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Twin Flame Ascension Report: Excalibers stone , Freeing the Unicorn.. 144000 Holy Grail Code

Dearest beautiful brothers and sisters,

Greetings of the most high. We come forward now in this moment of your time with such wondrous news to share with the ever-evolving collective consciousness of humanity.

Many of you reading these words will agree that the Nine-Nine Portal was extremely important in terms of assisting many of us to anchor in the higher faith codes, ensuring that our faith is absolutely unwavering and grounded and anchored in the understanding of the true science of prayer and the true science of faith.

At this powerful cosmic time, It is very important that you take heed to the subtle messages that your higher self is giving you. If you are being directed to end certain relationships or end your contract with certain places, it is very important that you take heed of these messages because if we do not listen to the subtle messages that our higher self-wisdom is sending to us, then it will be deemed necessary for us to attract a dramatic situation to enable us to experience the point being driven home.

It is my deepest prayer that no one in our community gets to that point, and really, really listens deeply to the messages their subconscious mind is giving them at this very powerful and auspicious time when there are so many planets retrograde.

When planets are retrograde, this gives us an opportunity to look back and assess at how far we've come and to underline and refine some of the lessons that we have experienced in the previous gateway.

Retrogrades can be challenging, particularly for those who are not used to listening to their intuition, and retrogrades will have an enormous effect on those who are blatantly ignoring what their intuitive guidance is telling them.

So please, if you are vibrationally drawn to these words, understand the importance of listening to the quiet small voice within you that is communicating to you through dreams, repetitive thoughts, hunches, and your sacred intuition.

You will prevent many complications in the long run if you listen immediately. This reminds me of the saying, "A stitch in time saves nine." By taking heed of the lessons that your subconscious mind is revealing to you now, you will save a huge complication and potential mess down the road.

It is very, very important that people in the community understand the importance of this message. In all my years of hosting transmissions and being part of the Twin Flame community, I have never experienced so many miracles and divine interventions taking place within the Twin Flame collective.

There are many souls that have been on this path for many years that have been through so many ups and downs, and growth challenges, including years of ghosting and being blocked by their divine counterparts.

Many of these people I am referencing are now receiving contact with their twin flame, and those mountains that looked like they couldn't move are truly moving in real-time.

There is a huge wave of twin flame unions coming into recognition and fruition in this gateway between the Nine-Nine Portal and the Equinox Portal.

We are now rapidly moving towards the Equinox Portal, and as we know, this is indicative of the fact that the sun is about to begin its descent in earnest back down to the Tropic of Capricorn.

This is such a huge and fundamental part of our evolutionary cycle as we in the Northern Hemisphere now begin to prepare for autumn and winter and all of the lessons and medicine that come along with that.

In this Equinox gateway, We are being guided to free the Unicorn that is the emblem of the city of London this symbol is holding the prison matrix consciousness embedded in the city of London

We will be working with the Stone of London to free the Unicorn and activate the 144,000 Holy Grail codes as symbolised by the 144,000 twin flames into the city of London

This is going to be an extraordinary activation on the spiritual plane which will hugely support the Rapture and liberation timeline for Humanity

There is also going to be an opportunity for profound healing and miraculous transformation for many souls in the community. There will also be a heightened number of dragonflies and butterflies, which will make their way into your auric field, showing you the power symbolically of transformation that is coming forward.

For many in this powerful and sacred community, many of us are letting go of old patterns of playing small, blending in, of not recognising and honouring the true spiritual power that we hold.

The transformation that is available for many of us will be a true upgrade of the crown that we are wearing, and I have been guided by my spiritual team to host the Equinox transmission on the 23 rd of September, which will work with an upgraded crown in our auric field.

I will be sharing very important enlightenment and ascension codes pertaining to the true symbolic decoding of what the crown symbolises and how working with the crown in our auric fields is the most powerful symbology we can possibly ever work with.

Please see below for the full details on the Equinox transmission.

Please note it's an extremely valuable opportunity for you to come forward to radically transform and upgrade your spiritual vibration through being part of the ground crew and experiencing the calibre of spiritual codes that are passed on during the transmissions.

Dear beloveds, please accept who you are. Remember that you are an embodiment of the I am.

In the Bible, God is known as I am, and this is pointing to the fact that we all hold the creative power of God I am within our own consciousness. In this great way, it is very important that those of us identified as the ground crew and the spiritual leaders of this Aquarian revolution truly step into and acknowledge our power and allow ourselves to no longer hide or try to blend in.

It is time now for us to wear our crown with pride because the crown represents spiritual enlightenment and spiritual mastery.

All those that wear their subliminal crowns project codes into any environment that they step into, that they are holding a master tuning fork energy. Those that hold a master tuning fork energy enable those with lower frequencies to upgrade their energetic frequency and attune to the master code.

This is all part of the divine plan.

I will explain in greater depth in the transmission about how the tuning fork analogy truly works.

I'm so grateful to be part of this beautiful community and I'm so excited about going to Bali.

There are two spots left for the Bali retreat. If you are meant to come, please email me and I will send you all of the information.

Please be sure to check out all of my music on Spotify and it would mean the world to me if you could follow me on Spotify.

I experience the greatest joy in being part of this spiritual community, and I can't wait to be with you all for the Equinox transmission.

In love and eternal light, Jenji and the White Wolf tribe.

Equinox Transmission

Dearest beloveds,

the equinox transmission will take place at 8.08 pm UK time on the 23rd of September (this year, the equinox falls on the 23rd of September).

Yesterday, when I was at Saint Paul’s Cathedral, marvelling over the Tartarian phenomena that it is, I received a download from the Galactic Council of Light about the equinox transmission. We are being guided to free the unicorn, which is the emblem of the British coat of arms. This is a very deep symbology that has been designed to keep humanity entrapped in duality and matrix identification,

we are being guided to work deeply with the heart of the city of London, where there is a very powerful stone connected to Excalibur.

This stone has been locked away and the meaning of the stone has been denied to humanity.

All of this has kept human consciousness locked in the third-dimensional frequency bandwidth.

We are going to be activating an extraordinary protocol in the City of London to release the unicorn, which is symbolic of implementing into the collective consciousness field the truth that the heart rules over the head in every instance,

for all those that participate in this powerful ceremony. Please know that we are also going to be activating an extraordinary twin flame blessing working with the London stone, and we are going to be activating and anchoring 144,000 twin flame unions in the City of London, where we will all experience a phenomenal unified dance on the higher realms in order to implement the true love codes into the powerful, layline point of the City of London.

this is going to be the most extraordinarily powerful and important blessing for all those on the twin flame path - to anchor their union on this very, very potent grid point, and this all part of the divine prophecy that we are all fulfilling.

In the equinox transmission, we are also being guided to upgrade of the spiritual crown that we are wearing, working with the upgraded crown into our auric field.

see you on your grid points for the equinox transmission, beautiful brothers and sisters.

If you are viewing this on a mobile device, here are the links to book onto the transmission

Bali retreat Dearest brothers and sisters it gives me great pleasure to announce that registration for my Bali retreat is open. The retreat will take place on the 11th, 12th, 13th and and finish on the 14th of December. Myself and Somesh have spent a lot of time creating this beautiful page for you all which explains in great detail a lot of information about the retreat as soon as you book, your name will go into a list and you will be contacted in due course with important information regarding the upcoming retreat. There are currently 12 spots available. You are being offered the earlybird price because you are part of the pre-book list as soon as the retreat goes live to my wider community the full price will be activated. All of this is explained in th email/landing page I love you all. I can't wait to share my love of Bali with you every day when I'm not in Bali I miss it. I grieve it and I long for it. I am so delighted to share with you all - the utter exquisite glory of mother Bali. Love Jen Music links ROSES Here is the Spotify link Here is the link to the music video Fairy ring links Spotify Bandcamp Band camp Video I have Just bought through a very powerful book breaking down the dense Teachings of the amazing mystic Neville Goddard the book is on special offer at the moment to everyone in my community here is the link.. Little book of neville Goddard quotes All Jens links 🔥INSTAGRAM: 🌟TWITTER: 💎WEBSITE: 🔮FACEBOOK: 💎 YOUTUBE : 💕twin flame work book 💕 AUDIOS 🔶TWIN FLAMES AND THE EVENT AUDIO: NO MORE CRUMBS AUDIO : The journey to union audio ❤️Divine actor I am audio: MANIFESTATION MASTERY audio BOOKS 🔶NO MORE CRUMBS BOOK: 💕TWIN FLAMES AND THE EVENT BOOK: the untended alter ❤️MANIFESTATION MASTERY Law of attraction little instruction book Divine actor I am universal link JOURNEY TO UNION Little book of neville Goddard quotes

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