnetised back into your physical reality.

We would like to remind you Beloveds that this is not a soulmate contract that you have signed up for, whereby many of these lessons can be bypassed……. this is the twin flame template which insurers sustained spiritual Awakening with regards to the genuine reunion with the higher dimensional aspect of the Beloved twin flame.

The twin flame is within you and when you stop looking, and start saying thank you for that which has manifest on the etheric level, and is yet to manifest on the physical level, please know these are the optimum energetic conditions to bring about the physical Union with your twin flame in the most lasting and sustainable way.

Beloveds you are all doing so well, and your impeccability to show up as the very greatest version of yourself in each and every moment is a wonder to behold…… you have all achieved so much energetically albeit for many with regards to physical Union with your beloved twin flame the rewards so to speak are currently still most apparent on the higher dimensional fields of consciousness, But this is great news that we bring to you today, as the work has been done and is being done right now,, and the collective twin flame mission or story you could say is exponentially expanding in momentum at the moment, and this is primarily due to the current position gaia is taking in the night sky and her ever more succinct alignment with the heart of galactic Central...

When Buddha Awakened he laughed and you will also laugh when you truly remember that he was created with thee and he eternally stands beside thee in all thy ways for all thy days…. This is the Eternal truth that can be decoded and deciphered from the very sacred words “ask and it is already given” because that which we are calling in, our hearts beloved whom we are destined to dance with and unite with, is eternally already manifested by our side albeit in the higher dimensional fields of consciousness,but nevertheless by our sides.

This deep knowing brings with it the complete activation and download of the master template within one's own consciousness software, which in truth can overwrite all other programmes and instructions in the individual's psyche software.

These times are calling for these words and for this sacred conversation, and I would love to have your presence on this ongoing webinar journey with me….

In the next webinar we will be exploring deeply what is a twin flame and why are twin flames destined and being implored to unite at this time... We will be talking about the collective twin flame mission and we will be having a conversation which will remind us all collectively, of the agreement we made prior to incarnation whilst we sat at the feet of mother Father God, the deep and plutonic reasons that twin flames are being called to physically unite during these times. We will also cover the topic of the children of twin flames who have extremely important roles right now with regards to the triumphant anchoring of the twin flame template, and who hold very important energetic keys,and are extremely Potent allies on this twin flame reunion timeline trajectory

The last webinar was a multidimensional explosion of orbs and Fairy sprites which took over the transmission, and the feedback has been deeply humbling to receive…..especially with regards to the powerful upgrades all of the participants are experiencing now at the moment, and at the time immediately after the webinar.

If you feel drawn to be at the next webinar the details are below (please send an email to I would be honoured to have your energy and presence on the call…..

Thank You beloveds for all of your wondrous and deepening support of me…... it took a very long time for me to come out and share my gifts with the world but you all encourage me so deeply that it inspires me to keep showing up with these sacred messages and downloads.

I love you all, and I'll share some feedback from the webinars

in loving service

Jen and my guides

The white wolf tribe

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