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Twin soul energy report...6.6 portal..Overwriting of all lower timelines

Dearest beloved's,

Greetings of the most high. We come forward now in this moment of your time on the wings of the extremely important and Powerful gateway the 6:6 portal.

Many of the astute ones among you and who are vibrationally drawn to these messages, will be aware that the Earth is currently being bombarded with an unprecedented level of photonic light particles. Dear ones, these bombardments are set to increase in intensity, and for your information this current portal is truly beyond anything that Earth plane has ever known.

Although time as such does not exist at least not in the 3D linear sense, please be reminded that certain agreements have been made by the collective Consciousness, that certain dates would be considered more potent than others, here we are referring to the numerous wheel of the year dates such as solstice, beltane, equinox, full and new moons, and eclipses, and we are also referring to the double digit dates in the yearly calendar.

Collective agreements have been made that these dates would attest to a definite spike in the photonic light energy bombardment, that the collective Consciousness may be continually upgraded at a level that is sustainable and unlikely to blow any ones fuse.

Many many on the front line of this planetary Ascension will be aware that a huge number of genuine twin soul partnerships are manifesting into the physical realm during this gateway of the 6.6, and this is very much connected to the energetic intensity of the masculine solar rays that will be climaxing on the portal date of the Summer Solstice 2018.

Our beloved channel is now receiving many many messages from the dear ones that she has been working with for many years, that they are finally after jumping over an inexhaustible number of seemingly insurmountable obstacles now coming into recognition and indeed Union with their genuine divine counterpart.

The transmissions that are now being facilitated in “The event is happening” Facebook group are crucial in terms of a focusing the collective energy on vibrationally aligning the collective consciousness to be able to maintain this higher dimensional frequency, that the earth's consciousness is able to hold these incoming Twin Soul Unions, and therefore it is crucial that as many beloved as possible come forward to be part of the 6:6 transmission.

Please see below for full details on how to sign up to be part of this transmission. The more of us that come together in our soul/ ascension groups the deeper everybody is supported exponentially to stabilise in there higher dimensional frequencies, that they may be the vessels and conduits, to allow the twin flame frequencies to Anchor onto the earthly plane.

Dearest ones, we cannot stress this enough, but these times that we are living in are truly truly unprecedented. The event has already begun. The preliminary waves that are being dispensed from our galaxies central sun that is known as Alcione, and these waves are currently hitting our solar logos.

Please understand that it is the sun that is receiving the almighty upgrades and these are being sent forth to those of us on the earthly plane from the photonic light particles that are emitted from our own sun.

Many many of you are beginning to become aware that the sun consciousness is in communication with you and many of you are feeling a deep and profound sense of presence and protection emanating from the sun. This is all due to the deeply upgraded frequencies that are being sent forth from the heart of our central sun in our Galaxy.

Indeed the vibration of the Sun Has Changed, and is set to transform on a deeper and more profound level as the days and weeks and months of 2018 role on by.

Dear ones, yet again we stress to you all the importance to stabilize in higher dimensional frequencies also known as 5th dimensional frequencies also known as Awakened consciousness. It is imperative that as many souls as possible are able to hold a consistent positive vibration long enough, so that all who come into your energetic field are immediately affected by your stabilized positive frequencies.

We urge you all to make this a priority even more so than uniting with your divine counterpart at this time.

Please know that the more stable in your higher dimensional vibration, the swifter you will be able to manifest your holy divine sacred Union partnership.

Everybody is doing so well, and we wish that you who are reading these words could see what we from the higher planes see. We observe that many of your vibrations have transformed now at an unprecedented level and many many of you (due to the great love and support in this most sublime Ascension group) are able to deeply hold, love, and support each other as we rise as a collective consciousness stabilized in the 5th dimensional frequency band

We are so overjoyed to be Gathering with so many of you on the 6:6 portal transmission. please know that again we will be working with our pleiadian Star Family and we are truly blessed to be receiving pleiadian attunements that have been created in order to specifically assist in the transformation of our DNA structure from carbon based to crystalline based.

Please know that all of you who you sign up to add your energy to this highly auspicious gathering will receive a personal blessing from the pleiadian fleets Who are currently surrounding the earth plane at the moment…

We truly are the ones we have been waiting for and these truly are the times that we have been praying for .

Dear ones please prioritise maintaining a high vibratory frequency at all times and actively work on reprogramming your subconscious mind to come into balance on all levels

all is well in eternal love and light

Matahariji and the white wolf tribe


The next transmission will be held on the 6:6 portal (6.6.18) at 6:06 p.m UK time.

Again we are being called to work with our Pleiadian Star Family through Queen Diana Spencer and her divine consort. We are being bought together to receive The highly auspicious Pleiadian golden Rose attunement.

This is a powerful upgrade which is being dispensed at this time in order to assist in the earthing and physicalization of the many genuine twin soul unions that are anchoring at this time.

This is a highly favorable blessing/attunement to receive, that will assist the Earth collective Consciousness to be able to anchor the waves of Divine Grace and Bliss that the great Rapture has already begun to deliver, as well as assist in the anchoring onto the physical plane the next wave of divine unions

This transmission has already anchored and the reverberations are being experienced by the sensitive ones among you.. The work that we are being called to do on the 6.6 portal is energetic preparation for the Solstice gateway on the 20th june.......

This really is a profound blessing that will deeply accelelerate you on your ascension path.. we will also be working with the energy of the ascension wave Divine grace ensuring its swift arrival to gaias sacred shores

here is the link to the group the event is happening..

Come and join matahariji in the sacred Isle of Avalon on the 16th 17th and 18th october 2018. In this retreat we will be diving deep into the mystery of silence and belonging. The retreat will include a tour of the sacred sites of Avalon. We have been granted private access to chalice garden. We will also visit the white spring, the abbey the Mary Magdalene chapel and the Tor. we will be facilitating an auspicious ceremony to reinstate the high feminine codes back into these sacred sites in order to activate the template of the hieros Gamos back into this sacred isle. we will bathe in the purified water of the white spring in Glastonbury which is molecularly and structurally the closest element we have to living light.

The cost is £555 all included with an extra cost if you would like your own room which will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. Please also specify if you would like a single room at an extra cost of £150 love jen

A deposit of £222 is required to reserve your spot on this residential retreat Please click here to pay £222

Feed back from the last avalon retreat

"I had no expectation for this retreat in Avalon other than meeting a group of people connected by the same purpose and of course meeting you personally after more than 1 year assisting your transmissions. BUT Holy Moly, this retreat was the deepest healing I had in my life and it happened in the exact time for me. Thank you Jen for facilitating this opportunity to sing our soul song and to experience love and light so profoundly in all layers, timelines and dimensions. The simplicity of the healing we've experienced is what makes it so real, there was no need for overdoing things and to ritualise the ritual. It was straight to the point allowing all of us to heal and be healed as equals, as sisters, as leaders.

I would also like to say that I acknowledge the magical lands of Avalon and that these lands will forever be in my heart. The white spring and the chalice well passing below the Tor... what can I say other than this is the earth manifestation of the alchemical marriage? Because that is what my soul experienced... To feel the balance between the feminine and the masculine is so empowering and opens doors of possibilities that were not there before.

I am ready for what is coming next and would really like to express my gratitude for your service, in the hope that this brings to you more people to experience this healing for themselves.

Thank you!"


I have been following Jen's work for almost a year now, and I knew right away, that of course I was going to join Jen's retreat The Sacred Isle of Avalon. And I was right to follow my intuition, the retreat was a complete game-changer for me. Dearest Jen, a heart-felt thank you for making this weekend the most sacred healing space, unforgettable. This weekend is right up there among my treasured peak moments in life... It was an honour to be a part of the very sacred ceremony of singing the soul song back to each and every one of us. The most amazing transformational healing took place, and I am changed profoundly, feeling it deep into my core. You hold such loving space Jen, with your strong intention to create a high vibrational energy for all of us, but also by sharing your laughter, joy, wisdom, light and love. I have left my 3D world behind me and I am now soaring into my new multi dimensional existence, finding myself spiralling joyfully into the pure, loving light of the universe, -together with my TF of course! I came back home in a state of gratefulness, pure bliss, and feeling so showered with divine grace every moment of every day. Love you to the stars and back Jen, --and also my wonderful soul SiStars, I am in deep gratitude to all of you for making this weekend magical and heavenly!



"A true healer does not heal you; she simply reflects back to you your innate capacity to heal. She is a reflector, or a loving transparency.

A true teacher does not teach you; she does not see you as inherently separate from her, or less than her. She simply reflects back your own inner knowing, and reminds you of the vastness of your being. She is a mirror, a signpost.

And love is the space in which all of this is possible; love heals, and we learn best in a loving field, no threat of failure, no punishment."

~ Jeff Foster

To book a personal one to one session with me please send an email please use the payment below and send me an email to to let me know you have done so

To book a personal one to one session with me please copy and paste this link

or send an email to the cost is £111 per hr or £55 for 30 mins...




As a highly-experienced channel, I will connect to give you information, messages and wisdom from the Higher, multi-dimensional realms of Spirit.

What can I expect from an Intuitive reading?

Each session is totally unique, as I tune into your Higher Self in order to open you up to high frequencies of universal love and support. Sacred guardians such as angels and archangels, ascended masters and goddesses frequently make contact in order to deliver Divine messages and energy healing – everything is tailored to your precise needs for personal transformation at the time of healing.

My intuitive Twin flame and ascension consultations are rooted in supporting your personal empowerment, personal & spiritual growth and fostering conscious awareness of how you are the creative force in your life.

Very often i am guided to work with the extremely potent tools of Matrix energetics and optimal EFT as well as my own uniquely channelled 5d healing and alignment modalities.....

11.11 twin flame master portal

I now offer soul Dharma sessions, I have been granted access to the akashic fields, and thus am able to bring forth extremely powerful guidance from your higher self pertaining to the highest work you have returned to the earth plane to share, and which will align you most swiftly with your greatest Abundance, These are very powerful sessions, and so far it has been my honour to serve many brothers and sisters in shining a light on this very important area.. The cost is £111 for 1 hr, and £55 for 30 mins... please reach out to me for a session if you are seeking guidance in taking your life's destiny fulfillment and abundance to the next level. There is currently a 3 week waiting list for theses sessions, and the spaces fill up very fast

Feedback from the last transmission

Hi Jen dearest! Thank you so much for the powerful healing, it was so strong I felt my body shake and jerk at times during the twin flame healing. Inside the Keops pyramid I felt so solemn and so honoured to be a part of the souls initiated in the mysteries. I saw so many symbols, written in white light on a midnight blue sky. Can you maybe say something more in depth about the grid? I am still puzzled by it, please anyone, share your experience, I would love to get a deeper understanding! <3 Loved so much being embraced by the Magenta light! XXX...Carrie

This transmission was so powerful and has truly helped me stay in full trust in my spiritual path and twin flame journey. Before the transmission I was very close to throwing in the towel because this path isn’t easy and things just weren’t going well between my dm and I. But after the transmission I felt in flow and trust again, like I was in the very beginning of my twin flame journey. Which made me see everything through love and see as I need come from love not anger with not only my dm but everyone, which before this transmission was quite difficult. But I diffused his ego by remaining in love, realizing that it was not towards me but his abandonment issues and fears from past lives being purged. Which I have been working on us both energetically in purging what no longer serves us plus the healing done today. A lot is being purged and healed for both of us. I am so deeply thankful for this transmission and for your service Jen You have done so much to help me and my mom's unions and I cannot express gratitude for your heart and soul️ This one was more than powerful it was transformative! Sending you so much love, light and abundance your way Jen. You are truly angelic….Iris

Mp3 Activations

Dear Ones I have bought through a series of extremely powerful Mp3 activations that are encoded with vibrations that align you very very swiftly with 5th-dimensional consciousness. Many of the beloveds in the twin flame group I facilitate Are working regularly with the mp3s and are experiencing profound miracles in their twin flame unions... These mp3s are such a sacred gift that are available to all on the twin flame path, I am truly humbled to be the conduit of these activations.. please see below for feedback. the cost for the mp3s is £11.11 each

The activations I have Available are. the 5d aspect of your twin flame.

2. Meet and merge in the zero point field with your twin flame.

3. Anchoring the yeshua and magdalene template onto the earth and yr grid point.

4. Healing and restoring the Atlantis timeline.

5. Very deep inner child healing.

6. Violet waterfall purification

7. Abundance meditation

8. Self worth activation

9. Heal shame and guilt template

10. Heal your relationship with your physical body

11. Light language activation

12. Rebalancing receiving with giving.

13. high angelic immune system white blood cell activation

please cut and paste this link to immediately purchase and download the mp3s

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