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Twin soul Ascension report 12 12 gateway the most Potent and most important thus far..

Dearest brothers and sisters,

Greetings of the most high. We come forward, now, in this moment of your time on the eve of the great 12/12 numerological portal date. This is the most powerful, potent and important numerological portal date that we, as an ascending humanity, have ever had the grace and fortune to encounter.

12/12 represents a master number. And, this is in reference to the 12 months of the year, the 12 numbers of the clock, the 12 disciples of Jesus……..Everywhere, we see references to 12 being the culmination number of a complete cycle. And, this is exactly what the 12/ 12 numerological portal date represents. It represents the absolute ending of an old cycle.

There have been many things going on behind the scenes, energetically on the higher dimensional realms in the last week or two. And, one of the most predominant progressions is the entire removal of the reptilian strand that was lodged into the core of the crystalline earth, due to the vibrational frequency of many potent light workers. This strand was successfully entirely removed from the energetic grid on the 2nd of December. This has activated a profound shift for the light. And, on the next day, there were many direct alignments proving the efficacy of this.

This is very, very positive and is a strong indication that, for everyone reading these words, this is a powerful invitation for you to stand in the vibration of resolution. Stand in the vibration of the zero point. Stand in the vibration of your sovereignty. Know that you are the highest frequency in the universe. And, we are in a frequency battle at the moment.

The lower dimensional frequencies can only affect you if you are calibrated to the lower dimensional frequency bandwidth. If you activate the codes of your angelic sovereignty, then there is no way on God's great earth you can be affected by any of the nefarious frequencies that are being pumped out in the lower dimensional bandwidth.

The 12/12 portal is deeply connected to the significant monumental reunion of many divine twin flames.

Many genuine twin flames are aligning currently to actually meet on the 12/12 portal. And, there is a very deep and significant reason for this.

The truth of the matter is numbers do not hold any meaning. They are extremely arbitrary. But, we, as a collective, prior to our incarnation, make a soul agreement that certain numbers will hold a significant meaning. And, therefore, we have agreed that 11/11 holds a meaning, 144 has a meaning, 12/12 has a meaning. And, there are many examples of these meanings.

So, therefore the 12/12 is lodged into our DNA as an extremely significant portal date, which is deeply connected to endings and new beginnings.

This is an opportunity for us to deeply ground and anchor our 144 multidimensional strand DNA patterning. And in the 1212 transmission we are going to be opening up the floodgates to the 12th dimensional realm and meeting the gods and goddesses that frequent the 12th dimensional realm.

We will be working with the planetary grid to entirely eradicate all residues of lower frequencies, particularly from the societal institutions.

Please see below for full details on how to book onto the 12/12 transmission.

Please know that I will also be hosting an after party.

I was guided last week to host the transmission at7.07pm, but upon further reflection, my team has guided me to change the time and host the transmission at 12:12 PM, UK time, on the 12th of December.

I've been guided to ask everyone that signs up to do the transmission, to tune in to the transmission and set their alarm to do it at 12:12 PM, at their local time, so that we can create an activated chain of meditators doing the transmission throughout the entire day.

I have been shown that this is the most potent way for us to navigate the 12/ 12 frequencies.

Please see the video that I have made that explains in further detail about this change.

I have never brought in any changes to the transmissions in six years.

So, I consider this to be very auspicious that, on this transmission date, I am being guided to run the transmission in a brand new way.

I can only see that as extremely exciting.

To everyone holding the line, God is watching you. So much love, respect, and honour to you for standing up for what is right, for being on the right side of history, and for holding the line at this time of great planetary transformation.

May I remind us all that we are the ones that we have been waiting for.

We are the ones that we have been praying for.

We all knew exactly the world that we were incarnating into, and we were all so extremely brave and selfless to come here at this time to hold the line for the great awakening of humanity.

In love and eternal light, Jenji and the White Wolf Tribe.

12.12 transmission

In the 1212 transmission, we will also be working with the 12th-dimensional oversoul aspect of your soul consciousness. This is an extremely powerful and potent aspect of one's multidimensional avatar self. And there are so many mysteries that are held within the twelfth dimension, which will be revealed to all of us who participate in the 12:12 transmission.

We will also be working with our 12 strand DNA, which, as mentioned previously, is the gateway to our 144 strand multidimensional DNA.

This transmission is being brought forth particularly for the 144,000 illumined twin flames.

Taking part in this transmission will assist you to stabilize in butterfly consciousness, fifth dimensional consciousness, Christ consciousness.

The transmissions are getting more and more potent and powerful as we move along this ascension corridor. And the reviews that I have received from the 11:11 transmission are virtually impossible for me to process.

In this transmission we will also be working with our galactic brothers and sisters too assure planetary liberation for all the sacred children of the Earth this is a very powerful and Potent ceremony that you are being personally invited to participate in for the greater good of all the generations to come please no I will also be hosting a transmission after party which will give us all an opportunity to dive deeper into the understanding of the spiritual codes that have been shared so generously in the transmission please see the link below to book onto the transmission after party.

I look forward to Gathering with you my beautiful brothers and sisters and serving you in love and light….

Activate your spiritual business with jen mccarty

I have been strongly guided by my spiritual team to bring through a Leadership initiation program for members of the community that are ready to step up into positions of leadership be that coaching teaching writing speaking showing up in a form of authority in the world

I will be hosting a 3 day container and initiation process to activate the codes of leadership that you are destined to activate in this lifetime

this is specifically for those who have been deeply feeling the call and the urge to let go of the old Paradigm of income structure to follow their souls true passion

this container will be a safe space to activate all the codes within you to take this leap and be caught by all of the angels in gods kingdom

since I began my leadership embodiment work I have noticed hundreds of sisters and brothers in the community truly level up and step up and own spiritual gifts whether that be through one-to-one sessions, group work through containers

I have observed extraordinary shifts in the people that I have been working with over the years

please know that if you are vibrationally drawn to these were words I am creating a crystal grid now on the highest etheric plane to call forth the brothers and sisters of the 144,000 groundcrew to come forward and position themselves on this etheric grid

I am the actualised and embodied leader holding the mother crystal tone and it is very fast for all those who have close proximity to me to level up and align with these mastery codes

please know that you will be held, your and your little child hands will be held as we all embark on this life changing journey

this is a three day leadership initiation retreat

we will meet on zoom on three consecutive days for three hours and in that time we will fully nourish and open those seeds of creativity and soul base leadership that are ready to bloom in our hearts

if you are excited and inspired by reading these words you are invited to participate today for the discounted price of £1111 the price will change in 48 hrs from now love Jen

here is the link to book


Angelic bundle half price

Miracle healing half price

twin flame container and spiritual business container for £1111

Pay in full

Pay in instalments

Business container instalments

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