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Twin Flame ascension report: massive wave of unions now beloveds

Dearest beloveds,

greetings of the most high. We come through in this moment to offer you all some insights into the current energetics that are subsuming Terra Gaia at the moment.

Dearest hearts, hold tight. We are all on the verge of receiving a huge upgrade in our DNA patterning. This refers to you and all flowers and trees and animals. This current ASCENSION trajectory is on, and at this conjecture, there is no turning back. It's like the moment that the bungee jumper jumps off the cliff. At that moment, there is no turning back. Neither is there the possibility to backtrack. So, beloved, we invite you to say yes to everything that is presenting to you as a divine mirror in your reality at the moment.


For many of you who have been firmly committed to their personal ascension trajectory, please know that we are in the gateway whereby there are going to be huge monumental shifts in your own personal timeline from now up until the upcoming solstice gateway.

Star seeds have come through a phase of extremely powerful alchemy and integration with our shadow aspects, and this recent alchemical merge of that which could be termed the darkness and light within you, has brought with it profound instructions to your DNA patterning to oscillate at a higher frequency pitch.

This transformation in your own DNA patterning is precisely what puts you on brand-new timelines. These timelines that we are referring to are part of your soul's destiny, and as such, are infused with synchronicities, blessings and fortuitous meetings and alignments.

Please understand that if there is any part of your being that perceives itself as separate from the whole, or if there is any part of your being that is in conflict internally and externally, this very subtly and often blatantly affects the timeline that you are on.

The photonic light Bombardement that has been pouring into the atmosphere has had a huge effect on many star seeds in the last few weeks and has initiated a monumental and personal collective purging, which is exactly what Gaia is also experiencing. All of this is occurring to ensure her stabilization within the 5D new earth ascension trajectory.

We applaud you, dearest light workers. You have just come through an extremely challenging ascension passage.

Please know that the energy is massively building up now towards the summer solstice, and many of you are feeling rather flawed with ascension symptoms currently. It is very important to those of you who are reading these words that you take care of your physical bodies and you rest very deeply at this time.

Self-care, self-love has got to be a priority. Many of us star seeds, particularly those of us who identify as part of the 144,000, are deeply motivated to be in service to our brothers and sisters 24/7, and sometimes this can create an imbalance in our energetic field.

These energies will not allow us to experience imbalance in any area of our life, and the reason why many of us are experiencing intense ascension symptoms is our higher self's way of highlighting to us areas in our life where we need to come into balance. So may you take heed of these words. May you journal all the ways that you can take care of yourself. May you meditate deeply on what self-love really means. This is a time to be focused on you.

For many divine feminines, their cup is completely empty at the moment, and you cannot give from an empty cup. So if you are reading these words, please understand that now is the time for you to fill up your cup. We fill up our cup by spending time in nature, grounding, drinking good water, eating healthy organic food, fasting, intermittent fasting, spending time with high-vibrational brothers and sisters, meditating, praying, creating crystal grids, listening to high-vibrational music. There are so many ways that we can raise our vibration and soothe ourselves and fill up our empty cups. I pray that you take inspiration from these words and apply what is being spoken about here.

I am very excited to be hosting the solstice transmission. In the solstice transmission, we will be working with the Golden Kundalini Dragons to activate an extremely powerful and potent hieros gamos ceremony. The hieros gamos represents the inner internal marriage of the divine masculine and feminine energies within you: the mother-father arc energies that reside within you.

Activating the hieros gamos is a fundamental prerequisite for successful, stabilized twin-flame union, and it is very important now in the solstice gateway that we go back to the core spiritual teachings, which teaches us and reminds us of the importance of working with the higher self of our divine counterpart internally and externally. Therefore, in the solstice transmission, we will be experiencing an extremely powerful and life-changing inner alchemical marriage ceremony.

For all those who come and take part in this ceremony, please know that you will receive a profound upgrade in your own energetic vibrational field, and you will also shift timelines with regards to your twin-flame trajectory. All the work that we do on an inner level has an automatic effect on our twin flame, and so by activating these inner alchemical marriage codes within our own being, we are activating these sacred marriage codes within our twin flame.

Please know that this is very necessary, especially for many of the divine masculines who are on the verge of waking up to the fact that they are not delusional to believe that mother-father God has created their most divine ascension partner to walk this sacred path with them.

Many divine masculines are waking up in this solstice gateway, and all those who come and take part in this ceremony will receive an auspicious blessing with regards to their own personal twin-flame union. There are other aspects that will be covered in the solstice transmission and will be revealed in due course. Please see below for full details on how to book onto the transmission.

Please know that it is my deepest honor to serve you all, my brothers and sisters, and I pray that everyone takes care of their body during these powerful times. We are transforming from carbon to crystalline. We are transforming from thousands of years of detrimental subconscious programming to finally be completely liberated and free and at one with our angelic oversoul. This is no mean feat. Therefore, be gentle with yourself, in love and eternal light,

Jenji and the White Wolf tribe.

solstice transmission

The solstice transmission will take place on the 22nd of June at 8:08 PM, UK time. In this transmission, we will be working with the Golden Kundalini Dragons and we will be activating an extremely powerful hieros gamos ceremony. The ceremony is very important for all those on the twin-flame path, and will hugely accelerate your path to sacred reunion with your divine twin soul. It is very important in these powerful transformative times that the 144000 come forward to take part in these global ceremonies and initiate their sacred in a reunion with their divine counterpart this is deeply connected to our Makarbic fields and the upkeep of our Merkabah’s. There are other aspects that will be revealed in due course with regards to the solstice transmission.

I deeply look forward to serving you, my brothers and sisters, in love and eternal light, Jenji, and the White Wolf tribe.

Due to the unprecedented amount of technical glitches that took place on zoom in the last transmission my team have guided me to do this transmission on YouTube but I will make it unlisted for now…... that may change if my Guides direct me to change it… As soon as you sign up for the transmission you will receive a PDF file from selfie this will be in your spam box or your old mailbox it is very important that you download this PDF file as it gives you the link to the transmission on the 6th of June this is an automatic process that happens to every single person that signs up if you make a donation please email me at and I will send you the PDF file manually please note that for everyone else it is an automatic process. Please use the PayPal link below if you are having any trouble booking via the Wix website and please make sure to email me to receive the PDF file with the link to the transmission Jens links Audio link You can use this link to make a donation if The buy now button isn't working please be sure to email me at if you've made a donation and I will send you the PDF file with the link to join the call here is the link to sign up for my subscription list Amazon book link Here is my linktree with all of my links


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