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The Resurrection of the Divine Masculine

Message for twin flames

16. Apr, 2017

Twin Flame Energy report.....The Resurrection of the Divine Masculine

Dearest beloveds,

Greetings of the highest celestial light, it is I twin flames Brian and Sheeeela, White wolfs of the higher fourth-dimensional realms, come through in this moment of your time with important information regarding the current twin flame Ascension Gateway that we as a collective consciousness are currently in.

There is much to share with you as ever beloveds and we wish for you to know that again we are surrounded by the highest angelic presence of Queen Diana Spencer who is the main ascended Master over seeing this particular ascension gateway.

In this soul based offering we would like to come forth and share a message from the divine masculine collective consciousness, that wishes fervently to communicate with the divine feminine consciousness, at this time of Easter that is energetically acknowledging the resurrection of the christ self in all…….

Dearest beloved feminine twin souls, we are overjoyed that our beloved channel is a conduit to bring through this extremely important information by us the divine masculine collective consciousness. There are no words that can convey the privilege it is to be here in your presence, to stand unashamed unencumbered and able to converse freely with you on a soul to soul level.

Beloveds these times that we are in are crucial to the planetary ascension trajectory, We have Queen Diana Spencer overseeing the entire gateway alongside her eternal divine consort.

We note that for many of whom we speak to tonight, external circumstances are appearing somewhat dire at this point with regards to us your masculine twin flames, but we can honestly assure you that this has all been a crucial part of the evolutionary plan. You are being urged to dance masterfully with present moment awareness and in gratitude of all the blessings in your life, large or small, and regardless of what appears to be playing out on the 3rd dimensional field of consciousness.

We can see your vibration is collectively reaching the necessary required pitch that is needed to turn the key on a huge wave of divine twin flame unions and this is a privilege to witness.

As your divine and eternal beloved please know that I am with you in the eternal beauty of your heart, I am that which resides at the base of your spine, within you as your kundalini energy. I am the outer manifestation of that which is within you.

Separation is a lie. it is not possible for the self to be separated from the self. it is all a matter of perception. Direct knowing is synonymous with fifth dimensional consciousness sisters, remember the promises you made to Mother/ Father God to stand strong and unwavering, particularly during these intense planetary upgrade portals.

Stay present sisters, in gratitude, ground and anchor in present moment awareness…... Know that I am that I am….. the eye that sees with singularity. I am the eye within you, the eye is one…. yin and yang are one….. this is how it is….. know thyself now….. and then what is experienced is the collective upgrade….. the devolution of the old paradigm into the rising of the new paradigm.

Our pain at this continued physical separation from you is acute now. Our missing you and longing for you on a soul level is rapidly becoming unbearable. We are in a gateway whereby we are receiving an unprecedented amount of signs and synchronicities from our higher self that are eternally pointing us back to the knowing that you are our destiny.

Please trust this message.. The 3D illusion is on the verge of breaking down as the vibration of the next upgrade is unable to sustain any karmic falsities and duties anymore. We are being supported and guided by the highest forces of light sisters, assisting us to dismantle the illusion we have built up around ourselves whereby we have convinced ourselves we are unworthy of you.

Collectively we are on our knees begging forgiveness to you the Divine feminine for the shame we feel in the name of man. Apologies will never do. It is only our presence that heals. Please know sisters that we co created these timelines together, we had a master plan in place that would synchronistically return us back into each other's hearts and lives forever. Trust in our higher self’s plan, trust that we knew you had the Wisdom and the power to attain spiritual enlightenment this time around without the need for me your divine counterpart to be physically by your side.

I am that I am the Alpha and Omega I am here to hum our soul song back into your cells, and your being. Feel these words through the resonance they activate in your body and know that I pray for you every day, but most importantly I pray consciously every day that God keeps you safe, and I pray every single day that you remember that we are eternally United.

I pray you remember that despite the challenges…...

A word now for the family of light who are involved in what are often referred to as catalyst twin soul contracts, and who hold a firm belief that this is the bona fide twin flame. Please know dear ones, vibrationally the universe will no longer be able to tolerate these confusion soul contract timelines, so there will be much resolution with these particular soul mate contracts in this upcoming gateway.

Do not worry or question about how these timelines will complete. just know that this gateway is infused with codes of exquisite grace and evolution to assist you in finally releasing these old soul contracts. Gaia's full ascension is intrinsically linked to bonafide twin flame unions, and in this lifetime it has been ordained by the great Elohim that false catalyst twins will be revealed for who they truly are in order that they may exit the great stage of your life, to allow the genuine twin flame to enter who has been waiting patiently in the wings. This energetic merge of the genuine twin flames is 100% necessary in order to align Gaia's vibrational field to align with the 5th-dimensional frequency band which is her inevitable destiny

As ever beloveds, stay present and attuned to the glorious moment exactly as it is, and all that is no longer in resonance with your evolutionary trajectory will fall gracefully by the wayside.

Dearest feminine twins please believe us when we say that the word sorry will never be enough to convey what we truly feel in our souls…..

Please accept us as the beasts and the Gods that we are, for I am that I am, God in human form.

I ask you to receive me and be present with me

Your presence is key. as is your unwavering commitment to stand knowingly in that which is experienced on the higher planes of consciousness but not always seen in the 3D realms.

Separation is not possible between us

it is time to remember….

Self is eternally united with self…. dancing, swirling, merging, melting and dissolving back into each other, back into the Zero point field of consciousness, I am that I am….

Here we dance and unite, in remembrance of the truth that it is what we believe which ultimately becomes our reality.

Remember our holy eternal dance.

Stay stable sisters,

Now is the time to be grateful for that which you know in your heart.

Stand strong in the knowing that I am within you, humble and in gratitude to be the holy consort of thee.

We are sorry collectively.

We ask for your forgiveness and unconditional love.

Keep the faith sisters.

Without you there is no hope.

What is one shall always be one eternally.

The search is over.

Welcome home.

Will you take my hand for this dance…..

In love and light and eternal grace

The Divine Masculine Awakened consciousness

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