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Twin flame, Ascension report: Solstice, gateway grounding sacred marriage codes for the collective

Dearest beautiful brothers and sisters, greetings of the most high. We come forward now in this moment of your time with much news to share with you, ever-evolving humanity. The 6:6 portal has been extremely important in terms of clearing a timeline of unworthiness, which specifically plagued the divine masculine consciousness. In the 6:6 ceremony, we went back to the time of Atlantis and transformed the manipulation that took place within humanity's collective consciousness, which created it such that the divine masculine was riddled with shame, guilt and a deep feeling of unworthiness.

There are no words that can adequately describe how powerful and life-changing the ceremony was for all of us involved, and so much so that many people actually received contact from their divine counterpart during and after that transmission.

In all my years of hosting transmissions, I have never experienced such a high level of contact being activated from divine counterparts through simply doing this amazingly powerful ceremony

.It's crucial for us to grasp the significance of the 6:6 portal as the precursor to the energetic gateway of the solstice. Presently, the energies are swiftly advancing towards the solstice portal, gaining momentum along the way.

As the Sun aligns at the Tropic of Cancer, we get to experience a moment of union and a brief moment whereby the 3rd dimensional realm steps out of duality and into union consciousness, as symbolised by the Sun reaching its highest peak in the Tropic of Cancer, and then beginning its descent back down the ecliptic wheel.

These solstice moments and equinox moments are extremely potent on a spiritual, and energetic level and offer us the opportunity to entirely rewrite our cellular frequency.

As we move into the solstice gateway, we will experience a heightened manifestation of synchronicities, fortuitous meetings, and alignments with our higher self. This is largely due to the codes omitted from our Central Galactic Sun, Alcyone, which are received by our Solar Sun and then pumped out to humanity via the God particle.

It is very important that everyone stays on top of their ascension symptoms at the moment. There will be a lot of fatigue and dehydration, and it is very important that everyone makes sure that they stay on top of their bodily needs at this very powerful, energetic time.

Divine feminines, it is very important that you stay in your heart with regards to your divine masculine, You are strongly advised to empower your telepathic union on all levels, speak to him of your divine love, see yourselves dancing in paradise together, and have deep trust and faith in the divine timing of the manifestation of your divine union.

The more faith you hold, the quicker the alignment will be.

The energies are now massively building up towards the solstice ceremony, whereby we are being guided to activate a powerful connection with our Lyran brethren. We will be activating our Lyran feline DNA, which is connected to our wholeness and profoundly unfathomable healing that we hold on higher dimensional realms. It is very important that we connect with our Lyran DNA, as it enables us to heal all of our core wounds rapidly, through connecting with timeless aspects of our consciousness which have not suffered the trauma that duality consciousness has implemented into humanity's consciousness.

We will also be acting out the royal wedding of the lion and lioness on the 6th dimensional realm. This will be an extremely powerful twin flame blessing ceremony that will send the most extraordinary spiritual codes to your twin flame union.

There is much more information that will come through around the solstice ceremony, but it is deeply connected to the work that we did in the 6:6 portal.

Please see below on details on how to book onto the solstice transmission.

There is much to share with you, beautiful brothers and sisters.

Please come and support me on the 24th of June at Tara Yoga Centre, where I will be sharing my album for the very first time.

There are online tickets available.

This is going to be a high-level, spiritually-activating event, and I would absolutely love my community to be there to support me.

I am also launching a Powerful Manifestation Mastery Challenge, five-day challenge, that will enable you to confront your deep unconscious blocks preventing the actualisation of your heart's desires.

Please look out for information about this five-day challenge.

Thank you to everyone who bought my book, The Journey to Union. I am currently working on the audible version of the book. I send you all my deepest love.

In love and eternal light, Jen.

A royal love story of the twin flames' summer solstice transmission,

The summer solstice transmission Will take place at 8:08 pm uk time on the 21st of June 2023 and will bear witness to the royal wedding of the twin flames, / the hieros gamic union

This powerful spiritual Union will be celebrated throughout the multiverse as the sun reaches its highest point in the ecliptic cycle at the Tropic of Cancer, Capricorn

In this Powerful and memorable ceremony we will be utilizing the energetics of this powerful solstice portal to receive a hiero-gamic subconscious code stamping in the unconscious full actualisation symbology of the higher twin soul marriage, and this union will be anchored and stamped on the earthly plane.

In the transmission, we will be working with the “ribbon”, the cord that eternally binds the twin flames Together on the Eternal Realms , which appears to be temporarily cut when the twins descend from the higher dimensional realms into the third-dimensional material realm.

But the bond is never, ever cut with the twin soul. The circle eternally remains complete.

We will be working with the highest symbology of the complete union circle that has never, shifted since time began, this knot which represents our union with God, with all that is, and all of existence.

This is a very, very powerful ceremony for all those on the ascension and twin soul path.

It is very important that we come together as the light family to honor this potent ceremonial day and serve the light and anchor the light and receive a deep subconscious blessing from the highest spiritual realms, stamping and ensuring the actualisation of our twin soul union in this lifetime.

Here is the link to book onto the solstice online zoom ceremony for those who are reading this report from the phone


5-day self-love and manifestation mastery challenge.

Here is a video i made about the challenge

Dearest beautiful brothers and sisters, I would like to take this opportunity to invite you all to come and participate in my free five-day self-love and manifestation mastery challenge. I have recently gone through an extremely powerful upgrade, and I have been guided by my spiritual team to share the codes that I have received with my community. In this five-day masterclass, we are going to deeply unravel the mystery of self-love, and how loving ourselves puts us in the position of a spiritual leader in our own lives and a spiritual leader for the collective. I am going to be sharing with everyone the power and importance of ones self-concept, and I'll be teaching you how to tweak your self-concept in order to align with the manifestation of all of your heart's desires. I'm also going to be sharing with you extremely powerful hacks that will enable you to fully read your unconscious, and get a handle on the blocks that your unconscious is holding, in order for you to change the unconscious script. For many of us, our unconscious mind is trapped in programs of trauma and frustration. There is a way to de-crystallize these patterns in our subconscious mind, and in this manifestation mastery Challenge I will be leaving no stone left unturned and sharing protocols that I have only ever shared with my high level VIP clients there are limited number of places and there is also the opportunity to upgrade to a VIP access please click the link below which will give you all the information that you need-

Dear amazing beings of light! we are so excited to bring you the launch of Jen's first album (it is truly epic!). I hope you will all join us live at the Tara Yoga Centre in london or via online stream on 24th June 2023.


Album Launch Concert and Voice Activation Workshop 24th June 2023! Streamed Live and in person at Tara Yoga Centre London

Pre-register before Monday 22nd May and receive a free gift - A Powerful Self Love Meditation Download

Here is the lin to book the online concert

Prepare to embark on a remarkable journey of spiritual awakening with Jen McCarty, a true luminary who experienced an awe-inspiring Kundalini awakening at aged 21. Since then, she has achieved an unwavering state of God consciousness, dedicating her life to uplifting the collective through the transformative power of art, music, meditation, and sacred scripture.

Here is the link to book the in person concert

Here is the link for your online ticket

Here is the link to buy my ninth book the journey to union

here is a review of the book

This book you hold is NEXT LEVEL - profound and soul-stirringly accurate in its recognition of our journey and ultimate reunion with our Twin Flame. Each cell in my body vibrated in the eternal truth of these words. My being, my body, my soul relaxed in the purity and wisdom contained in every single sentence, allowing my heart to fully hear and answer the call of my one true beloved and dive deep into the quickening of this time on our planet to merge with our true twin. This is what we signed up for - the remerging of our souls and spirits into the unity of Oneness. It's the ultimate guide for these times.

- Tara Moore.


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