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Twin flame Ascension report: March madness and the rise of the divine masculine

Dearest brothers and sisters,

greetings of the most high. We come forward now in this moment of your time with much news to share with you, ever evolving humanity. Welcome to March Madness, everybody all is not what it seems on the world stage. We are currently in the process of dismantling a 15,000-year agenda to keep humanity enslaved.

For those of you who are wondering why it's taking so long, please may we offer you some perspective. The deep state has had its tentacles in every aspect of society, and their agenda has been to deprogram God's children, to enforce a false idea of lack limitation and secularism into the individual and collective consciousness.

This agenda has been relentless and has infiltrated every aspect of our lives, from religion, to school, to education, politics, media, and even within our own families. This is deeply connected to the paradigm of patriarchy, which has sought to eradicate the role of the divine feminine from our society. This in and of itself is the reason why society has fallen to such an unprecedented level vibrationally.

It is very important now that everyone realizes that the programming of the third dimension has been targeted to keep everyone disconnected from their divinity. Therefore, it would serve you well to realize that absolutely everything that the third dimension has taught you about the true nature of reality is in fact a lie.

You are infinite and immortal souls. You are the holiest of the holies. Your heart is the most sacred scripture in the universe. You are a precious divine child of God. You are protected by a legion of angels. Your every thought is guarded over. Your every step is cherished and protected. There are no words in the human language that can adequately express how devoted mother father God is to you and your little girl or little boy self.

It would serve you well to work on dismantling the entire program structure of the third dimension in order to become the empty vessel that your soul consciousness promised mother father God it would be in this lifetime.

If you think about it, all instruments are empty. A guitar is empty, a flute is empty, and a drum is empty. Why is it that instruments must be empty? This is so that they may be filled with the grace of the divine Christed light. However, if we are identified with our story about what happened to us when we were children and if we go about obsessively telling everyone what is going on with our wounded self, this keeps us perpetually out of alignment with the truth of who we are, and in effect stuffs that divine empty instrument that we are with all manner of clothing which stifles and blocks the flow of pristine energy that the instrument was designed to bring forth this metaphor applies perfectly to humanity.

It is so important, brothers and sisters, that you fully dismantle from the third dimensional programming in order to be empty. When you are emptied, the grace of the divine will fill you, and you will come home to the zero point field. You may think you're searching for a twin flame, but really you are searching for your own alignment and homecoming to the present moment/ the zero point field of consciousness.

There is so much going on, on the world stage at the moment. And it seems as though Israel has been chosen to be the guinea pig for the rollout of the new world order agenda. Therefore, we will be using the incredibly powerful and auspicious energies of the Equinox transmission to send forth a blast of profound angelic holy light to Israel and all our brothers and sisters in Israel, in order to disrupt the implementation of this new world order timeline.

It is very, very important that as many of us as possible gather on the Equinox in order to support the shift in energies and the shift in the agenda that is taking place in Israel. I really have no words that can express how important this is, brothers and sisters. The deep state is using Israel as a guinea pig in order to see how far down the 3D rabbit hole humanity has gone. It is absolutely shocking what is going on in Israel. There are so many people that are complying to the governmental dictates, willingly giving up their sovereignty in order to enter a restaurant or a club. This is a targeted attack against humanity, and we as the ground crew must intervene now.

Also in the Equinox transmission, we will be sending a blast of deep and profound power and strength to all the children on the earth right now who also are being targeted by the deep state. The deep state has an agenda to program the next generation of children to normalize them living in a police state. This is absolutely unacceptable. It is very important that we all remember that children are divinely protected, and their soul consciousness was well aware of what they were signing up for as they choose to incarnate into this realm. However, it is absolutely appropriate for us to send a blast of divine protection and a boost of resilience to all children that they may keep their flame of divinity burning bright within them during these most challenging and unprecedented times.

There are other deeply important aspects of the equinox transmission which I will share in due course.

There are huge shifts taking place within the divine masculine collective at the moment, and as we are nearing the end of this stage of lockdown in the west, it is so obvious that many, many karmic relationships are collapsing at this time. Many people have been forced to spend all day together for months on end,, and this has fast tracked them quickly to the realization that they are deeply incompatible.

Therefore, please expect many karmic relationships to collapse in these coming months, and many divine masculines to truly awaken to the identity of their divine feminine.

There is a reason why it is still very rare for twin flames to unite on the earthly plane, and that is 100% to do with the programming of the third dimension, particularly within the divine masculine collective, which purports the idea that this is not heaven on earth, and the best we can hope for is survival and getting through life on earth. This is the attitude which signifies that you are in a karmic relationship or on a karmic timeline, And please know that if you are one of the 144,000 twin flames who are in a karmic relationship, truly now your days are numbered.

Please see below for all details on how to book onto the transmission.

I love you all. In love and light, Jenji and the White Wolf tribe.

The equinox transmission

The equinox transmission will take place on the 22nd of March at 9:09 p.m. UK time. In this transmission we are being guided to work specifically with the sacred land of Israel. We will be activating a dispensation of divine holy angelic light to entirely subsume this area Awakening all the brothers and sisters in Israel to the true Nature of reality and their divine connection with God source I am that I am.

The Deep state is using Israel as a guinea pig to try out the new World Order Agenda it is very important that we as the ground crew intervene at this stage of the plan in order to re correct this treacherous agenda.

In the transmission we will also be working with the higher self of all of the children that have incarnated on planet Earth at this time. We will be sending them a blast of divine protection and Powerful resilience to support them to navigate these unprecedented times that we are all living in.

In this transmission we will also be sending a boost of angelic support to the Divine masculines who are being heavily targeted at the moment by the Deep state. Please know that this will have an immediate knock-on affect on all of us, particularly twin flames, and will help many of our divine masculine twin flames awaken to our true identity as their divine feminines.

There are other important aspects to the transmission which I will share in due course.

Please know that this powerful and sacred work is offered on an energetic exchange basis and no one is ever turned away.

Please use the links below to book and if you would like to make a donation please email me at and I will send you the link to make a donation.

The transmissions are extremely powerful and Accelerate all of our evolutionary growth and transformation.

I deeply look forward to welcoming you all into the transmission group on the 22nd of March

If you are viewing this on a mobile device please click this link to book onto the transmission

Here is the universal link to by My number one best selling book twin flames and the event by Jenny Mccarty

Such wonderful news to share with you everyone after quite a lot of hard work I'm delighted to let you know that the workbook that accompanies my book "Twin flames and the event" is now available. This work book has been created to complement the deep transformations that everyone is experiencing whilst reading the book to ensure that the alchemical process that the book triggers is able to ground deeply into one's eternal essence.... I highly recommend working with the workbook if you truly want to stabilise in higher dimensional consciousness... this would be considered a fast track to that... here is the link to purchase the workbook...

Please know that I have created two versions of the workbook one that includes all of the exercises and one that includes all of the exercises and the meditations I have also recorded the audio versions of the meditation and you are free to purchase them if you would like the QR code is in the workbooks to purchase the audio meditations

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