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Twin flame Ascension report: Samhein gateway, eclipse season, message for the divine pairs

Dearest beautiful brothers and sisters,

greetings of the most high.

We come forward now in this moment of your time with much news to share with you, ever evolving humanity.

These recent few weeks have been a very intense and confronting part of our evolutionary journey for many of us.

Many of us noticed a huge shift when the Sun went into Libra on its equator point. This time marked the Sun's descent towards the Tropic of Capricorn.

Our ancient ancestors knew that this marked a time of facing the dualistic part of our being, facing our primal nature, and to some degree, our ancestors knew that this time had the potential to be testing for us.

Not only have we had this descent and fall of the Sun on the Ecliptic Wheel, we are also in between two major eclipses at the moment.

The energy of the eclipses has been confronting for many of us, and old unconscious thought forms and patterns have been dug up from our deep unconscious. If these are patterns that are not serving our evolutionary journey no longer, these thought forms are coming up to be weeded out of our consciousness.

This can be a very challenging experience.

due to the intensity of this time, it is advisable to begin a regular journaling practice in order to help with this weeding out of the old thought forms and the establishment of brand new seeds within the subconscious field.

There are many souls in our community at the moment who are finally receiving contact from their twin flame after what has felt like eons of no contact and separation.

This is a huge thing to celebrate as so many particularly of our divine feminines have done so well to become a vibrational match to contact with their twin souls.

It is very important that we all remember that there is no Out There as such.

The out there that we experience is a mirror of our own unconsciousness.

We are each the author, director, producer, and actor of our own subjective reality.

All of the people in our lives are playing out the roles that we have assigned to them, albeit for the most part on a profoundly unconscious level. Therefore, if you are having relationships that are challenging, or abusive, or neglectful, then it would serve you well to explore your own psychic consciousness and locate the programs and patternings that have created it such that you have attracted these types of relationships into your reality.

If we do not like the reflection that we see in our reality, it's a bit like looking into the mirror, you can't change the image in the mirror. You have to change the one who is looking in the mirror, and that is exactly the same when it comes to making shifts in our subjective reality.

We are now moving rapidly towards the ancestors' gateway, Samhain. Samhain is a very beautiful and auspicious time within our solar yearly cycle, and it is one of the major eight gateway points on the Ecliptic Wheel. The time of Samhain comes in the month of Scorpio, and is deeply connected to the thinning of the veil with regards to working with the spirit of our ancestral lineages - the souls in our lineage that have gone before us.

Before I share in greater depth about the Samhain Gateway, I would like to say that the work that was completed in the 10/10 Master Gateway was an absolute game changer for the ground crew.

To be initiated to work with the Sword of Excalibur is one of the highest spiritual initiations that a soul can receive.

All of us in the 10/10 transmission have now been endowed with the potency and power of being able to work with Excalibur's Sword.

In the Samhain transmission, I will share in greater depth about the mysteries of the Philosopher's Stone and how that is intricately connected to Excalibur's Sword.

In the Samhain transmission, we are going to be working predominantly with our unconscious field, the part of our consciousness whereby thought forms and patterns and programs have been passed on via our ancestral lineage.

There are many of us that have signed up to clear these programs in this Samhain Gateway. These could be programs pertaining to narcissistic abuse, sexual abuse, lack of worth, martyrdom, putting ourselves last, to name but a few.

For many of us, we have inherited these thought forms from our parents, and grandparents, and great-grandparents, and we are going to be using the auspicious time of the Samhain Gateway to entirely eradicate these programs from our unconscious field.

We are also going to be working with a protection protocol, which is going to be activated via the DNA.

We are still living, to some extent, in a spiritual war, particularly around frequency warfare such as 5G, et cetera. It's very important that we activate our spiritual protection whic has the ability to enable us to become completely impenetrable with regards to low frequency warfare attacks.

Please see below for full details on how to book onto the Ancestors' Ceremony.

Dearest brothers and sisters, we are all doing so well. Our higher self is so proud of us. We are the ones that we have been waiting for and praying for. We are all deeply amazing galactic beings who have been, for the most part, chosen to come back to fulfill this planetary redemption.

Salvation is the name of the game,

being reborn is the name of the game.

I look forward to being with the ground crew for the Samhain Ancestors' Ceremony in love and eternal, light

Jenji in the White Wolf tribe.

Ancestors' Ceremony

The Ancestors' Ceremony will take place at 7:17 PM on the 31st of October, 2023. In this ceremony, we are going to be working with our deep unconscious field to remove insidious programs that have been passed on to us via our ancestral lineage, programs pertaining to abuse, neglect, martyrdom, lack of worth, and fear of abandonment, to name but a few. In this ceremony, we are also going to be activating a profoundly powerful protection protocol that will enable us to be completely invulnerable to the low vibrational frequency warfare that is taking place on the planet at the moment, namely 5G. Please remember that attending the transmissions can be likened to going to the spiritual gym whereby we all train on a very deep level to become spiritual heavyweights, enabling us to be able to masterfully ride the surf waves of this 3D experience. Participating in the transmissions is an extraordinary gift that you have the opportunity to give your future self and your inner child self.

I can't wait to be with you all.

Love, Jen.

Bali retreat

Dearest brothers and sisters it gives me great pleasure to announce that registration for my Bali retreat is open.

The retreat will take place on the 11th, 12th, 13th and and finish on the 14th of December.

Myself and Somesh have spent a lot of time creating this beautiful page for you all which explains in great detail a lot of information about the retreat

as soon as you book, your name will go into a list and you will be contacted in due course with important information regarding the upcoming retreat.

There are currently 2 spots available.

You are being offered the earlybird price because you are part of the pre-book list

as soon as the retreat goes live to my wider community the full price will be activated.

All of this is explained in th email/landing page

I love you all. I can't wait to share my love of Bali with you

every day when I'm not in Bali I miss it. I grieve it and I long for it. I am so delighted to share with you all - the utter exquisite glory of mother Bali. Love Jen

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